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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 40

Niall’s p.o.v
I stood there as Louis continued shouting about this whole thing and as I looked the rest of the boys were stood there in shock you could clearly see the anger rising and if you looked into his eyes you could pretty much see the flames burning bright, his body was shaken with anger and his face turned red. After he stopped yelling he turned around and punched the wall before sliding down it and gripping his head in frustration, before we knew it Louis was sitting sobbing from his outburst and he wasn’t crying because he was sad just from the anger taking over him so I knelt down beside him.
“Louis you know that we are in the same position and everything you said was true but we can’t let this get to us your usually the stronger one since you’ve been through more but everyone has to have someone who can take that role for a while and I’m going to take that we need to just ignore this, we need to be wary but we need to enjoy our lives whilst we can, we can’t let it get to us ok we can’t show weakness otherwise they will take advantage of it and get us.” I said Louis looked up and he blinked away the tears.
“I haven’t been through as much as you though” Louis said.
“you have and you haven’t you have been kidnapped twice and in their both times you were tortured a lot way more than I did I always tried to stay hidden it half worked, but outside of the facility you had a loving family looking after you and I’m sure you had a lot of friends but I literally had one person I trusted and who cared for me, I didn’t have family and only one friend so you had a better life outside of that” I said.
“you have a family now though” Louis said.
“you’re right I do and I’m not ready for this family to leave so I’m not letting this get to me” I said Louis smiled as he had calmed down and I held out my hand for him which he took and I pulled him up which he then pulled me into a hug.
“everyone needs to let their anger out sometimes and my guess is it’s been a while for you” I whispered in his ear he laughed as he pulled away.
“you have no idea” he laughed.
“bloody hell Louis you have put a hole through the wall!” Harry shouted we all turned around to see the smallish hole in the wall.
“that wasn’t me” Louis said.
“that wall is very thin well done Louis wait does your hand hurt?” Liam asked Louis looked down at his hand to see it was bleeding a little bit from a piece of the wall which he pulled out and chucked on the floor.
“I once punched a window which smashed that was nothing” Louis said.
“I think you need a punching bag or something to vent your anger” Liam said.
“that’s what dear Harold is here for” Louis said.
“wait what?!” Harry said.
“just messing with ya” Louis said.
“you would never think you just had a meltdown” Zayn said.
“can’t hold onto it forever” Louis said as he walked down the corridor.
“where are you going?” I asked.
“well since our room is now trashed I think it’s time for us to go somewhere else” Louis said.
“that would be the smart option” I said.
“I’m pretty sure that guy will be gone now I mean who would stick around after doing that” Harry said.
“exactly this is our chance to move again before we get followed” Louis said we ended up leaving the hotel and we made our way to another one which was on the other side of London so that we could get far away from the people following us Louis and I kept looking behind us but it looked like no one was following us.
As we walked through the doors to our hotel room this one was less basic and had two double beds and a settee bed with a door at the back of the room on the right side which lead to Zayn and Liam’s room.
“should we keep this door open?” Liam asked.
“yeah at least that way we will know if anything happens” Harry said.
“they better not have followed us” Louis said collapsing on the bed.
“I call the other bed, Ni looks like you’re on the bed settee” Harry said jumping on the bed.
“Harry stop jumping on the bed the sound of the springs hurt my ears” Louis complained.
“sorry” Harry said and he did one final jump before lying down.
“did anyone tell Paul about us moving location?” I asked.
“yes I texted him” Liam said.
“those guards from earlier will be coming here soon after they talk to the police about what happened” Zayn said.
“hey Ni, Lou it’s safe to let your ears and tails out you know” Harry said.
“we know but we are a little bit more pre-occupied at the moment to worry about our ears and that” Louis said.
“hey Lou are you going to try singing since your throats cleared and we know you can shout now because of earlier so why not try it?” Harry said.
“I can’t” Louis said.
“you can you’re just scared” I said.
“I’m not scared” Louis said.
“you are you can see it in your eyes” Harry said.
“I’m not what your seeing is sacredness from earlier and about this situation” Louis said.
“it’s not try it Lou I think you will be able to sing” I said Louis looked at the floor and shook his head.
“you’re worried about not being able to sing aren’t you?” Harry said.
“not at all” Louis said.
“you are you’re worried about your voice not being the same” I said I saw a slight nod come from Louis but he continued to look at the ground.
“well by continuing to look at the floor and not doing anything about singing is just going to make it worse Lou, you’re going to build up all these possibilities and you’re going to worry yourself too much and then you’re going to be frightened to sing forever.” Harry said.
“I know but I can’t help it, If I can’t sing then I can’t continue to be in the band meaning I’d have to leave and just forget about this life and I’d lose all of you” Louis said.
“you would never get kicked out of the band!” I shouted.
“I would if I couldn’t sing because I’d be a waste of space” Louis said.
“even if you did get kicked out the band you wouldn’t lose us we wouldn’t just think oh he can’t sing let’s leave him we’d stay with you, we’d still be brothers and you really think you would get rid of us that easily” Harry said.
“we aren’t going anywhere” I said.
Louis p.o.v
Niall and Harry went through to Liam and Zayn’s room so I took the opportunity to have a shower when I locked to door and got in I stood in the shower the only sound was the water coming from the shower. Come on Lou just sing one song it won’t be hard I’ve done it plenty of times so why is this time so different? That’s right I had my vocal cords messed with. I stood there for a few minutes before finally coming out with the lyrics from the Fray look after you and before I knew it I was lost in singing and I didn’t even realise that I had finished in the shower so I hopped out and put on a baggy jumper which was one of the other lads jumpers which I stole and never gave back and I put a pair of jeans on. I walked out of the room and went into the room and placed my old clothes in a duffle we had with us.
“so you eventually sang” I jumped In fright my ears sticking up and the fur on my tail was surely sticking up making my tail look poufy.
“thanks for giving me a heart attack Zayn!” I shouted and the boys came running in and Harry, Liam and Niall burst out laughing.
“what’s so funny?” I asked.
“your tail is all poufy and it’s gone bigger” Harry said through his laughs.


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe