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I Would

"I want you to hit the petal, heavy metal, show me you care." Liam sang his favorite bit in 'Rock Me'. He entered the room to see the lads and a girl. He knew who she was right when he saw her. "Juliet."

Jules finally pulled her eyes away from the very handsome man when she heard her name. She turned to the sound and almost gasp. There stood in a plain white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and white socks, was the one and only Liam Payne. Jules grinned largely at Liam as he did the same.

He looked slightly different. His hair was no longer curly. He now had a buzz cut, but it looked nice on him. He used to be a little lanky, but now he was built average. Maybe more than that. He looked like he had grown taller too. Something that she was really interested was the tattoos. She never expected him to get one, but Jules did have one herself. It said on her wrist 'They say love is forever...' it didn't really mean anything. It was just a few lyrics to her favorite song.

Liam had three arrows underneath his left arm. There was a quote on his right, on the side of his arm which said 'Everything I ever wanted but nothing I'll ever need...'. Another quote on his wrist, it said 'Only time will tell...'

"Liam." She breathed, the grins never leaving their faces. She dropped the duffel bag and ran to Liam. He caught her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He burried his face into her hair. They soon pulled apart.

Liam noticed that she didn't change much. Her hair grew out more. She was also got taller slightly, but beside those she was the same Jules he's known and loved.

"You look amazing!" He said, lifting one of her soft curls and dropped it, making her giggle.

"So do you! Mr. Tattoo man." She winked. Liam laughed and pulled her into his arms. It was nice to have her in his arms again. Jules was thinking the exact same thing.

He noticed something immediately. Sierra wasn't here. That made him frown. Sure he loved Jules, but Sierra was also his best friend and he loved her too. He didn't favor one of them. He just knew Jules longer, so their bond was well known.

"Where's Sierra?" He tilted his head slightly after they pulled away. Jules grin fell. She was upset with Sierra at the moment.

"Um, she wanted to stay with her boyfriend, but you have me." She let a force smile on her lips as she pocked Liam's rib. He didn't really notice the forced grin, he chuckled. He then forgot about the four awkward lads he has known for three years.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce the lads," They walked back to the four boys, who were by the door awkwardly. "Lads, this is my mate Juliet Davids. A lot of people call her Jules though. Jules I think you've already met Harry, the one next to him is Niall." He pointed to the dyed blond. "That's Louis." He pointed to the striped shirt boy. "And that's Zayn." He pointed to the facial haired boy. They all said hello.

Zayn's feet were glued to the ground as everyone was moving towards the couch. His eyes couldn't leave the girl's face. She was so beautiful, he hasn't seen anyone as beautiful as her in his life. He wanted to get to know her first and maybe something could be there. What was he thinking about? This was Liam's best girl mate. He wouldn't like to know that Zayn fancied her. Hell, he wasn't sure if he fancied her. He had just met her and only liked her beauty so far.

"Zayny boy, watcha doing?" He heard Niall say. He looked away from Jules, who was talking to Liam. He noticed they were sitting in the lounge. They were sitting on the five seater couch. Zayn shook his head and sat on the recliner.

"So, how was your flight?" Liam asked.

"Tiring." Jules yawned. Liam noticed she was tired and decided they all could do something tomorrow.

"It's almost midnight. We should probably go to bed. We'll do something tomorrow." Harry said as if he had read Liam's mind. The boys all nodded in agreement, until Louis stood up and face Jules.

"Jules, you need to the rules." The boys groaned. Louis shushed them. "In the fridge are baby carrots, large carrots, and carrot juice. You are not to touch them. In the pantry, there are two bags of Crunchie Clusters. Those are also mine. Now I am off to bed. We're gonna be the best of friends!" With that, he kissed her cheek and skipped to his room.

"He's the weird one in the group." Harry said, jogging to his room.

"You'll be staying in my room, since there's an extra bed. I'll take your things." Niall smiled. He took my duffel bag from the floor and danced his way to our room. I raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to bed. I'm glad you came." He kissed her cheek and walked like a normal person.

It was only Jules and Zayn. Zayn was staring at her like she was the most amazing thing in the world. It was getting awkward, so she was going to bed. As soon as she stood up, so did Zayn. When she was about to walk to Niall and hers room, Zayn grabbed her upper arm. She turned and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

"If you need anything, just tell me. I would do anything you need." She gave him a weird look. "You know, you're my best mate's friend. Just want to make sure you're comfortable."

With a smile, he left the room. Jules watched as he leaved in wonder. She could see herself falling for a boy like Zayn. She knew it was crazy though. So, she wouldn't let it happen.


Okay, I have wrapped last minute presents! I have bought my brother an ugly sweater. I hope he likes it! What did you guys get your family members or friends? I'm curious.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
Your arms broke! Omg, are u okay? - xx Tenzin(:

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