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"Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, till we see the sun! I know we only met but let's pretend its love. And never, never, never stop for anyone! Tonight let's get some and live while we're young!" Jules felt someone scream their Irish voice in her ear.

She groaned into the pillow her face was currently stuffed in. She then felt the same person push her sides, making her rock back and forth. She groaned once again at this action. She lifted her head up only to meet with a grinning Niall.

"Get it up! We're all going out for breakfast and then go swimming. Just don't tell Zayn about us going swimming. Oh and you have about fifteen minutes to get ready." Niall spoke.

Jules started to squinte her hazel eyes at him. She brought her hands up to her eyes to wipe the sand away. The sand that the supposedly real 'Sand Man' puts in your eyes. She wanted to go back to sleep. Go away Niall, she thought tiredly.

She didn't get much sleep last night since the Harry incident happened. Not just because she had to drive to the pub at midnight to drag a drunken Harry home but he kept her up with his groaning and moaning. He kept saying in his sleep 'ow' and 'num num num', again and again and again. Jules wanted to rip her fucking hair out.

Finally at six in the morning, she left Harry's fuzzy yet comfortable floor, to her own room with Niall slumbering away in it. She had gotten to sleep then and now all of a sudden she had to leave bed and go to breakfast and swimming with the boys.

Not just did she want to go to sleep but a part of her wanted to actually get up and have a fun time with the lads today. She was finally going to get to know them. One by one. She was hoping to go in order from youngest to oldest. She knew it was a silly idea but she wanted one on one time with each of the lads. So, the order would go Harry (sadly), Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis.

When she thought of Zayn's name popping up, her heart swelled. She wanted to get to know him the most. She wanted them to grow closer but not to close. She didn't want a relationship. Not since the traumatizing moment she had with Ian back at Sierra and her flat.

She knew that she was going to like Zayn. More than she should. But she knew they wouldn't have things in common. For instance, he didn't like swimming. It was obvious that Niall didn't want him to know they were going to go swimming because he didn't like to swim. She didn't care if it was one thing she knew about him but it was the start.

Niall then left her room for her to get ready. Jules looked at the digital clock on the nightstand to see it was almost 10:00 am. She lifted herself out of bed and felt her toes smoosh into the fluffy carpeted floor. It reminded her of Sierra and her fluffy carpeted floor that was now ashes.

Jules missed Sierra so much. She wanted to talk to her and tell her everything that happened in London so far. She wanted to call Sierra and tell her there was an extra room by Harry's, so she would freak out. But they weren't friends anymore. Jules wasn't going to tell Liam that they weren't not until she knew everyone and was comfortable with him again.

She stretched out her arms and legs. Her legs felt like jelly and almost made her fall to the floor. Mmm falling onto the floor, snuggling onto the floor, sleeping onto the floor–no, go shower Jules, she thought to herself.

She went into the bathroom to shower. Once she entered, she knew for sure that she was living with a boy. Or should she say slob. The bathroom had clothes scattered all over the blue and white tiles. So was boxer briefs. The boy products used for hair, face, teeth, and odor was all over the bathroom counter and sink.

She remembered cleaning it yesterday afternoon. It was clean. How could it have gotten so messy all of a sudden? She knew for one thing that she was going to kill Niall and Louis was going to help her out with Niall's murder.

She ignored the mess, knowing she was going to clean it when they got back from their outing. She'll probably be exhausted when they come home. She decided to clean it tomorrow morning. Liam will help. She stripped her clothes and putted the clothes into the laundry basket. She hopped into the shower and let the hot water consume her body.

She left the shower and placing the clean towel that was by the sink on her tan body. She opened the bathroom door, only to be hit against someone's hard chest. She felt tingles float across her cover chest. She looked up, only to regret it. There was a shirtless Zayn.

Jules tried to ignore his perfectly toned tattooed body, but she couldn't. It was perfect and she wanted to rub his abs. To make him moan her name. Jules wanted these thoughts to leave but they wouldn't if she tried.

"Z-Zayn, what are you d-doing in me and Niall's r-room." She stuttered, trying to compose herself. She was failing at it.

Zayn had to suck in a breath. She wasn't wearing anything but a towel. He wanted to tear it off her and see that body of her. What was wrong with him? How could he be thinking of these horrid thoughts? This was Liam's best mate. He would kill Zayn if he laid a finger on her in anyway. Liam was very protective.

He was going to get to know her today. He was going to find out her likes and dislikes. He knew they would have a lot in common. She was beautiful. He was beautiful. She had a beautiful smile. He had a beautiful smile. He didn't care if that was only appearances.

"I wanted to borrow Axe from Niall. He said I could." Zayn gulped, trying to not look at her body in that towel. It was making him horny.

"Oh okay. I'll just change in Louis's bathroom. I bet he's already ready." Jules pulled away from his body and went to go pick out clothes. She knew she was blushing.

Zayn frowned. His body was no longer heated. The body heat they had shared was gone. He had hoped moments like this would happen again, so he could have another chance at the heat. Man, what was happening?

"N-No, it's fine. I'll grab it and be out of your hair." Zayn quickly grabbed the Axe can and went out the door, not giving Jules a second chance.

Jules sighed and closed it. She leaned up against the door. Why was this happening to her? She was going to leave in a couple of months. Nothing could happen with them. Right?


Sorry I have not updated in forever! Both my arms broke. Not even joking. Don't jump off a swing in the middle of the Winter and make sure there isn't ice! Hope this chapter was romantic enough to start their heated romance.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
Your arms broke! Omg, are u okay? - xx Tenzin(:

author of: Loving Blissfully<3
update pleeease!
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