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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 52

Niall’s p.o.v
“you will not leave!” Mark said.
“well treat Louis right he’s been through hell and back for years and this isn’t helping!” Liam shouted.
“Hybrids are filthy creatures Liam I don’t know how you stick up for this thing” Mark spat I hear Louis let out a small growl showing he was clearly pissed off “see he’s more animal than human he shouldn’t even be allowed in a place like this”
“fuck off!” I hissed Marks eyes widened when he heard the hiss “shit” I mumbled.
“Niall come here” Mark demanded.
“no I’m not coming anywhere near you” I said backing off.
“security” Mark said and two men walked in and grabbed a hold of me.
“get off of me” I said kicking my feet around.
“stop struggling” mark said.
“get the fuck off of him” Zayn shouted.
“out everyone out apart from Louis and Niall” Mark said.
“fuck this” Louis said and he walked up to mark.
“you think you’re so big because you’re our boss, but I don’t give a shit if you kick me out of this band I’d rather be treat normally and not sing than having to sing and be treat like an animal now fucking get them off Niall!” Louis threatened Mark was pushed against the wall and Louis backed off.
“let go of him” Mark commanded and they let go of me.
“Now let Niall go” Louis demanded Louis had pushed him against the wall again threatening him.
“find” Mark sighed.” You can go”
“go on Ni I’ll be out in a minute” Louis said and I walked out of the room closing the door behind me.
“what happened?” Harry asked.
“Louis threatened Mark to let me go” I said.
“what’s he going to do now?” Liam asked worried.
“I don’t know all I know is I have never seen Louis act this way before” I said we waited anxiously for about 10 minutes and Louis walked out smirking.
“what happened?” Liam asked.
“I’ll tell you later come on let’s go out and get some food I’m starving” Louis said we agreed on eating at a small place in London which was very quiet and selected we sat at the back in a small cave like room there were two tables and in the little area and the ceiling and walls were both made out of stone making it very selective.
“Lou it’s almost three you need to get home” Harry said and Louis laughed.
“not anymore” Louis said showing hi ankle.
“what did you get up to in there Tommo?” Zayn asked.
“i had enough Liam had a point I’ve been treat like shit for a long time I know it isn’t as bad as Ni but of course it still had an effect on me I mean apart from my mum and sisters my family despised me for what I am at Christmases and birthday’s they’d come to see my sisters give them a present and be all jolly it would come to me and I was invisible to them along with the fact that I have close friends like Stan and my old group of friends Stan stuck with me from when I came back to me telling him my secret and onwards but me and Stan had an old, old group of friends who found out about me and well they bullied me for it for quite a while and then my other group of friends found out and half of them left they didn’t bully me though they just got freaked out and stayed distant from me and then everything over the years I’ve had enough I’m not being treat like a hybrid anymore I need to stand up for myself and that’s what I did today” Louis said.
“you were bullied as well?” Liam asked Louis and he nodded
“they stopped when they forgot why they were bullying me, and also since my last group of friends like when half of them left I expected the full school to know but no one did and then when it came to X factor I couldn’t tell you how worried I was that someone would spill about what I am,” Louis said.
“so what did you do to Mark?” Harry asked Louis laughed a little.
“well let’s say karma is a bitch” Louis said putting his rubbish in the bin “come on let’s go”
We arrived back at Harry’s where Louis fell over the settee and landed so his legs were draped over the back and he was facing the ceiling.
“ok Lou your really happy what did you do?” I asked.
“well let’s say after I took that thing off my leg I put it on him and changed the password and I made sure he was basically locked in his office” I laughed.
“Louis!” I laughed shocked.
“what’s happening?” Harry asked as me and Louis erupted in laughter.
“what Louis did to Mark” I said between laughs.
“what did you do?” Harry asked.
“get Liam and zayn in here” I said and he called them in.
“ok so what did you do?” Harry asked again.
“he took the tracker off of me and I grabbed his Ipad locked it on his ankle with a different password and made it so he couldn’t really leave his office” Louis said and Harry and Zayn burst out laughing whilst Liam was in shock.
“Louis what the hell!” Liam said.
“come on Li he deserved it” Harry said and Liam started laughing.
“your going to be in so much trouble” Zayn laughed.
“I know but hey mess with Niall and that Is what your going to get” Louis said.
“wait mess with me?” I asked confused.
“yeah well he fucking got two security on you they would have done something like what they did to me and I’m not letting anything happen to you, you have had it worse than me and I’m making sure your not effected by any of it” Louis said.
“b-but your putting yourself into a worse position getting yourself hurt just to protect me?” I said which came out more like a question.
“you don’t deserve any of it” Louis smiled.” Now shouldn’t you be going home to see Zoe I mean isn’t she now living with you?” he smirked.
“fuck off will ya” I said chucking a pillow at him and he laughed.
“it’s nice that everyone’s happy” Harry said.
“well enjoy it whilst it lasts” Zayn said to Harry. After another hour i decided to leave and Liam and zayn left at the same time leaving Louis and Harry alone tomorrow we are finishing up Liam’s house then moving onto Louis so it’s a busy day but it’s Zoe’s day off meaning she is going to come and help us out.
I got out of the car thanking Liam for dropping me off and I walked in the house to see Zoe cuddled up into a quilt with a mug in her hands watching the originals.
“Hey Zo” I said as I kicked my shoes off.
“hey Ni did everything go well?” she asked.
“great actually Louis got the tracker off and he gave Mark a bit of his own medicine” I laughed.
“what did he do?” Zoe laughed.
Louis p.o.v
“I can’t get over that you actually did that” Harry said.
“like you said he deserved it so who cares” I shrugged.
“at least your happier now” he said.
“I guess I could still be better but at least I’m free as you could say” I said.
“but you did it all for Niall” he said.
“yeah I did, he doesn’t deserve any of it, he unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time” I sighed.
“at least your here for him” he said.
“what do you mean by that he has you and the other boys?” I asked.
“I mean you as in being a hybrid if you weren’t here we wouldn’t have any idea on how to help him hell he probably wouldn’t have opened up at all he would have just put up with the pain” he said.
“I’m happy I’m not alone I always dredded the day where all of you would find out but it went well half ok” I said.
“don’t say your still holding that against me” he said.
“yes I am I’m very mad that you walked away and basically ignored me and hated me” I said.
“I didn’t hate you yes I was shocked and scared ok maybe a bit just lost you could say I had heard about hybrids and I had a little curiosity about them when I was a little bit younger so I researched them and when I did I will admit I hated them, I thought they were disgusting and shouldn’t have existed, but you changed that knowing that you had no choice in this and I wasn’t going to hate you based off that I of course was already one of your best friends and I wasn’t going to hate you for being a hybrid but the more I learned the more understanding I became so don’t hold it against me please” he begged.
“wow, ok I was joking on with you Haz but ok even if I still held this against you It’s good to know what happened” I said.
“you know even though we know about you being a hybrid you still hide from us” he said.
“I know it’s just I don’t like to have them out I mean I do but I don’t it’s comfortable having them out but I always feel like you’re all judging me over them and especially with Mark it’s made it worse and I guess I’m just paranoid but I just worry too much when I have them out I have those voices telling me that ‘I’m different’, ‘I’m a freak’, ‘I shouldn’t even be alive’ “ I said.
“yes your different but you’ve always have been I mean Lou let’s face it your not normal your weird and very funny and very, very loud and mental but without this you wouldn’t be you so ignore them just think about positive things you have read from fans or I will even tell you them if I have to don’t feel anxious about them” he said throwing my hat on the floor.
“hey that hurt” I said rubbing my ears.
“oops sorry I forgot that they’re sensitive” he said petting them.
“thanks Harry, I’ll try not to let it get to me” I said.
“so you don’t believe what Mark said about me saying I should be dead?” I asked.
“of course I don’t”


oh my god i can't believe it it's only 3 days till christmas and it still hasn't snowed here in the UK :( and it doesn't feel christmassy even though i have christmas decorations in my room and scented candles that are christmassy and i even spent 2 hours wrapping presents and let's say they turned out rubbish haha i only had 6 things to wrap and i ended up wrapping one twice because i ripped the paper haha and aw in 2 days it will be Louis birthday and he will be 22 it's ridiculous how fast time is going i mean i can't get over the fact i have mock exams in 4 weeks and then in a few months after that i have my proper ones and then after that i will be finished school does anyone feel like December has just disappeared so quickly i mean it doesn't feel like two minutes since it was the first am i the only one who feels like everything is going to quick and like i don't have any time to savour time and enjoy the moments where i'm laughing with my friends or just going out having fun hours feel like minutes and it's kind of ridiculous


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe