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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 48

Louis p.o.v
“just to talk to me about a few things that’s all” I shrugged sitting down, Niall gave me a look and I nodded he bit his lip and faced away from me, but by his look I’m sure I will have to explain later.
“so everything went fine you didn’t storm out again” Zayn said.
“if I stormed out I can tell you I wouldn’t be this calm” I laughed.
“Louis take your shoes off in my house” Harry said.
“why we’re just going to be going out soon” I said.
“because they will get dirt on the carpet “Harry said.
“they’re brand new come on just let me keep them on I can’t be bothered to take them off” I said “unless you pull them off” I laughed Harry got up out of his seat and pulled both shoes off my feet and put them by the door.
“now my feet are cold” I said.
“Louis you told me this morning you have a higher tolerance when it comes to getting cold” Liam said.
“shh he didn’t know that” I said.
“what time is it?” Niall asked.
“half 10, the driver should be here any minute go and get whatever you need” Liam said I quickly ran up to my room and a few seconds later Niall walked in.
“ok what actually happened?” He asked sitting on the bed.
“well he called me disgusting he once again threatened me to kick me out the band, I got punched in the face but someone covered it up with make up before I left” I said.
“what else happened” Niall asked.
“I attempted the threat and it backfired” I said.
“I knew it would but you didn’t listen” he said. “what else happened you hiding something”
“they put a tracker around my ankle they can stop me from leaving the house If I want to, they can make it so I can only go to certain places at certain times and if I leave it will shock me and make some noise that basically alerts people that I have left and they will take me back, you’re not meant to know this either none of the boys are meant to” I said.
“wait what a tracker?!”Niall shouted but I covered his mouth with my hand and he pushed my hands away and pulled up my right jean leg to reveal the tracker his eyes went wide and I pulled it down.
“yeah they are clamping down on me” I sighed.
“Louis they can’t do this” Niall said.
“well they can and they have now you better keep this a secret” I demanded.
“they should know” Niall said.
“no they shouldn’t!” I snapped.
“what happens if they boys want you to go somewhere?” he asked.
“I have to make up some excuse” I said.
“how long is it going to be on?” he asked.
“I don’t know” I sighed.
“can’t you get it off?” he asked he pulled he leg up and looked at it only to find no way of getting it off.
“how does it come off” he asked.
“it’s a remote password thing on Marks ipad” I said.
“Louis, Niall come on we have to go!” Liam shouted I made sure it was covered up and you couldn’t tell it was there and we walked downstairs.
The car journey was very quiet as I wasn’t in the mood to talk, I was sitting next to Zayn and I hit his leg accidentally he looked at me weird but just shook it off, I think he might have felt the tracker but he hasn’t questioned it so hopefully he didn’t.
We arrived at the interview and our team got to work on sorting our hair out and a bit of makeup to stop us from being shiny and sorted our clothes out Lou said she was sorry to me because Mark was actually here today watching that they were treating me a certain way so she had to do my hair last and I was last for everything.
As I got my hair done Mark was glaring at me from the corner of the room, in the room it was only me, Lou and Mark who honestly scared me a little.
“Louis what is that!” Lou said she wiped the previous make up that was covering the bruise up which looked worse than before.
“it’s a bruise” I said.
“I know that but what happened?” she asked I glared at Mark from the corner of my eyes.
“the kid probably did something stupid and got into a fight” Mark said.
“Louis isn’t like that” Lou said “Louis what happened.
“I don’t know ask mark” I said.
“you did this why? What’s he done to deserve that?” Lou said.
“he deserves It I mean look he’s a hybrid he shouldn’t be living like this he should be with the rest of them either dead or locked up somewhere” Mark spat.
“you know i’m just like you, you arsehole I was once completely normal but yeah I got my life took away from me and spent a few years in a place where I got tested on an tortured yeah and then I got kidnapped a month ago and guess what... it was by the same person who took me the first time and you know what they did torture me!” I shouted at him and I stormed out the room and into wardrobe to get dressed and waited with the other boys as I walked into the room I slammed the door shut making them all look up at me.
“Louis what happened?” Liam asked.
“Mark happened” I growled sitting down. “I fucking hate mark”
“what did he do now?” Harry asked.
“fucking punched me” I spat.
“he punched you?” Liam said shocked.
“yup and poor Lou just witnessed me getting angry with Mark and is probably in shock with some of the stuff I said.” I said.
“what did you say?” Harry asked.
“words” I said.
“haha funny, but what did you say?” Harry asked.
“none of you business “ I said my phone vibrated in my pocket so I pulled it out and looked at the name.
What happened tell me? –Niall
I spilt my past to Mark and Lou by accident because that twat Mark said I basically deserve to die or be locked up somewhere- Louis
Wtf man he really said that, can I rip his head off yet?- Niall
Yes! I’ll help you come on we just need something that will kill him maybe we can turn him into a hybrid so then he will be a hypocrite by saying we all deserve to die because then he will –Louis
This is useless we would never go through with it- Niall
I know but we could at least beat him to a pulp-Louis
“are you two really texting each other?” Liam said.
“yeah so what” I said.
“you’re in the same room” Harry said.
“so...” I said.
“you two are idiots” Harry said.
The interview started and we got asked the usual questions until a few popped up which were very recent.
“so boys I’ve heard a few rummors can you please clear them up for us” the interviewer said.
“of course we can” Liam said.
“Harry are you dating Kendall?” she said.
“no we’re just good friends” Harry said.
“Louis are you living with Harry because there were these pictures took of you going into the house with Harry?” she asked.
“if you saw a few seconds before that picture was took the other boys went in the house before us bu no I am not well it’s temporary my house is getting renovated and I can’t live in it so I’m shuffling homes for a few weeks” I said.
“talking about houses Liam Is it true your house got broke into?” she asked a picture came up on screen and Liam walked up to the door and the rest of the boys were staring at door that was slightly open.
“funny thing about that, we thought someone had broke in because the door was open but it was only Louis he locked himself out of his house and he got into my house but the idiot he is he left the door open” Liam said.
“these idiots overreacted and I almost got hit over the head with and umbrella by Harry” I said and everyone laughed.
“we will be back after a break where the boys will be singing one of there songs off the new album” the interviewer said we all went backstage and hung about.
“wait what song are we singing again?” I asked.
“through the dark” Harry said.
“fuck” I mumbled.
“what?” Niall asked.
“I still can’t sing properly” I said “like I can’t hit the notes”
“if it comes to anything we’ll sing It ok” Liam said.
“this is going to be the wors performance I’ve done” I said.
“does it hurt when you sing?” Zayn asked.
“only a little bit, it makes my voice sound rougher” I said.
“it will be fine” Niall said.
“and we’re back with One Direction”



It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe