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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 19

Niall’s p.o.v
We were all sitting on the plane anxious about what will happen next I couldn’t sit still I was constantly sitting on different seats or walking up and down the plane, but now the seatbelt sign has been put on as we are starting to descend and we should be there in about 20 minutes but I’m still very worried, god knows what they are doing to him and I mean we now have to face the fact where are they going to take him? Will we find him? Are they going to experiment on the? All I want to do is rip my own head off just to stop my mind from over thinking.
Unfortunately the plane will be landing at Heathrow which means we are going to go by our houses and drop all of our stuff off but put some spare clothes in a bag in case we end up spending time in Ireland, but Zoe has agreed to let us stay at her place so we can figure out how to get him.
I just hope he’s ok.
Louis p.o.v
I once again woke up in a unfamiliar place this time I sat up only to hit my head on something, as I fully woke up I looked up to see metal bars what the fuck? I looked around to see I was in a white room which was all too familiar.
“I see you’re still the same trouble maker as you were when you were younger.” The doctor said.
“And I see your still the same fucking monster you were” I spat and once again the pain from the collar surged through me but it only lasted for a few seconds.
“You don’t know my name do you” he said.
“To be honest I don’t practically care” I said.
“I’m doctor Roberts” he said.
“Does it look like I care” I said and he set the collar off again and I was yanked out of the cage by two large men and I was strapped to the table.
“I still see you like to torture” I mumbled earning a shock.
“Maybe I should just take your ability to speak away from you” he said which made my eyes go wide. “I’m sure you would enjoy that not being able to sing or talk maybe I should just take your entire life away from you” he said.
“You wouldn’t dare” I spat struggling against the re-strengths.
“Ooh is that a bet, because I’m sure your entirely wrong I would do that with the blink of an eye.” He said but he rummaged through some draws and pulled out a knife “I just prefer to torture my subjects” he slid the nice across my stomach making me scream out in pain. “ after all you deserve this” he slid the knife up the same path as before making the slit worse and drawing more blood.
Niall’s p.o.v
We arrived back to the UK and we had one by one dropped our stuff at our houses and grabbing some clothes and we did the same for Louis since he will most likely need some new ones when we get him back but we are completely ready to go to Ireland but I almost fell asleep as Liam was sorting his stuff out but I was forced awake by Liam gently shaking my arm.
“come on Nialler we need to go” he said softly. I stood up and stretched and let out a big yawn and made my way back to the car. Liam was driving, Zayn sat next to him Zoe sat in the back in-between me and Harry after a minute of sitting in the car I sat my head on Zoe’s shoulder and I fell asleep with Zoe running her hands through my hair making me purr and curl up closer next to her.
“Niall, Niall you need to wake up” Zoe said I looked up at her and saw I was cuddled up to her which in shock made me jolt up and made me blush.
“sorry” I said.
“it’s ok now come on we have to get the plane” she said I jumped out of the car and Harry had grabbed our bag that had clothes in whilst we all went through the airport security and got on the plane to Ireland. it would only take an hour which I’m so happy for but with the time difference from Australia I’m so tired it’s morning here in the Uk which mean that we have basically been up for a day and now we are on another flight we will get off the flight and basically have the full day trying to find Louis well that’s if I can stay awake I just feel so tired but I need to find Louis before the do anything major to him.
I ended up sitting next to Zoe again and I once again fell asleep on her shoulder but she didn’t seem to mind after what seemed like 5 minutes I was forced to wake up by Liam but I turned to my left to see Zoe had also fell asleep, but I didn’t feel like waking her so I picked her up and I carried her through the airport until we reached Zoe’s car which I grabbed her keys from her pocket and I let Liam drive whilst I sat in the back with Zoe and Zayn.
“wait Niall I don’t know where I’m going” Liam said as he started the car up.
“um “ I was stuck for words.
“Niall you need to drive us to Zoe’s flat” Zayn said I got out the car and Zoe was rested with her head on Zayn shoulder since she was still asleep she is a really heavy sleeper and after 20 minutes we reached Zoe’s flat and I decided now was the best time to wake her up.
“Zoe” I said as soft as I could I reached behind and shook her arm and she woke up.
“hey Ni” she yawned.
“we’re at your falt” I said.
“what? How we were like on the plane?” she said.
“you were asleep so I carried you off the plane and to the car where you slept on Zayn’s shoulder until now” I said.
“sorry Zayn” she said.
“it’s alright you were tired” Zayn said we all got out the car and Zoe opened the flat door where i looked around this flat hadn’t changed one bit since I was last here
“you do know if you ever need anything you can always ask me” I said to Zoe.
“what do you mean?” she said.
“I mean if you ever need anything like anything money or if you need help just anything” I said I saw Zoe smirk.
“ok can I need one thousand pound” she said.
“nice one Zoe.” I said joked.
“ok so what are we going to do about Louis” Harry said.
“well we are going to go back to the hybrid facility” Zoe said.
“but if that’s not running and is abandoned then we will have to do some research and have to find somewhere where they might have took him” I said.
“so are we going to go now” Liam said everyone looked at me.
“ yes we need to get to him before they start doing some serious stuff to him” I said.
Louis p.o.v
I had needles jabbed in my arms, my legs, my sides and just all over I was in extreme pain they had injected me with something and it is making the sensation of fire burn throughout my body and they left me here on this table in agony for an hour and it’s just getting worse instead of better. I didn’t want to show any weakness but I couldn’t help but feel a few tears slide down my cheeks from the pain and when I say I was In excruciation pain I mean I was in excruciation pain it’s the worst pain I have ever experienced.
I felt the re-strengths being loosened but I was dragged up and pulled out of the room and chucked into another which this time was a cell it was small, there was nothing in it no mattress nothing just an empty cell with me in it but at least it’s me and not Niall if Niall was in here I couldn’t stand to think how much worse it would be.
The boys will never know how much pain I’m going through in here only Niall will know as he is the only one who experienced it but I wonder how my family is holding up about this or El they must be devastated but I think my family might know that I was took back here but I just wish I was home sitting with the boys talking or even sitting in silence anything is better than being here.


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe