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Hey Jude I & II

I Don't Like Him

A/N: Chapter Playlist

"Unconditionally" -Katy Perry

"Hearts Like Ours" -The Naked and Famous

"There Goes Our Love Again" -White Lies

Time stands still. My jaw drops but the air flow remains the same. On cue, my eyes grow hazy and damp. Harry's gallant and poised, with a subtle smile that could stop traffic. I can't move, too scared to blink and vanish this hallucination.

He takes one step closer, standing right over me, with my flowers dangling at his side. My arms find his neck and I breathe in desperation knowing he's really here. His arms catch me and I can hear his soft laugh in my ear as he buries his face next to mine. His scent feels like home and our bodies are finally pieced back together.

He lifts me up and kisses my cheek before I screech in sheer joy. I step back and look at his handsomeness covered in a plaid buttoned shirt, jeans and light brown shoes. In contrast with my sloppy looks, I feel like a beaten rag doll, hair falling all over the place.

"Surprised? I think I'm gettin' better."

I bob my head and cover my red cheeks, remembering to inhale and exhale slowly. I hear my parents behind me and quickly turn to widen my eyes at my mom as she discreetly nods in approval.

"Mom, dad, this is Harry," I step aside and close the door behind him.

Harry extends his hand to shake my dad's, while gently holding my mother's on her turn. I can already tell they're amused by his accent and politeness. Oddly, Harry doesn't seem that nervous. He stands confident and relaxed, legs together with his hands joined under his belt buckle. My dad starts with his casual twenty questions and although its no cause for concern, I'm too nervous to listen in.

Mom then guides me to the kitchen to put the flowers in water. They are remarkable, accenting the dinning table with their vibrant peach petals. Its surreal to hear Harry's voice out in the hallway, I can't believe he's actually in my house.

"Would you like anything Harry? A cup of coffee, some breakfast?" My mom asks when he walks in.

"No thank you, I'm good."

I smile when I see Harry glance over at the bananas poking out from the fruit bowl. Plucking one out, I wave it in the air, making him smile till his cute dimples immerse. My parents might be fooled by all his adorable features but behind that innocent display awaits a savage kiss we have yet to exchange.

"I'm going to show him upstairs real quick," I announce while passing them and hooking Harry's fingertips with mine.

He looks back and gives them an innocent smile, slightly bowing his head to be excused as we march upstairs. I would’ve shown him around the house but I figure there's plenty of time for a 5 minute tour later.

"Your home is very nice," he says in his soothing accent.

I look up at him as we enter my room. Sitting on my bed, watching as he intently studies every detail from the furniture to the decor. Soon he breaks his wandering eyes from the posters and fixes the mysterious pair on me.

"I can't believe it, you're HERE in my room . . ." I shake my head.

"Then what are you doing over there? Come to me."

His voice revives all those hidden sensations I had packed away since my return. Insanely giddy, I jump off the bed and lunge myself onto his chest. Harry grips my thighs and lifts me higher so that I'm towering over him. My limbs lock around his firm body and everything outside my room means nothing at this moment.

"You're like my sexy koala bear."

"Do koalas eat bananas?" I ask absentmindedly.

Harry explodes in laughter and shakes his head in amazement. I look at the banana on my bed and it takes me a second to figure out where his mind is.

"Heyyyyy, perve."

"Oh that was a good one," he catches his breath.

"So what are you doing here?!" I playfully tug his hair.

"We're starting to film the new video. I came a day early."

"You mean you have to leave tonight?"

"Tomorrow actually, at five in the mornin'."

"Where are you staying? Can you stay here?"

"I took care of it . . .but I was hoping I could convince you-"

"Yes!" I blurt out, securing my hands on his shoulders.

"I've said nothin' yet," he throws a crooked smile. "Would you . . . like to come with me to L.A. for a few days?"

"Hmmm . . . yes!"

"What bout your classes, will that be a problem?"

"No and I can work on my papers while you're away. I'll ask Roger if there's anything I need to-Oh! I need to be back before Friday, we're covering that concert."

"You and Roger?"

"Yes, he's the photographer and has our passes."

Harry lets me down but I can tell something's bothering him.

"Aright. So are you ready to show me around town? I'd love to see more of where you're from."

"Well, we can start with the university, it might have slipped my mind to tell you that I have an interview . . ."

"That's good news! What for?" he strides over to my bed and lays on his side, resting on his forearm.

"Roger spoke with the assistant editor of the Phoenix Woman Magazine-"

"The one you had previously talked bout?"

"Right! She will be there at eleven thirty and hopefully consider me for the internship."

Harry nods appearing deep in thought, his scowl lets me know that he's processing all of this but he still doesn't seem thrilled.

"Say you get the position, when would you start?"

"I have no clue. Could be in the summer or the fall."

"Has Cal gotten in touch with you?"

"No, why would he?"

"Dunno, he said he would . . . well that sounds good. What time is the interview?"

"In two hours. If we get there a half an hour early, I can show you around."

Harry nods and gives me a half smile. I want to cater to his pity party but alas, when I take a glimpse of myself in the mirror, a wave of embarrassment hits me.

"I look hideous! Why didn't you say anything, Harry? Why didn't my mother say anything?" I mumble and search for a clean set of intimates within my drawer.

"You look perfect to me," he answers softly.

What am I doing? I haven't embraced this man properly. I kneel before the bed, Harry still a foot higher, looking down at me with a warm smile. His hand cups my cheek and behind my ear as he raises me to his level. In seconds our lips touch and he rolls back while I lay on his chest. His fingers are loving on my skin, doodling across my face. His other arm is secure around my waist and I want more but hesitate knowing my parents are down stairs.

His heart shaped mouth is magic, I feel like I'm back in his bedroom ready to shred his clothes off. But I can't unleash her, my sensual side, not here. I moan once I feel his hips rise up against me, reminding me of my bloody dilemma. What luck! Or curse in this case. I finish with a few pecks and begin to climb off him.

"Would you be okay with waiting down stairs while I showered?"

"You mean I can't watch?" Harry's evil grin almost fools me.


He slaps his hands against his thighs and stands up, playful frown accompanying his puppy eyes. "It's a good thing I quite like your parents . . ."

Wrapping the towel around my body, I lean to the side to comb through my tangled locks. By the time I see the door open from the corner of my eye, Harry is already inside. He puts his finger over his lips before I have a chance to whisper frantically. He's so smooth as he closes the door ever so quietly. I'm biting my tongue to keep from smiling and not encourage this idea.

"Harry, if my parents even suspect that you are in here . . . I'll be mortified," I say as low and urgent as possible.

"Shhhh. They're fine," he takes slow steps towards me, my eyes bouncing off the sway of his shoulders.

"I'm not kidding!"

"But I missed you," the magnetism of his body steers me against the wall without even touching me. "I couldn't erase the image of you up here alone . . . naked."

My palm covers his mouth to keep him from uttering another word. Does he not read my anxiety? No. Knowing Harry, he's probably picking up on my deep thoughts. He delicately removes my hand and flattens it against his chest, allowing me to feel his pounding heart. I choke, its going so fast.

Standing only inches away, his eyes making love with mine, perforating the space between us. Two long fingers trace my jawline and I automatically raise my head, growing short of bread when Harry kisses the corner of my mouth. Warm breath follows till those heart lips stamp the tip of my chin.

I'm gazing at the ceiling, focusing on the cracks and chips of paint. Meanwhile Harry continues to take his time imprinting kiss after kiss from my ear down to my shoulder. My hands fist into his shirt for support and composure, causing him squeeze my hip in lust.

My eyelids flutter when he kisses over my heart's cage. I can't bear it any longer and submerge my fingers through his hair. I missed the texture, nuzzling him in closer. His mouth trails back to the starting point until he pauses over my lips.

