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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 34

Perrie’s p.o.v
I stood there in shock as Niall stormed off out of the room but with ears and a tail how is he like that I mean he’s part animal.
“Zayn” I said still dumbfound.
“Perrie don’t freak out ok” Zayn said.
“what just happened i-I mean he’s part animal and has ears and a tail p-please explain” I asked Zayn sighed and sat down on the settee and motioned for me to sit so I sat down next to him.
“He’s a hybrid ok he’s part cat when he was younger he was took by this scientist and he basically mixed cat DNA in with Niall’s DNA creating the ears and tail” Zayn explained.
“I’m still confused I was so distracted by his ears and tail that I was half listening to what he said and I heard something about Louis what’s that about?” I asked.
“Louis is also like Niall and he is part cat” Zayn said.
“so the guy who kidnapped Louis knew about him being a hybrid?” I asked.
“yeah and actually he is the guy who created them both as Louis and Niall both escaped the scientist and he wanted them back so at the concert they took him and basically tortured him whilst there and that’s how he lost his voice and now you can see why Louis can’t be took to a hospital otherwise the world might find out about him and you might guess how that will turn out” Zayn said.
“he will get a lot of hate and threats and people will be after him won’t they” I said and Zayn nodded Zoe walked back into the room and sat down but noticed Niall was gone.
“where’s Niall and what was that shouting?” Zoe asked.
“Perrie knows about Niall and that’s what the yelling was and he stormed off up in his room I think so we should let him cool down” Zayn said.
“I’ll go and check on him ok” Zoe said.
“ok” we both said.
“have you known about him all the time you have been a band?” I asked.
“no we found out a few weeks ago in Australia” Zayn said.
Zoe’s p.o.v
I walked up stairs and outside of Niall’s room and surprisingly his door was open, I slowly opened it and I walked in and sat on the bed.
“go away” Niall mumbled into the pillow.
“it’s me Ni I heard about what happened” I said.
“Perrie’s going to hat me know right” Niall asked.
“well Perrie seemed very calm when I walked into the sitting room” I said.
“she was probably in shock” Niall said.
“well would you like to hear some good news?” I asked Niall’s ears perked up on top of his head and he sat up.
“what is it?” Niall asked.
“my dad gave me the number of that doctor that treated you when you were younger” I said.
“really?!” Niall shouted.
“yeah I didn’t want to phone the doctor yet I don’t know what to say to him” I said.
“just ask if we can make an appointment with him” Niall said.
“can you please” I begged.
“your not a phone person are you” Niall laughed.
“come on let’s go downstairs” I said Niall put his ears down and went to hide them “don’t Perrie knows remember”
“i don’t want her to freak out over them remember” Niall said.
“do what you want” I said and we went back downstairs where Perrie and Zayn sat.
“hey guys guess what!” I said.
“what?” Zayn said.
“I have that doctors number” I said.
“seriously we have to tell Louis!” Zayn said.
“we’re going to make an appointment then we will tell Lou” Niall said Perrie stood up and looked at Niall and Niall avoided eye contact with her.
“Niall “ Perrie spoke.
“what” Niall mumbled.
“may I see your ears and tail if you don’t mind of course” Perrie said softly.
“ok” Niall said he pulled his tail out and let his ears up whilst Perrie inspected them. “you can touch them you know”
“are you sure?” Perrie asked.
“you may as well I know you want to” Niall said Perrie touched them and instantly smiled when Niall purred and she hugged him.
“thank you that’s amazing Niall!” Perrie said.
“guys come on make the appointment” Zayn said.
“ok” I said.
Louis p.o.v
I lay down on the settee with a blanket wrapped over me whilst we all sat and watched the telly one of my younger sisters were cuddled up to my side.
“how long are you boys staying here?” mum asked.
“um I’m not sure Louis how long did you want to stay?” Liam asked and I shrugged.
“I guess we don’t know” Harry said.
“Louis where’s your phone?” Liam asked and I pointed up.
“upstairs?” Harry questioned and I nodded whilst Harry’s phone rang so he went out of the room and after 3 minutes he came running back in.
“Louis Niall, Zoe and Zayn have found a doctor that knows about hybrids” Harry said I stared at him in shock.
“really?” Liam said.
“when is he going to go and see him?” Liam asked.
“tomorrow “ Harry said.
“so are you boys leaving tonight?” mum asked.
“I guess so “Liam said.
“we’ll leave at 8pm” Harry said.
“ok boys go and pack” mum said and Liam dragged me up off the settee once we reached my room I sat on the bed still in shock I’m going to get my voice back but I have to have surgery.
“Louis, Louis!” Harry said and I looked up at him “you’re ok with this aren’t you?” I nodded.
“you sure?” Liam asked and I nodded again.
“Phone” Harry said and passed me my phone.
I’m worried what happens if say it can be sorted right but I’m not able to sing then what will happen?
“don’t say that you will be able to it might just take some time” Liam said.
And if it doesn’t?


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe