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Hey Jude I & II

Sperm Donor

A/N: Chapter Playlist

"Daydreaming" -Paramore

"Pieces" -Andrew Belle

"What I Wouldn't Do" -A Fine Frenzy (thanks Marena)

A typical morning in the Pierce household consists of me having breakfast by myself, unless my mother has no class. Dad leaves early; he's worked as an accountant for the same company for the past thirteen years. My mom on the other hand, has taught music in three separate elementary schools in the last seven. Today, I embrace a solitary kitchen preparing for Advanced English Lit while sipping on a much needed cup of coffee.

The daze comes and goes. I notice in the middle of whatever I'm doing, I travel back to Harry's place. Constantly reminded of his proposal, my logic betrays me, sure it felt absurd in that moment but compared to this average life . . . I'm not so sure anymore.

Driving down in my white Vibe, an hour prior to class, I'm blasting Harry's playlist acquiring the taste to his music. Anything to feel like he's here with me. Wearing a simple grey dress a couple of inches above the knee, I cover my shoulders with a light teal cardigan, the classrooms tend to get a bit chilly. And without fail, I'm sporting the pony tail, glasses and suede flats.

"Hey, Jude, you're back!" A familiar voice catches me in the hall, on my way to the library.

"I told you I'd be back on Tuesday."

"So was London everything you hoped it would be?" Roger asks cocking his head while shoving his phone in his pant pocket.

"It was a thousand times better!"

"You seem refreshed, I'm sure you're very excited to be back," he laughs at his hint of sarcasm. "What time are you swinging by the office?"

"After class but I might have to stop to get lunch first."

"Oh, I was actually thinking about getting that quiche that we like, my treat."

"Sounds great, I'll be there right after then."

Roger smiles and nods, taking off in the opposite direction. Other than running the University's website and the Phoenix Journal, he teaches my Media and Society class on Fridays. He's the second youngest professor on campus and maybe that's why I've grown to think of him as an older brother. I don't know what its like to have older or younger siblings but Roger fits the role for me.

My class is neither thrilling nor a bore, spending half the hour contemplating whether I should text Harry first or not. All my surroundings are lacking in priority. Its ridiculous really, why would I have to think so long and hard about that? Unless it hasn't sunk in yet, that I'm Harry's girlfriend. If the idea seems less tangible now, what will become of me in a month?

Without haste, I whip out my phone and put my thumbs to work, peeking over at the professor to avoid being rude.

Hello there, I hope you are having a great day. Just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you -J <3

I keep staring at the screen, cringing at how generic my text turned out. Even with my mind elsewhere, I'm able to catch some noteworthy comments from the lecture. I can't rely on my memory at this point. Less than two months to go. All I have left are three extensive papers and I'm graduating. This is no time to lose my head.

Hiiiiiii, I was about to respond that I was just thinking about you too but that's a lie. I've been thinking about you all day pretty much :) How's school? Did you ace a test, bring your teacher a shiny apple? -H xx.

Presto! I feel wonderful again.

Unfortunately, neither. My class should be ending here in a couple of minutes and then I'm going to eat lunch with Roger as I get caught up on the next assignment -J <3

We are dismissed and I have yet to read another response. As I am walking towards Roger's office, I hear that lovely chime again.

Gonna try not to behave like the jealous boyfriend here, so I'll just pretend the lad is unattractive and hunchbacked. :) Will you be free to talk later? -H xx.

Hahahaha! You're terrible! Yes I should be home in two hours, ready to give you my undivided attention -J<3

Can't wait. I miss that pretty face. Will you wear something nice for me? Like nothing at all ;) Kidding! -H xx.

Oh Harry, we both know that you were being VERY serious :) ttyl -J <3

Is that a yesssss? Yep, I believe so ;) -H xx.

Shaking my head as I slip the phone into my laptop bag, I'm greeted by Roger's quizzical stare, reminding me a little of Jack. I find an empty desk and setup but am distracted right away by the scent of fresh spinach and cheese, making a U turn to help myself to a slice of quiche.

"So one of our own graduates will be the opening act for the band Phoenix next week. Have you heard of them?" Roger asks before taking another bite.

"Yes, I've just started listening to them," thanks to Harry's playlist.

"Awesome, then how would you feel about writing a piece on that event? Not only will it be posted on our website but it will also get featured in our local paper."


Roger laughs at my reaction but this is the perfect opportunity. My name will slowly get out there and I'll have better chances at getting that internship.

