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I Shall Return (Harry Styles FanFic)

Chapter 1

It was early November 1938, and Jessalyn Bolet slowly unpacks her suitcase as she watches the rain hit her bedroom window. Jessalyn has never been outside of the country before, let alone her own hometown back in America, but its a change of environment for the best. She does not know much about her new home in Cheshire, except that shes living in a small cottage, in a small town with her uncle Peter. Jessalyn has never really known her uncle Peter, but the stories she has heard from her father have always been very pleasing. Her father and uncle Peter were very close brothers, that is until Jessalyn's father moved to explore America at age eighteen, invested in a successful company, fell in love, and never came back to England. Jessalyn has always wanted to know her uncle Peter better, but not in this way. Jessalyn's parents were recently killed in a car accident and uncle Peter is her legal guardian. Within days after the accident Jessalyn had to abandon everything she knew and loved in America to live a new strange life in Cheshire, England. A place where she has never been, with people she's never met, living with a blood relative whom she's never known. Terrified is an understatement.

Jessalyn thinks about all that has happened the past week, and wondering how she will ever be okay again. A knock on the door startles Jessalyn and she jumps to open it. In the doorway is uncle Peter carrying a cup of hot tea with a lemon glazed biscuit on a plate in the other hand.

"I thought you might fancy a cup of tea, unpacking can be quite a bore if you ask me" said uncle Peter in his heavy British accent. "Thank you uncle Peter, this is exactly what I need right now" Jessalyn said accepting the tea and biscuit. Uncle Peter walked into her room and looked around to see how far she's come along with her unpacking. "Are you ready for school tomorrow?" asked uncle Peter as he sat on her perfectly made bed. Jessalyn looked down sheepishly and said "I'm not sure, I...I don't know how to start over". Uncle Peter looked at her with a warm smile on his face that reminded Jessalyn of her fathers smile and immediately felt at home again. He walked towards her with opening arms and hugged her so tight. "You're a young, beautiful girl with so much intelligence and potential. What's there to be scared of?". "I'm scared no one will like me...I'm so different" said Jessalyn as she buries her face in uncle Peter's sweatshirt. Uncle Peter giggled and replied "You may talk different, but you still have British blood in you. This is where your father grew up, you'll feel right at home in no time."

Jessalyn felt a little bit better, but was still nervous for what was to come the next day.


Jessalyn's first day at her new private all girls school was exactly how she excepted it to be. Awkward, new, different, and filled with lots of questions from many different people. "Where are you from?" "Why'd you come here?" "Where do you live?" "Why do you talk the way you do?" "What's it like in America?". Everyone was so different in England. These new girls were nothing like her friends back home who she misses so much. All day that's all she thought about, life back in America. Her old home, her old room, her old school, her old friends, and especially her parents. The thought of their faces still brings tears to her eyes, but then the final bell rang letting the girls out to go home. Since uncle Peter worked during Jessalyn's school hours, she had no choice but to walk home.

Jessalyn takes her time walking back to the cottage so she can familiarize herself with everything around her. She walks past a farm filled with dairy cows, a cute little market where everyone seems to go for a pop, and a construction yard where young and older men in the town work. As she walks past the construction yard she sees a young man staring at her. He has dark brown curls, bright green piercing eyes, red lips, and dimples on both cheeks when he smiled. He looked very charming, even though he was covered in dirt from working at the construction yard that day. Jessalyn stops and looks around, finding no one else in the area but herself. This strange young man was admiring Jessalyn from afar. Her porcelin pale skin, dark green eyes, ruby red plump lips, and brunette shoulder length curls, she was an image of perfection.

Being nervous Jessalyn quickly looked down and scurried off, but the young man quickly ran after her. He kept his distance, but followed her foot steps. Jessalyn kept turning around seeing if the boy was really following her. Jessalyn crossed the street, the boy still followed. She then hopped over an unknown fence, the boy did the same. Wherever path Jessalyn would take the boy was not too far behind. Then Jessalyn stopped, turned around facing the young man and said "Are you going to rob me?"

The young man looked at her with his wide green eyes, laughed, and said "Do I look like a theif to you?" Jessalyn was not sure what he wanted or why he was following her so she quickly responded "Just so you know, I don't have anything on me except my books, the clothes I'm wearing and the shoes on my feet, so if indeed you are a theif you are out of luck". The young man looked at her with a grin and walked two steps towards her and replied "I'm not a theif and its obvious you're not from around here. America I'm assuming?" "I'm guessing the way I talk is a dead give away" said Jessalyn "I fancy it. It's different. I like different." Said the mysterious man.

Jessalyn"s cheeks blushed. It's the first compliment she's received in weeks, she forgot how good a nice thing said can make you feel. The young man took a couple steps more towards her, but still unsure Jessalyn took a couple steps back. "Let me take you out." Said the young man. "Take me out?" Said Jessalyn nervously. "Yea...like on a date" said the boy with a confident smile. Jessalyn looked at her books in her arms and hesitated. She then looked up at the boy and said "but...but I don't even know your name".

The young man pushed his dirty curls back with his muscular hands and stared at her hard with his green eyes. "My names Harry"


This is amazing :)
I love it!! Update!! :) I love the different time of the story too. It's different and I love that time period too :) 40's and 50's are a fun time. But seriously it's fantastic! :)
MidnightMemory MidnightMemory
Thank you!! I really hope people like the difference in the time era :)
Anonymous1982 Anonymous1982
Thank you so much that means a lot! :)
Anonymous1982 Anonymous1982
I like it a lot! Keep going, I have not seen one story yet set back in older times. I can tell this is going to be good. :)