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Niall Horan (hybrid)

chapter 43

Niall’s p.o.v
The day of the interview came around quick enough, we were all sitting on the settees in Liam’s flat yeah we eventually decided to stay there for a few nights. But we were all ready for our interview but Zayn was still getting ready and I’m sure Louis is still asleep.
“are we even going to get Louis up?” Liam asked.
“nope I think if he doesn’t want to do the interview he doesn’t” I said. a few minutes later Louis stumbled into the sitting room in his pj’s and a blanket wrapped around him whilst his tail swished under the blanket and his ears were almost completely covered by his bed hair.
“are you ok?” I asked.
“yeah just tired, I couldn’t sleep last night” Louis said collapsing on one of the settees whilst groaning.
“what’s wrong?” Liam asked.
“he just chucked himself on the settee, did you see the way he landed it was on his tail” I said pointing out the obvious.
“by the looks of things you’re not coming to the interview” Liam said.
“yeah I am this is how I’m dressing, like it no doesn’t matter” Louis said.
“we were going to suggest you stay here anyway” Harry said.
“how are you going to cover for me?” Louis questioned.
“just going to say your ill” Zayn said.
“how did you hear us from in there?” I asked.
“your loud speakers.” Zayn laughed.
“5 minutes until we leave” Liam said sliding his phone in his pocket.
Louis laughed “you have to leave the lovely warm house whilst I get to sit here and lie on the settee in my pjs watching tv drinking tea and that” Louis said.
“leaving the warmth I can change that” Harry laughed he ran over to Louis and pulled the quilt off him pulling Louis off of the settee in the main time.
“Harry!” Louis shouted. “ ah fuck it I’m too tired I’m just going to lie here” Louis said and Harry dropped the quilt in a heap over Louis.
“feel free to place me back on the settee” Louis said.
“sorry mate you can stay on the floor” Harry laughed.
“fine” Louis said wrapping the quilt right around him. We waited around for a few minutes when there was a knock on the door which Liam answered and he walked back in with Paul.
“sorry Lou you have to come with us management are making you, so go and get ready” Paul said.
“why should I, with everything that happened why am I being forced into this” Louis said sitting up.
“it’s not like you have to answer any questions” Paul said everyone looked at each other.
“they are making him explain what happened just to clear up some things” I said.
An hour and a half later we arrived at the interview and were currently waiting for the interviewer to start.
“welcome boys, it’s great to see you back here” the interviewer said.
“thanks, it’s great to be back” Liam said Louis was sitting to the right of me and he looked bored, tired and uncomfortable.
“Louis it’s great to see you up and about” he said.
“it’s not exactly like I’ve been dying I’ve just been kidnapped and now I’m back doing interviews and that” Louis bitterly said I discreetly rubbed his back so he would calm down.
“ok so boys what’s happening now with you boys” she said.
“well we’re going to be on break for a while now and then we will release our new album which is getting released tomorrow but we’re on break until after Christmas and then we will be preparing for our new tour.” Liam said.
“Louis I hope you don’t mind but I have a question to ask about what has happened lately would you mind answering?” she asked.
“um...i’m...um... sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking about it” Louis almost whispered.
“well we have a few fans who would like to ask questions so we’re going to hand it over to the fans.” She said a young girl at the age of 23-13 walked up to the microphone she looked nervous but she had the biggest grin on her face.
“um hi there” the girl said.
“hi there what’s your name?” Liam asked.
“hi there Alexis what’s your question?” Harry asked.
“um first Louis are you ok you don’t look very into this?” Alexis said.
“I’m fine don’t worry love I’m just tired, I didn’t have much sleep but please don’t worry about me have you got another question?” Louis asked plastering a fake grin on his face.
“yeah compare to the take me home tour what’s going to change for the new tour?” Alexis said.
“ooh, I’m not sure if we can release any of this information, Niall what do you think about that?” Harry said.
“I think it should stay a secret” I said.
“I think that your all going to have t wait and see” Louis said.
“thank you” Liam said the girl stepped away and another one stepped up this time she was a bit older about 15-16.
“hello, what’s your name?” Zayn asked.
“well hello Britney what’s your question?” I asked.
“it’s not really a question but I wanted to say Louis every single one of your fans understand what has happened and we don’t want you to rush into getting back to One Direction please don’t think you have to do interview after interview about it or saying thing you don’t want. Louis.” The girl started to tear up.
“what’s wrong love?” Louis questioned clearly worried about the girl.
“you’re not the only person who has been through this and I know first hand what it’s like to you know took away from your friends, family and even your life and I know how long it takes to get some what normal so please don’t rush” Britney said Louis got up off his seat and went to the edge of the stage, the security tried to stop him but he jumped over on of them and quickly want up to the microphone with security running after him and he gave the girl a hug and I saw he whispered something in her ear and she calmed down and the security guards took him straight back to the stage where he jumped up and sat on the settee.
Once the interview ended Louis got pulled away by a group of security who pulled him into another room whilst the rest of us waited outside we soon heard shouting from one of the guards and Louis started to shout back until he walked out the room slamming the door and he gripped his head before almost punching the wall before Zayn stopped him.
“Louis what happened?” I asked.
“nothing” Louis spat as he got out of Zayn’s hold and stormed down the corridor.
“what happened in there?” we all asked as we looked at each other.
“well whatever it is obviously isn’t good” Liam said.
“fuck sake” I heard Louis shout we turned the corner to find Louis facing the wall leaning on his arms muttering and cursing.
“Louis?” we asked.
“fuck off!” Louis spat.


omg i'm so so so so so sorry i haven't updated last week i was so busy i literally had a test every single day at school and i have started some history course work which i was panicking on so i was stressing and then friday i went to see catching fire and may i say it was fucking amazing ok if you haven't seen it you should because it is amazing and then this week i have been ill but i'm all good now and omg the new album is brill and guess what i got tickets to see Mcbusted and i can't wait like yeah i'm excited and like i said i'm so sorry i haven't updated i have been busy if i don't update don't be affraid to tell me to update i could really do with it so i don't forget but i hope you enjoy the chapter :)


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe