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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 53

Niall’s p.o.v
I woke up and stretched my arms out and flung my legs out of bed and looked out the window, typical English weather it was dull and raining, i turned back and faced my room whilst leaning against the window sill and looked around at my messy room , as I looked around I spotted some waffles on my bed side cabinet with a note in front of it.
I know we said we were going to hang out today but my boss called me a worker has called in sick so I have to work I’ll be back later but to make up I made these hopefully they are still warm
I bit into one of the waffles to find it still warm once I finished I got dressed in some comfy clothes and relaxed on the settee until Liam texted me saying we were starting on Louis house. I hid my ears and tail and put my hood up to shield me from the rain as I ran out to the car and drove to Louis.
When I arrived Zayn was already painting the wall where the spray paint was.
“hey guys” I said.
“hey Ni” they replied.
“so what should I do?” I asked.
“whatever just sort out what you want to” Louis said shrugging.
“is it just me or does it feel eerie in here” I said.
“just you Ni” Harry said.
“actually no It does feel like that” Louis said.
“ Lou was this management?” Liam asked.
“I doubt it I think it was those other guys” Louis said.
“so they haven’t give up” Zayn said.
“you really think they’re going to give up finding a hybrid which could potentially bring thousands of pounds even if I wasn’t famous people would pay a lot for us” Louis said.
“what do you think people would do if they found out we were hybrids like do you think they would treat us the same way as other hybrids?” I asked.
“I’ve had worse thoughts about that” Louis said.
“ok let’s lighten the mood and put some music on” Liam said changing the subject.
We gave in on tidying the house at around 8pm and just sat around watching the new TV which Louis had to buy since the other one was smashed. Harry was scrolling though the TV when a program caught my eye.
“Harry go back a second” I said he went back a channel and I looked at the title.
“so now they’re making programs on hybrids” Zayn said.
“and that’s the place we were at” I said.
“what are they doing?” Liam asked.
“either showing stuff of what happened in there or how they were created.” Louis said.
‘now we have some rare footage of what went on in here when hybrids were created here let’s take a look shall we’
The footage came on and it was the room where they took us when we were created the video looked like a video diary where he was documenting what went on.
‘My last experiment didn’t work the man became a hybrid but he didn’t complete his transition he was too week the man was 25-30 years old so today I’m going to try it out with experiment 1155 he is a young boy aged 8 I’ve been doing many tests on the boy and his vitals seem strong hopefully he will be a success, the boy volunteered when I found him homeless on sitting on a curb in the middle of the winter.’
On the footage they brought a young brown haired boy into the room and he struggled but they locked him down to the table where they stuck a needle in his arm he struggled in the restrengths and shouting in pain but soon passed out they fast forwarded the tape to where he woke up
“it worked, I can’t believe it worked” the man said
“what have you done?” the boy whimpered.
“you’re a cat hybrid Niall” the man said and the tape cut off and they went to an interview with the doctor and started talking about Hybrids and how he continued to use people who willingly volunteered to help.
“Niall that was you!” Louis shouted. I was in shock.
“he cut some of the footage out” I said.
“what do you mean?” Harry asked.
“it didn’t go that easy and I didn’t volunteer he fucking took me from my home well street but he took me and treat me badly and I wasn’t homeless he made me homeless.” I shouted in anger.
“did you know they videoed that?” Louis asked hugging me.
“no” I wimpered and hugged him tighter.
“do you think anyone will notice that, that was me?” I asked.
“i’m not sure Ni” Liam said rubbing my back.
The tv was still on but this time they showed where the hybrids were kept when we were all there they went passed my cage but I wasn’t in it but from across from my cage you could see Louis’ eyes were full of anger and he stared into the camera he was the only hybrid that didn’t care.
“Louis is that you?” Harry asked.
“yeah, wait how can’t I remember that” Louis said staring at the TV. They cut from the footage to another interview.
“that last hybrid we saw compared to the other hybrids he looked like he was ready to kill what’s with that?” the interviewer said.
“experiment 4509 was a right trouble maker he volunteered signed the contract everything knowing he couldn’t get out of it and once we started the hybrid conversion he wouldn’t have any of it he often fought with us and put himself into danger by fighting or self harming himself, often we went to his cage to take him for check ups to make sure he was healthy he would be really skinny because he refused to eat or we would often find him with scars all over him from self harm” the doctor said.
“that’s fucking bullshit!” Louis shouted at the TV, Louis looked like he was ready to punch the TV but Harry grabbed him back but he struggled.
“calm down” Liam said.
“no he’s fucking making all of this bullshit up making it look like it was all legal when in fact he kidnapped us and tortured us instead he’s blaming it on us self harming” Louis shouted he pulled his shirt off and pointed at the scares.
“All of these are from him torturing me I never once did any of these and I fucking just urg” Louis shouted before collapsing on the ground.
“no one knows it’s you Lou” Liam said rubbing his back.
“someone is bound to figure it out you know what our fans are like” Louis said.
“you should have just beat him” the interviewer said.
“I would never do that to any of my hybrids I even believe two of my hybrids are pretty famous” he smirked. Louis and I stared at each other scared of what would come next.
“really?! They don’t deserve any of that” the interviewer said.
“I know they don’t they are half animal after all they shouldn’t be getting treat all fancy they should be treat like other hybrids living a life like them, it’s not fair on other hybrids if they’re getting treat like humans whilst their stuck in cages or being servants.”
“your right there now are you going to tell us who they are?” the interviewer asked and I swear right then my heart stopped.
“no I’m going to leave that up to you to figure out I mean in one clip I gave away their first name” he said.
“were they the two who we showed today?” the interviewer said.
“yes they are” he replied after that Harry turned the TV off.
“fuck people are going to find out” I said.
“they won’t Ni” Liam said Zayn sat in the corner of the room and opened his laptop.
“you might want to rethink what you said Li” Zayn said and Louis and I ran over to the laptop and saw fans had the two pictures of Louis and I saying that they looked like younger versions of ourselves and they even found a picture of Louis as a kid then on the right there was a still from that program with him looking into the camera there were people asking hundreds of questions especially about the video of me getting turned into a hybrid since he in fact said ‘you’re a cat hybrid Niall” but Zayn slammed the laptop shut.
“fuck, I knew they would figure it out” Louis said pacing.
“just calm down these are just rumours we haven’t confirmed or denied anything” Harry said.
“yeah but this is going to be all over the news, newspapers websites how long can we hide it really I mean you saw that pic of that fan comparing the two pictures of me as a kid one with me staring at the camera in the facility then a one of me outside of that the pictures look the same you can tell it’s the same person and for fuck sake Niall they said your first name how many famous Niall’s are there not many it’s not long until they start to compare your pictures Ni we can’t escape this! ” Louis shouted.


omg it's only two days till christmas!!! wow this month has completely flew over


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe