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Niall Horan (hybrid)

Chapter 16

Louis p.o.v
A few weeks had past and nothing much happened apart from us being on tour i was ill for a short time but it turs out it was just part of a cold which ended after a few weeks. The boys and i have also been so much closer since mine and Niall’s secret has been spilled and i actually couldn’t be happier apart from the fact it’s harder to hide my ears in Austrailia because of the heat since it’s too hot to wear a beanie but i can at least wear a snap back.
“Louis!” Niall shouted.
“what Ni?” i shouted back.
“we have to go” he said walking into my room.
“where are we going?” i asked.
“you’re an idiot, we have an interview you know that” he said.
“shit do we whey didn’t you remind me you should know by now that won’t remember if we have a interview or not” i shouted running around my room chucking some shorts and a vans top on along with my black vans and a snapback and running out of my room hopping over the settee and to the front door.
“ready” i said and the boys just stared at me so i coughed to break their trance.
“what did you say?” Liam said.
“why are you guys staring?” i asked.
“ok you just jumped over that settee without touching it and landed on your feet and you weren’t even paying attention.” Harry said.
“i’m part cat i land on my feet all the time” i said.
“but you fall over a lot” Zayn said.
“yeah on stage when i’m usually not paying attention like when Liam knocked me down or i slipped in water the other night i’m part cat yeah but i’m still human so i still trip over and stuff and it does all depend on how strong my cat senses are that day” i said.
“come on we have to go” Liam said and we rushed out of the hotel and into the car, after a short amount of time of laughing about we arrived at the studio and waited for the interview to start.
“hey boys” the interviewer said coming out and sitting in the seat.
“hello” we said back.
“so it’s Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis right?” she said going down the line.
“yeah.” Liam said we got asked all the usual question and one tweet caught my eye the twitter name was @unknown and thetweet said ‘Louis and Niall stop trying to be normal we all know your not, we will get you no matter what’ i gulped and looked over at Niall who looked really scared.
“sorry boys that must have slipped passed” the interviewer said.
“it’s fine right boys” Liam said discreatly elbowing Niall.
“yeah it’s fine” Niall said shakily.
“are you boys ready for another question?” she asked.
“yeah” Harry said.
“ok if you boys were half animal what would you be?” she said.
“Harry would be a cat” Liam said.
“and why would that be?” the interivewer said.
“well he likes cats and i don’t know it would just suit him” Zayn said.
“Liam would be a dog because he looks like a puppy” Niall said.
“Zayn would be a wolf because he would make a cool werewolf so he would look awesome with wolf ears and tail” Harry said.
“what about Niall?” the interviewer said.
“a cat and so would Louis they just seem so cat like it’s weird i mean this morning Louis jumped over the settee without touching it and he landed on his feet without even stumbling” Harry said.
“it was pure luck i would never ever be able to do it again in a million years. “ i said.
“well boys related to that question did you know that their are such things as hybrids half human nad half animal there was a artical in the newspaper this morning about a scientist in Ireland he took people off the streets and changed them into part human the man was released from prison and he was interviewed about it but it only got out this morning what do you think about these hybrids?” she asked i was frozen the world knows or is starting to become more aware of hybrids this will be all over the news in a week how long will it be until Nill or i’s secret is spilled.
“well theres nothing to think of them they are like us after all they only have what two different animal features added to them we all get told to be ourselves and be unique so why should they be seen different at the end of the day they didn’t want this so it’s not their fault so why should they be seen different.” Harry said i let out a small smile knowing even if society found out my secret i still have the boys here with me no matter what.
“interesting view Harry” she said.
“what’s your view on them” i said.
“i’m not a fan they are digusting creatures they aren’t normal so why should they be alive” she said i looked over at Niall and he looked upset but he tried his best not to show it which didn’t work very well.
“well i don’t care they are still human beings so they should be accepted.” Liam said.
“ok boy’s moving on” she said.
“how are you enjoying the Aussi weather?” she asked.
“it’s great my mum told me the other day that the Uk is definatly starting to get colder but thank god it’s so hot over here” i said.
“will you be disapointed to go home?” she asked.
“yes and no” Liam said.
“yes becasue we will miss the Aussi weather and being able to surf but at the same time no because the tour will be finished and we will get a few months off preparing for the new tour and we will get to see our family, friends and girlfriends” Zayn said.
“so who has girlfriends?” she asked, Zayn, Liam and i put our hands up whilst Niall and Harry just satt there laughing at each other.
“so Harry and Niall are single” she said.
“yeah we are” Harry said and they high fived each other.
“ok well that’s all we have time for thank you boys for being here and we hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in austrailia” she said and the camera stopped recording and we left the building which we arived at the arena in no time and once we were in the safety and privacy of our dressing room Louis and Niall let out their ears and tails for a few minutes before they were to be hidden again for the show.
“interesting interview huh” zayn said sitting on the settee next to me.
“very” i said lying down so my head was on the pillow and i was lying on my side and my tail was resting down my leg.
“are you ok?” he asked.
“yeah i mean why wouldn’t i be” i said facing Zayn.
“because of what they were saying about hybrids” he said.
“i’m fine Zayn i know not everyone will accept us and to be honest i couldn’t give a shit about that i have you boys and that’s all i care about i mean i made a big decission on telling you boys about this i mainly did it for Niall so he wasn’t alone when you guys froze i thought that’s it i’ve lost my best friends my brothers they hate me now i’m going to have to leave but you guys didn’t well Harry did but still i don’t care if no one else accepts me i mean why should i, i know it could be the end of the band that way but i’m sure not everyone would hate me i mean how many fans do we have? There has to be a lot of them who will accept us so that doesn’t matter.” I said Zayn smiled.
“you will always have us no matter what, you have your family as well you don’t exactly need anyone else.” Zayn said.
“exactly i have my best friends with me and i have my family and i have my lovely girlfriend aswell so who cares if no one else likes me.” I said.
“does El know about you?” Harry asked i shook my head
“no she doesn’t” i said.


sorry that i haven't updated for a few days i really haven't been able to sit down and write without losing focus i'm so easily distracted and have the attention span of 2 minutes literally so i'm sorry about that but my school is on strike tomorrow which means i will attempt to write one or two chapters to make up for the days i have missed :)


It actually only took an hour to write it just took a long time to update because i have an 10 hour exam in like 2 weeks or less than that and im preparing for it and ive just been so tired so i havent been able to sit down and wrote

awww perfect update so excited when I saw you update and I fully understand why it took so long :)

thanks and yeah my updates haven't been as often because of school and stuff but the story is starting to end up and i can't wait to finish it :)

I haven't read this story in so long so I've lost track of where I was but I know that this is a really good story so well done!:)

Yeah loving it hehehe