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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 26

Louis p.o.v
We took off and Liam, Harry and I sat in a row together but they were both being boring and listening, I was sitting in the middle and I was extremely bored so I tapped Liam on the shoulder, he groaned and pulled his headphones out.
“what Louis?” he said I went to pully my phone out and realized I couldn’t text Liam.
“you can’t text me can you?” He said I nodded but opened the notes app up and typed in there.
how am I meant to tell my family about this I mean it’s the last thing they need to worry about especially with the kidnapping that just happened?
“Harry and I will explain to them” Liam said.
Can’t we just lie?
“lying isn’t the answer and how can you lie about something like this?” Liam said.
Um easy just say that I had such a hard time in there that what I saw scarred me and I turned mute from it
“we are not doing that” Liam said.
“what’s he trying to do now?” Harry said suddenly becoming interested in what was going on.
“he’s trying to lie to his family about this whole mute thing” Liam said.
“if that didn’t work on me it’s not going to work on Liam you should know that” Harry said.
It was worth the shot
“why are you typing in notes?” Harry said.
“becasue we are on a plane you idiot he can’t send messages because his phone is on airplane mode.” Liam said.
This is going to be a long flight even though it’s only an hour Liam and Harry both laughed. It is I mean you have music because you idiots have headphones I was kidnapped I was lucky I got my phone back
“here have one headphone” Liam said I put Liam’s headphone in my left ear and I had another idea and I pulled Harry’s left headphone out.
“what are you doing?” Harry asked I put up my finger to tell him to be quiet ad I put Harry’s headphone in my other ear listening to the mix of both songs playing until Harry pulled out my headphone.
“if you wouldn’t mind I would like my other headphone back.” He said and put it in his ear.
Why does being silent suck.
After a somewhat long flight we arrived in London and we quickly sorted clothes out and said goodbye to Niall, Zoe and Zayn and Liam started to drive to Doncaster, I was unfortunatly sitting in the back since Harry beat me to the front but I took it to my advantage and sat with my back propped against the door with my legs across the seats.
“Louis feet down and sit properly if we are in a crash you could die sitting like that.” Liam said I sent Harry a message and he read it out.
“Like you would crash the car” Harry said he looked confused and I pointed to Liam. “oh right yeah Liam can’t read whilst he’s driving can he.” After a few minutes I started to drift of to sleep and the next thing I know I fell asleep and unfortunatly it wasn’t a great dream it was flashbacks of being with Doctor Roberts.
I was lying on the cold metal table strapped down so I couldn’t move, I gave up on trying to get out of the grips to save my strength for if I needed it, Dr Roberts walked in the room smirking and holding a very shap knife I gulped at the sight of it.
“I think I need to teach you where you stand” he said as he got closer I tried to get away but he put his arm over my neck so I was struggling to breath.
“s-stop” I chocked out.
“sit still then!” he commanded I shut my eyes and he started to drag the knife over my right arm he seemd to be tracing something and when I looked over sure enoguh it was my tattoo I tried to pull my arm away but with no luck, he got really annoyed with me and he pushed the knife in even more making me scream out in pain and he kept it there and left the room only to return hours later.
*flashback over*
“Louis, Louis, Louis!” I heard two peole shouting my name I shot up and realised my seatbelt was off someone started to rub my back and I calmed down a little.
“are you ok?” Liam asked I simply nodded.
“that didn’t seem fine Louis” Harry said.
I said I was fine it was nothing honestly
“Louis you were sweating and sqwirming around If you could talk you would have been shouting” Liam said.
It was just a nightmare
“when you say nightmare do you mean nightmare or bad memories?” Harry said.
Guess you will most likely get it right
“Bag memories?” Liam said and I nodded.
Where are we?
“Liam had to pull over the car so we could wake you up and calm you down but we are literally 20 minutes away from your house.” Harry said.
“come on Lou put your seatbelt on” Liam said I sat back in my original spot and Harry passed me some headphoned.
“you look like you need a distration until we get there” he said I nodded and put the headphoned in and looked out the window at the familiar sights of Doncaster and soon enoguh the car came to a stop outside of my old house.
“are you ready for this?” Liam asked and I shook my head.
“come on Lou you have been locked up somewhere when you were younger for a few years and you can’t handle this come on this will be easier than you think” Harry said. I thought about it for a few minutes he’s right I’ve been tortured and locked up in a cell and shocked and a lot worse things but this is my family I’ve known them my full life my mum loves me even though I am part cat. I got out of the car with the two of them following me to the door and I rang the doorbell .
After a few seconds the door flew open revealing my mum standing there her eyes widned and her eyes filled with tears as she pulled me in for a bone crushing hug.
“Oh my god Louis, your ok, your ok, I thought they would keep you there like when you were younger your ok aren’t you, Louis please say something. “ she cried out I got out of her hug and turned to Liam for him to explain.
“Jay there’s something you need to know” Liam said.
“come on in boys and then you can tell me” she said, she stepped out of the way of the door letting us in and we all sat in the sitting room.
“Jay we know about Louis being a hybrid ok so we know that Doctor Roberts took him and kept him there, but funny enough Niall is actually a cat hybrid too.” Liam said.
“really he is?” mum said.
“yeah he is Louis actually knew Niall in that facility when they were younger but they didn’t recongise each other until both of their secrets were spilled.” Harry said.
“you never told me about that place or that you knew someone” mum said looking at me
“anyway when he got kidnapped the other day doctor Roberts h-he “ Harry started to say but he couldn’t end it.
“he tortured Louis but aswell he took Louis speech away he can’t talk” Liam finsished.
“w-what” mum said.
“he took his speech Louis can’t talk he can’t sing nothing” Liam repeted.
“Louis” mum said and she pulled me into another hug.
“we don’t know what to do about this” Harry said.
“do you think he will be able to talk again?” Liam said.
“maybe but only if you took him to a hospital but how are you going to explain his ears and tail” she said my eyes widened at the thought of a hospital and I quickly sent a text.
“Louis your telling me you would rather not have speech than go to a hospital and get it fixed so you can sing again?” Harry said I shook my head.
No I just don’t like hospitals as well since I was tested on for a while I guess I’m scard of doctors and hospitals
“but those doctors are ones that help you” Harry said.
But my tail and ears I can’t go to one of those hospitals
“so he communticates through texting?” mum asked.
“yeah well apart from Niall he can still meow and well aparantly that’s like a language to the two of them so he can still talk to Niall” Liam said.
“did you know you could do that?” Mum asked and I shook my head.
“where’s everyone else?” Harry asked.
“upstairs I don’t think they know Louis is here” mum said.
Should I go up and frighten them
I sent to Liam and Harry.
“no Louis don’t” Liam said.
“ I think you should” Harry said.
I’m going with Harry on this one
“Louis you haven’t thought it through you can’t talk you should really be down here with your mum and us so someone can explain” Liam said.
“Liam’s right” mum said I rolled my eyes and sat back down on the settee.


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe