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Sara's p.o.v.

It was 6 in the morning. I barely slept all night. Eventually I gave up on trying and got up. I walked to the bathroom and got ready.

I also made a quick call "This is Waldorf. I'm leaving my house for sometime. Keep me posted on the situation" I told one of the other agents who are observing my house for Harry. I also wrote him a little note:

Hi Harry,

I had something to attend. I'll be back before lunch. Don't worry there are cops surveying this house. Have a great morning :)

Your Sara <3

I got in my car and it was 7 by now and I guess it crazy hour because I did something I thought I would never ever do "Scar can you meet me in 40 minutes at our spot"

"Sure" She said and I hung up to confused to explain this to her. I put the radio on to distract me. Shake it out from Florence + The Machine was playing. I sang along with some songs. Till I got to the stairs were Scar and I used to meet up before school. I saw Scar walking towards me with 2 coffees in her hands.

"Wow ever heard of casual wear?" I asked

"Oh what's the fun in that" Scar said hugging me "Here's your coffee"

"Thanks" I said sitting down and she copied my actions.

"So what's up?" She asked

"Okay there is no other way to say this so here it goes. I'm going crazy and not good crazy but crazy crazy. I'm seeing thing" I said

"What sort of thing?"

"Like dead people" I whispered

"What!" she looked shocked obviously

"I know it's insane. Please tell me that I've lost it"

"Is it Jake?" She asked and I nodded "It's normal you loved him. I'm surprised that you didn't see him until now."

Now it was my turn to give her a look that said 'What are you talking about?'

Before I could say something she continued "You loved him and you didn't get the closure that you wanted and now you're in a relationship and your conscious feels like it finally needs to let go of Jake. Otherwise you couldn't be happy with Harry"

"I'm amazed" I said

"That I believe you?" She asked

"No that I freaked out and that you stayed calm. You actually sound like a grown up" I told her.

"Haha very funny. How are thing going with Harry?" She teased me

"Good" I smiled "very good"

"Did you tell him about Jake"

"Yeah I told him the story"

"No I meant did you tell him about seeing Jake?" She asked

"Oh of course. I did it right after I checked myself into a mental institution" I said sarcastically

"You should tell him" She told me taking a sip of her coffee

"How? Hey babe, I didn't sleep all night. You know when you can't sleep because you saw your dead ex. You understand me right?"

"Okay okay I get it. There is a high school party next week"

"I know I got the invitation. But I don't think I'm going , are you?" I asked

"I'm not going to miss a party.You should go too. We can make fun off those high school bitches. It'll be fun. I know you want to, you wouldn't miss a shot at insulting Rachael"

"I'll think about it" I laughed "But serious mode on for a sec" I asked

"Okay, shoot" She said

"Thank you for being here, at this hour and place. I didn't know who to turn to"

"Hey, I'm always a phone call away. You have been there for me when I needed it. And I love you, you are my sister"

I"I missed you" I honestly told her

"I missed you too" She replied

My phone beeped. Harry was asking when I would return. "Well your sister has to go, her boyfriends calling" I told Scar

We gave each other a hug

"I know we were just doubting my sanity but don't do something stupid" I said and she giggled

"I'll try. Call if you decided to go to the party. We can get ready together"

"Okay bye" I said walking away. Scar was right this was just in my mind. And my mind wants to let go of Jake.

Harry called " Hi Harry, I'm on my way back"

"Oh okay. You friend Daniel dropped by and left you a letter."

"Don't open it. I'll see you soon and I'm starving so could you start cooking?" I asked

"Already started your highness"

"Well thank you M'lord. I'l see you" I laughed and hung up


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Chapter 10 gifs Zayn made such a funny look.

Oh thank you. Sadly it's going to end in some chapters. I'll make sure that I give it a good ending :) Please check out my other stories 'A love that consumes you' and 'Happily (n)ever after' xx

Eeek :) I love, love, love this story. I don't want it to end :(((

It's okay I'm glad that someone's that invested in this story :) You could maybe check out my other story while I work on this one. xx

Lol yeah sorry about that

Wittykitty Wittykitty