"I was intrigued, wanting to know what you taste like . . . before and after," he leaves me hanging and moves away towards the door.

"And?" my voice is weak.

Harry turns his head back as he creeks the door open, "I'll tell you tonight, when I'm done."

He winks leaving not only my stomach in a knot but my veins and my lungs also. He can't come in here and arouse me like that, then walk off?! My libido is a wildfire in the current state that I'm in. Damn it! I feel the trickling of pink streams go down my leg. Just one more day of this torturous cycle.

Slipping into a navy blue skirt and striped shirt with a thin mustard scarf, I wear a pair of vintage heels and tie my hair up in a pony tail. After sweeping my bangs to the side and applying light makeup, I make sure I have all that I need in my handbag. I'm eager to see Harry when I go down stairs but all I see is my mom in the kitchen.

"Mom, where's Harry?" I ask puzzled.

"You're not going to believe this..." she points outside, walking a few steps in front of me.

Minutes later after waiting in the driveway, a black Corvette pulls up, and the first thing I think of is this person has the wrong house. Little do I know, my dad is behind the wheel with Harry in the passenger seat.

"That is a fast ride!" dad exclaims as he climbs out.

My eyes have not adjusted to the fancy vehicle. I raise my brows at Harry and wait for him to say something before I ask.

"What's this?"

"A car," he smirks like a smart ass.

"What happened to low key dates?" I cross my arms, mirroring his facial expression.

"I like cars. No harm in that is there?"

I shake my head and look at my dad who is describing the horse power and technical terms to my clueless mother. An arm swings over my shoulder, guiding me back inside the house while indulge in his cologne once again.

"Your dad is cool, I like him," Harry whispers in my ear.

"Harry, we'd love it if you could stay for dinner?" my mom insists.

"Of course, Mrs. Pierce."

“Oh please call me Tammy.”

"Do you want to head out now, we can stop for a bite to eat before we get there," I suggest and he agrees.

"It was lovely to meet you both, we'll be back later this afternoon," Harry bows his head.

I'm waiting outside, capturing the sight of him waving goodbye and closing the front door to my house. He looks like he belongs here. I startle him with my drooling stare and he throws back a goofy smile. He makes me so happy, I'm floating ten feet off the ground yet drowning in him.

I've never sat in a car this expensive before, its worth more than my life but Harry looks so good in it. I see what my dad was raving about, but this flashiness isn't me, nor am I protesting. Harry tells me he purposely sought this car rental company in Scottsdale to get this model Stingray, no matter if it was only for a day. I take him to my favorite burrito stop and we are soon off to campus. Though instead of strolling around, Harry circles the area in the safety of the car, attracting curious spectators.

My head shifts into student mode, rehearsing the things I ought to say in my interview and leaving Harry a couple of steps behind. Walking up the sidewalk, my eyes are burning a ditch through the concrete when a hand grabs mine. I feel like a dunce within seconds as Harry pulls me to his side. His hands latch onto my face and he stuns me with a hair-raising kiss. It's passionate and needy, as though we hadn't seen each other in years. And its actually relaxing me.

Our mouths rip apart and Harry aligns his pupils with mine, holding so much intensity. His hands are securing my head, keeping me balanced, or I might have melted into a puddle right then and there. I'm beginning to think he did that on purpose to get me to refocus. Bless him.

"I love you," he says earnestly.

Its been a few days since we've said it, I wasn't sure what were the rules when it came to that. I place my hand over his and whisper I love him back, my eyes turning a little misty no matter how fast I bat my lashes. I lace his fingers in mine and we walk together this time.

Roaming down a familiar hallway I know like the back of my hand, Harry tells me he'll be right back as he heads towards the men's bathroom. There's few students but nothing like the weekdays. I hear someone clear his throat, but it doesn't sound like the usual rumblings that come from Harry, nor does he smell like him either.

"Where are your glasses Lois Lane?"

"It's getting old, Roger," I shake my head and smile.

"Never. Are you ready?"

I nod and light up when Harry comes back out. For a split second I see a scowl begin to form but it turns into a sly smirk.

"Roger, meet Harry . . . Harry, this is Roger."

"Hey man," Harry cordially shakes his hand.

Harry seems neutral but when I look at Roger I can tell he's holding back the steam. He isn't necessarily fond of the pop scene and culture, sharing a fake smile with his jaw is clenched tight. Roger glances back at me and I can already see the scroll of negative comments accumulating over his head. The silence is not only awkward but earsplitting. I'm searching for a topic we can all agree on but am only drawing a blank.

"I appreciate you setting this up for Jude, mate" Harry grins, but his eyes look deceiving as he takes a hold of my hand.

"Yeah, well I did it for HER because she deserves it. She's a great writer. Have you seen any of her work?"

Harry scowls at the question, "I haven't, but maybe you can show me some tonight?" he looks over and squeezes my hand.

"I've had the privilege of seeing all her writings, and graded some of her best pieces. She'll get this internship, no doubt," Roger smiles at me reassuringly. "And I'm sure OUR article on next week's concert will be phenomenal."

The testosterone fogging around us is nauseating. I've never seen Roger so protective. Must be that older brother syndrome, I'll be sure to give him crap for this later. My thoughts are interrupted by the the echoing clack of heels approaching our way. This must be Beatrice Summers, all dolled up in her formal wear. She greets Roger and he introduces me as the interviewee, but her interest drifts over to Harry.

"Excuse me, but are you Harry Styles?" she asks in disbelief but little emotion.

Harry nods but says nothing.

Ms. Summers looks like she's in her mid-thirties, auburn hair with a bob cut, parted to the side. Adorned in a black skirt with a silky chartreuse blouse and black heels. She'd be perfect for Roger, I see no wedding ring, but she's not paying him as much attention. The agitation is starting to show on his face.

"What brings you here to-"

"Shall we go inside my office," Roger cuts in.

Opening the door, Ms. Summers is the first to walk in. Harry gently tugs at my arm and we step aside while I motion to Roger that I'll be right there.

"I'm goin' to wait in the car if you don't mind. I have to make some calls anyway."

"Yeah, that's fine. Sorry about all of this, I wish I had this interview on any other day."

"Don't be sorry," he smiles but seems a little distant. "I'm glad I could be here, I know this means a lot to you. Text me when you're done."

"Are you sure you're alright? I don't know how long I'll be."

"I'm easy. I'll either take a nap or drive around a bit."

Those options make me feel horrible but I know he understands. He gives me a quick kiss on the forehead and walks off. The frown on my face won't help me score this job, so I shake off my worries and proceed with caution and determination. Time to dazzle this damsel.

The interview was satisfactory but I could tell Ms. Summers was dying to spill with questions regarding my boyfriend, not that she knew we were together. I also know I have a conversation pending with Roger about all sorts of colorful topics but my priority was jumping into that black Corvette pulling up along the curbside.

Harry is refreshed and loveydovey again, planting a kiss on my hand the minute I hop in. He asks how it went and I give him a brief summary but want to be done with the subject. When I inquire what he did in the meantime he states that he was on the phone and then took a nap.

“Well, this wasn't that bad. At least you got to see where I study.”

“This campus is sick! But that Roger guy . . . I got a weird vibe from him.”

“He's like an older brother, although he WAS acting a bit strange today.”

“I don't like him.”

“Okay, what's next?” I brush off.

"Where would you like to go now, love?"

"I don't mean to be a pain but I'd like to change out of these clothes. Then we could do whatever you want."

"Whatever?" he raises his brows and looks at the clock on the dashboard. Its only 12:45pm. "How's your swing?"

"My swing?"



I'm still lying on the floor in complete AWE of the response the last chapter got. I THANK YOU all from the bottom of humble heart. This story is ALL FOR YOU lovely ladies!!!
So please don't refrain from showing your appreciation, like and even dislikes. It makes my day just to converse with each of you whether about the chapter or just getting to know.

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