"I'll be assisting with the pictures. I only need to get our backstage passes to speak with both Craig and the band. . . So are you ready for this?"

"You have NO idea!"

"Great, think of it as an early birthday present. We'll even go celebrate after the concert."

"How do you remember my birth date?"

"Ethan had it circled on the wall calendar for the past two years."

"Oh, funny. Do you guys still talk?"

"Not much, no," Roger confirms.

I spend the rest of the afternoon reading biographies and hearing other songs from the band performing next week. Realizing the time, I quickly prepare a comfy spot on the bed with my laptop. Already changed into a pair of soft exercise shorts and an oversized shirt with Marilyn Monroe on the front, I can barely contain my excitement when I hear the call.

Accepting the FaceTime request, the first thing I hear are a bunch of guys yelling and laughing in the background. Harry's face appears but it looks like he's having a hard time fixing something on the screen. He waves and smiles eagerly but falls back to an annoyed glare.

"Guys, shut up! I can't hear her!"

That was asking for it, I cover my mouth to hide my amusement as one head pops from behind him and waves at me. Niall and Liam are there, purposely pushing Harry out of the way to get a rise out of him. But then the screen lifts off and all I see is the ceiling.

"That's it! Fuck off!" Harry laughs.

I get a glimpse of his curls as the camera slowly lowers down to his beautiful face, he's shaking his head and rolling his eyes. There's a kitchen behind him now but not the one from his place.

"There. . . Hiiiii," his face gleams.

"Hey. Everything alright now?"

"Yeh, they're just pestering the shit out of me. They do it whenever there's a new girl in the picture."

"Oh, but not you?" I play along.

"Nooooo. I'm a true gent when it comes to that stuff, don't you agree?" His smirk tells me otherwise.

"Absolutely not!" I laugh and Harry joins in. "So how often do these "new girls" come into the scene?"

"No no no, I meant like when one of us starts dating a girl exclusively. It hasn't been a recurring thing for me, so that explains why they're being merciless twits. . . Anyway, how was lunch?"

"Great! I had spinach quiche and- OH! I have to tell you! I'm going to cover a piece on a local event. Craig Stevens, an ex alumni, and the band Phoenix will be playing at a small venue here next week."

"You're kid-ding! That's amazin' news!" his fingers begin to play with his bottom lip, usually that means that he's thinking about something.

"How was your day? Where are you anyway?"

"Zayn's. It went well, we've been going through the wardrobe selections for the tour. I think I'm going to shave my head and Lou told me to tell you that she says "Heyyyyy Jude"."

Paying no attention to the melody to which he sang my name, my eyes strain to make sure I heard right.

"Shave your head?!"

"Haha, just making sure your were paying attention. That's false, there will be no head shaving."

I narrow my eyes in a silent rebuke and smile helplessly. His hair is falling over his forehead, not pushed back like he usually has it, and I turn to mush. Wishing I could just touch him through my screen, if that were possible, I'd haul my whole body through.

"It's late there isn't it? Aren't you tired?"

"Nah, I fell asleep on Zayn's sofa earlier. I'm surprised they let me sleep for as long as I did. Tomorrow I'll be paying my mum a visit, she's invited Gemma and I for this massive luncheon. See, you should've stayed, then you could have come with me."

"I know, I really miss it there. And miss you."

"Is that your bedroom?" he smiles cheekily.

"Yes, care for a tour?" I stand up and rotate the laptop.

"Nice, a bit dark but I quite like it. Looks cozy."

"It is, and while I love my parents, after spending a week on my own, I think I'm ready to get a place of my own. Once I graduate, or maybe sooner around my birthday."

"Birthday?!" his accent sounds lovely even when he tries to hide his smile. "You've made no mention of your birthday coming up!"

"You never asked. Some boyfriend!" I shake my head and cross my arms.

"Pleeeease. You didn't ask for mine either."

"Yeah but I can google it."

"Bah! Cheater. Okay, I'll take the hit for this one but don't make it a hab-it. Now tell me, when's your birthday?"

"April nineteenth. You'll be starting your tour soon around that time, huh?"

"Yeah, I'll surely be pressed for time around then, otherwise I'd be there in a heartbeat. You know that right?" his face seems sorrowful.

"Of course. I'll be happy just to hear from you on that day."

"Pffft! I'll do more than that," he looks at me as though I were crazy.

Harry leans on the table and rests his head on the palm of his hand, boyish charm fogging the camera. I slide my laptop further down the bed to lay on my stomach with elbows propped up. His gaze follows my every move and his smile grows wider every few seconds or so. I see him type something on his phone and then put it down to continue looking at me. I don't mind it but hope he doesn't do it the whole time we're talking.

"So, I had an interestin' chat with Zayn today . . ."


"Yeah. He was just . . . very encouraging. Like, he was pointin' out all the positives of being in a long distance relationship, while tourin' and such. There were some things I hadn't thought of and that got me excited bout us . . .um, yeah," he smiles bashfully.

"Is your mind at ease now?"

"I'm certain," he nods, "one of the things he mentioned was building stronger mental and emotional grounds, like when one sense gets taken away and the others compensate for it. I mean, it's not like I didn't already know that. . . but I realized I was being selfish by not wanting to experience the hardship. How do you feel?

"I'm being a baby about it, I'm not going to lie," I chuckle in embarrassment. "I honestly wish I was over there instead."

"Well obviously, but what I'm getting at, is this can be good for us. Keepin' an optimistic outlook. Keepin' it real, know wha I'm sayin'?"

"Haha, are you gangster Harry now?"

"I've always been gangsta. You just now realize this?"

There he goes, giving me that you-must-be-crazy look again. Shaking his head while camouflaging his grin.

"I don't mean to sound repetitive and annoying but I still can't believe that I'm in a relationship. Like if someone came to me and asked me if I was your girlfriend, I'd stand there and stutter."

"You ashamed of me or somethin'?" he laughs.

"Noooo, God no. I just didn't intend on meeting someone while in London, much less have a boyfriend when I got back."

"I admit we have a rather unique relationship, perhaps one we can't brag about in full details, but I hadn't anticipated this either. To fall in love so rapidly with someone, especially when I tend to be picky about that sort of thing."

"So if some random guy with a camera comes up to me and asks if we're dating?"

"You tell him that I'm your sperm donor," he grins, dimples taunting me.

"You're ridiculous!" I giggle. "But really?"

"Babe, I'm not going to tell you how to act. Just be yourself. If you want to say hi and smile, do that, if you want to tell them to piss off, then give 'em the finger."

"Right, because you know I'll do that," I laugh at the thought.

"Precisely, I know you won't but I'm jus sayin'. Same goes for the fans. There's no contract that states that you have to be nice or distant, just be you."

"I read this tweet from a girl saying that I was a nobody using you to become famous. They say some harsh things, ugly things."

"I should have warned you about that, but its all empty words, don't let them persuade you. And not all fans are like that, remember, you've seen some sweet girls while we were in London."

"I know, I think of us as any ordinary couple until I see that and I'm reminded of who YOU are. . ."

Harry sits up and shakes his head again, "No you can't think that way-"

The knock at my door interrupts Harry as he sees the door open before I do. I look back to find my mom peeking in, looking unsure whether to speak or not.

"Hellllooo," Harry greets her with a loud and clear voice.

I actually like the fact that he did that for I never know when's the right or wrong time to meet family. I sit up granting space for my mom to join me on the bed, she looks a little too happy.

"Hi Harry," she waves timidly, "sorry I interrupted, I just came to tell Jude that dinner was ready, but never mind."

"Sounds lovely. And not to worry, I made sure your daughter was well fed while here in London."

"Well, thank you. I'll leave you two then, it was nice meeting you and we hope to see you soon, officially."

"In that case, I'll be over for dinner in three days, Mrs. Pierce."

My mother is blushing and Harry has the sweetest most innocent smile I've ever beheld. He really knows how to butter people up. Mom whispers that there's no hurry but I know that I should be getting off soon.

"Your mum is a gem. I know where you get your stunning looks from," he winks.

"Whatever! You're such a flirt!" And now I'm blushing.

"I can't help it, it's in my nature," he perks up a brow in all his smugness as he stretches his arms out.

"Uh huh."

He licks his lips keeping them curved at the ends, "Go eat, love. I'm going to leave here shortly. Text me before you go to bed if you'd like."

"Okay," my mouth pouts.

Harry blows me two kisses and a wink, and I just want to rip my heart out from all his hotness. He's too far away . . . just stay positive, Jude. I wave goodbye and slowly shut my laptop. After a few breaths, I muster up enough motivation to get up out of bed. As custom, I check my phone one last time before going downstairs, surprised to find a text from Harry already. Only this text was sent a little while ago, must have been when I caught him.

Wish I could kiss you and tell you how beautiful you look right now -H xx.



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