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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 63

Harry’s p.o.v

We listened as we heard things smash around in the lab after what we heard Mark and Dr Roberts talking about.

“what are we going to do?” Niall said.

“argue, fight, annoy them” Louis said.

“keep them busy?” I suggested.

“that’s more realistic” Niall said.

“fine” Louis said. “what should I shout?”

“anything” I said.

“Hey cunts!” Niall shouted. “there you go Lou” Mark walked in the room looking pissed off.

“what!” Mark spat.

“care to explain what’s happening” Louis said.

“well something is happening that means your coming with us” Mark said before walking away.

“way to go that kept him busy” I sarcastically said.

“well in the end he has to get us out of these cells, just make a run for it” Louis said.

“how badly hurt are you two?” I asked.

“not very” Niall said.

“I’m fine apart from my ribs and leg” Louis said.

“and yourself?” Niall said.

“just cuts and bruises. “ I said.

“so how are we going to get away from them?” Niall said.

“don’t make it easy struggle and try to get a hit or kick somewhere it might just help you get away” Louis said.

“ok” Niall and I said.

A hour passed and Mark and Dr Robert’s walked in the room.

“who first?” Mark said.

“Niall” Dr Robert’s said, Niall looked up as Mark unlocked the cell door Niall looked around for a gap but was pined to the wall and had hand cuffs put around his arms, Niall hissed as they were tightened. Niall continued to struggle but it wasn’t very successful and he was took out of the room.

“Lou what do I do?” I asked.

“don’t let them put the cuffs on you just fight against them” Louis said Mark walked back in the room.

“Louis” Mark said

“why you looking at me that’s Louis” Louis said.

“just shut up you filthy hybrid” Mark said.

“yeah well until you come up with some better remarks I’m not going to shut up” Louis said.

“just come on” Mark said he opened the cell door and two guards grabbed him I heard both of them wince in pain and Louis shot out of the cell.

“you idiots you should learn by now that I will always find away out” Louis said running down the hallway and out of the room.

“don’t let him get away!” Mark shouted, the two guards ran out of the room and Mark walked over to me, I stood up and realized I was taller than him. I quickly pinned him to the wall and ran out of the cell shutting the door and pulling the key out and ran out of the cell room before running into someone. I quickly looked at them and ran before running up a corridor and stopping when I wasn’t in sight of anyone. I heard heavy footsteps coming down the corridor so I looked out and I saw Louis running before pulling him to where I was standing as the two guards ran past.

“thanks I owe you wait how did you get out?” Louis said.

“I’m taller than Mark so I had an advantage ok Louis please tell me you know which way is out because I am lost” I said.

“yeah come on” Louis said before turning the way he came down the corridor.

“where did the take Niall?” I asked.

“out to the van” Louis said we walked to the end of the corridor and turned right.

“where is everyone?” I said.

“gone, they must have took off after they got told what we heard” Louis said after a few more twists and turns we made our way to the lobby before Mark walked out holding a gun pointed towards the two of us.

“so your willing to shoot the two of us even though you said that Louis was one of your best hybrids?” I said.

“of course I will I mean I’ve already tortured him so why wouldn’t I do that?” Mark said.

“because you said he was one of your best hybrids” I said confused.

“stop being a smart arse or I will put a bullet through your head” Mark shouted.

“well Mark I don’t give a shit about what you say I don’t think that you will put a bullet in me” Louis said.

“really?” Mark said he aimed the gun and shot Louis in the shoulder Louis fell to the ground and held his shoulder as blood started to seep through his already bloodied top.

“next time it will be you!” Mark shouted at me I looked down at Louis and his hand was now fully covered in blood. I heard a car pull up but Mark didn’t hear and a few minutes later a few policemen came in the room. Mark tried to run but the policeman had a gun pointed towards his head whilst the other one hand cuffed him and put him in the car, a few more policemen went around the building whilst they called for emergency services to get Louis some medical attention.

Before I could even tell what was going on I was took out of the room and put in the ambulance along with Louis I had people cleaning my cuts up and checking that I didn’t have anything was broken, I had people around me whilst Louis was took in another ambulance off to the hospital, I was so lost in my own brain I didn’t notice that Niall was brought in and cleaned up.

“boys your both going to go to the hospital to get more check ups and x rays to make sure nothing is broken and everything is fine but I’m guessing the other two boys will be up there soon” one of the paramedics said before we drove off to the hospital.



It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe