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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 70

Louis p.o.v
It didn’t take me long to get to Liam’s especially since I decided to run there, but once I got back one thing that shocked me was that Zayn was still there sitting on the settee watching tv.

“did you see Harry?” Zayn asked as I closed the door.

“yeah I did he didn’t at all look as you described” I said.

“did you forgive him?”Zayn asked.

“no, I told you I’m not” I said before walking away up to the room I was staying it I had no idea when I fell asleep but when I woke up it was 9 am, I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen to have some breakfast when someone grabbed my tail I turned around and hissed at them and raised my hand to claw them when I saw it was Zayn I pushed back my cat side and dropped my hand.

“do not fucking touch my tail!” I said through gritted teeth.

“sorry didn’t know, anyway Liam wants me to take you somewhere so come on get dressed and we’re leaving” Zayn said.

“I could drive myself” I said.

“but where’s your car?” he asked.

“ at my house” I replied.

“exactly now go and get dressed” he said pointing to the stairs I finished my breakfast and quickly made my way upstairs where I tied my tail up with athletic wrap around my waist shrugged a long sleeve top and threw a black beanie on along with a pair of jeans and vans and walked down stairs.

“So where are we going?” I asked.

“surprise” Zayn said.

“that wasn’t very suprising” I said.

“no I meant it was a surprise” he said.

“well you should have said that” I said. He stopped at a red light and turned to face me giving me a ‘seriously’ look I just smiled and turned away.

“what are you going to do with those teeth you can tell they aren’t human when you talk” Zayn said.

“I don’t know, haven’t thought about it” I replied.

“Lou we’re here” Zayn said.

“You brought me to my house” I laughed I got out of the car and walked in to see it completely cleaned up.

“when did it get cleaned up?” I asked.

“last night” Liam said.

“thanks Li” I said giving him a hug.

“Niall and Harry helped as well” Liam said.

“so where’s Niall?” I asked.

“home” Liam said.

“Harry?” I asked.

“he’s in the kitchen just putting food in the cupboards” Liam said.

“ok” I replied.

I sat down on the settee and shuffled uncomfortably.

“Lou” Zayn said.

“yeah?” I asked.

“take your beanie off and undo your tail, I don’t know how we never noticed anything odd about you before finding out about this” Zayn laughed. I did as so and took my beanie off and undid the athletic wrap. I put the wrap down and heard a smash, Zayn and I went into the kitchen to see Harry cleaning up a glass that smashed.

“sorry, my tail knocked it off the bench” Harry said putting the shards in the bin before walking away. I then helped myself to a coke out of the fridge.

“come on Lou forgive him” Zayn said.

Harry’s p.o.v

I walked out of the room and into the sitting room lying down on one of the settees when Liam sat on the arm of the chair.

“what’s wrong?” he asked.

“fed up of being a hybrid” I mumbled into the pillow.

“Harry if you want me to hear you, you have to talk properly” he said.

“fine” I mumbled into the pillow I sat up and repeated myself again.

“don’t worry about it, it’ll take some time to get used to just think youself lucky that you didn’t have it as bad as Ni and Lou” Liam said.

“but I’m so different to the two of them, I mean Niall just has ears and a tail, Louis has a tail, ears, sharp teeth and claws and I have the eyes as well as what Louis has. “ I sighed.

“but your eyes are so cool and since when did you get sharp teeth?” he asked.

“I don’t know but they’re not that noticeable” I replied.

“I’m meant to be going home in a few weeks and I can’t even keep my ears down for 5 minutes and I’m thinking about backing out of going” I said.

“Lou, Ni come in here” Liam shouted they both came in and stood at the door way of the sitting room.

“what?” they both asked at the same time.

“ok Harry is meant to be going home next week what are your recommendations on what to do?” Liam said.

“don’t go” Louis said.

“Louis try to be somewhat helpful” Liam said.

“I am don’t go the week you’ve just been turned it’s stupid unless you want them to know” Louis sassily said.

“he’s actually right if you go now your not going to be able to keep your tail wrapped up for long same with your ears you can’t keep them down and even with a beanie because of the new things you can hear they will constantly twitch so it is a bad idea” Niall said.

“I haven’t seen my family since new years it would be nice to see them before we become too busy again” I said.

“have you figured out if your going to tell them or not?” Liam asked.

“I don’t know I’m scared that they’re going to hate me and basically kick me out of the family but I also have a feeling that they won’t but I don’t know which side to trust” I said.

“Louis or I could show them our ears and tails and if they accept that then you show them yourself” Niall said.

“no way in hell am I doing that I’m not having more people know about this I know they’re Harry’s family but I don’t want more people knowing about this” Louis shouted.

“Lou think about it there’s going to be a day where all of our families are most likely going to find out” Zayn said.

“Ni you can do that but I’m not” Louis said leaving the room, before he left I saw his claws came out.

“Louis needs to control his claws” I said.

“I can still hear you and I know I have to, you think if I could control them they would be doing this” Louis shouted his tone bitter.

“ this is ridiculous Louis!” Zayn shouted he walked out of the room and came back with Louis he was gripping his wrist and Louis hissed at him.

“get the fuck off of me” Louis shouted.

“you two need to stop arguing Louis yes he told you that you should die but he said that about himself too, he was also in shock with the ears, Niall forgives him and you also said some stuff to him as well so your even now stop the tension and just forget about it” Zayn ranted.

“if you two don’t make up we won’t heisitate in locking you two in a room until you make up” Liam said.

“you wouldn’t” Louis challenged I felt someone grab me and put me in a room and they put Louis and in and locked the door.

“what the fuck let me out” Louis shouted banging on the door whilst I tried to open the door.

“not until you become friends again” Zayn shouted from the over side.

“fuck off” Louis growled.

“fine” Liam said and we heard footsteps walk away.

“fuck” Louis mumbled under his breath before kicking the door.


i have to admit this is defiantly my favourite story to update i love writing it so much :)


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe