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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 27

Niall’s p.o.v
We arrived in London and said our goodbyes to Liam, Harry and Louis and we went back to my flat.
“is anyone else really tired?” I asked.
“You slept on the plane and in the car whilst I was driving how are you still so tired?” Zayn asked.
“because for the first time I wasn’t worrying about Louis” I said.
“well he’s with Harry, Liam and his family so he will be fine” Zayn said.
“I hope so” I said.
“Niall where are the glasses?” Zoe asked from the kitchen.
“top left cupboard next to the oven.” I shouted.
“thank you do any of you want a drink?” she asked.
“sure can I have water” Zayn said.
“me too” I said.
“ok” she said when she returned she handed us our drinks.
“thank you” Zayn and I said.
“Ni would you mind if I asked Perrie to come here since I haven’t seen her for a while” Zayn asked.
“of course you can” I said he walked out the room and came back a few minutes later.
“how do you think El will take it when she finds out Louis is mute?” Zayn said.
“I never really thought about it but I think she will be upset but happy that Louis is ok and they will figure it out” I said.
“there will be something we can do to get his speech back” Zoe said.
“maybe we could pay that doctor guy who took you and Louis a lot of money for him to give him his speech back.” Zayn said.
“no we aren’t going back to him we can’t I mean he could agree to giving his speech back but he could then turn around and do a lot of experiments on him” I said.
“why can’t we just take him to a hospital” Zayn said.
“how are we meant t explain his ears and tail” Zoe said.
“Ni your knee doesn’t it keep dislocating so shouldn’t you have a doctor?” Zayn said.
“I do but he doesn’t know about hybrids because it was just my knee but if Louis has to go in surgery he has to wear one of those weird hospital gowns and his tail would show and that wouldn’t be good” I said.
“don’t worry Ni we will get it sorted let’s just relax for a little bit yeah” Zoe said as she took my beanie off and she ran her hands through my hair and running them over my ears instantly calming me down. “ I knew that would calm you down”
“so wait if Niall ever get’s worked up over something just pet his ears and he basically calm down.” Zayn said.
“pretty much” Zoe said there was a knock at the door and Zayn got up to answer it.
“wait” I said.
“what?” Zayn said.
“I need to put my beanie on so my ears are hidden” I said.
“or you could hold them down” Zayn said.
“na I’m too lazy to do that” I said.
“well hurry up Perrie is waiting” Zayn said I quickly put my beanie on and Zoe adjusted it so it wasn’t irritating my ears as much and Perrie walked in with Zayn.
“hey Perrie” I said.
“hey Niall and “ Perrie said.
“sorry Zoe” Zoe said.
“hey Zoe” Perrie said.
“how was your time in Australia?” Perrie asked.
“it was good apart from a few things that happened” Zayn said.
“how’s Louis?” Perrie asked.
“he’s been better” I said.
“tell him I hope he’s ok” Perrie said.
“will do” I said Perrie and Zayn started to chat with one another whilst Zoe cuddled up to me as we watched a bit of the TV. After an hour or so I started to shift as I was very uncomfortable as my tail had moved into a position that was hurting.
“you need to stop moving it’s going to make you look suspicious” Zoe whispered.
“I can’t help it my tail has moved and it is hurting” I whispered Zoe looked over to Perrie and Zayn who were both lying on the settee together.
“just go to the bathroom” Zoe whispered and I quickly stood up.
“where you going Ni?” Zayn asked.
“I’m going to the bathroom” I said.
“ok” Zayn said Instead of going to the bathroom I went into my room and let my tail and ears out for a few minutes, since the boys know about this I haven’t been hiding them as often so doing this is kind of weird even though they have only known for like a few weeks. I lay down on my bed and started to think until someone knocked on the door.
“it’s me Zayn” Zayn said through the door so I opened it up and he walked in.
“hey” I said.
“hey Perrie was worrying about where you were you do know you have been up here for 30 minutes” he said.
“wait really I didn’t realise” I said.
“it’s fine Zoe and I both knew that you were letting these out” Zayn said petting my ears.
“and my tail” I said.
“I’m guessing you were getting uncomfortable?” he said.
“yeah my tail decided to slip under my leg so I was basically sitting on it and it was painful” I said.
“it doesn’t hurt anymore does it?” he asked.
“no it’s fine it just needed room to breathe” I said.
“it is still kind of odd to see you with a tail but not in a bad way like you know when someone gets a big hair cut and you’re like whoa but you get used to it like that weird” he said.
“yeah I know what you mean like Liam he went through quite a big hair cut since he had it shaved” I said.
“yeah like that” he said.
“Ni what was it like when you woke up and figured out you were a hybrid?” he asked.
“my mind didn’t really register what had happened it just kind of went overboard and I broke down and just cried I guess I just was scared and confused and It was just so overwhelming.” I said.
“It is cool like we always wanted a pet on tour with us but who needs them when we have you and Lou” Zayn said as he hugged me I laughed a little.
“we aren’t very cat like” I said.
“you are more cat than Louis you like to cuddle a lot, you will only do something if you want to Louis does that way more than you though, you are more affectionate you also sleep quite a lot like a cat but I still sleep more than you” he said.
“and I love anyone who gives me food” I laughed.
“yeah you do, do that don’t you now come on we should really get back to them since they will be wondering where we are” he said.
“ok” I said I put my beanie back on and I put my tail around my waist this time and got Zayn to put some athletic wrap over it to hold it in place, I had a baggy jumper on so you couldn’t see the outline of the wrap.


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe