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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Eight ღ

“MORNIN BIRTHDAY GIRL!” Lily shouts at me, it was the 29 of September of 2012 my birthday.

“Mmmmm” I moan

“C’mon its your birthday! PARTY TIMEEE” Lily shouts. Lord she was more excited than me, I was turning 18. I got into college one year early. Cause I’m that smart, nahh I got a scholarship for the university and I accepted it early.

“You are FINALLY 18!”

“Yay Me” I say in a grumpily voice.

“Guys! COME ON IN SHE NEEDS TO WAKE UP!” Danielle calls the boys in
The guys, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry come in and they sing the same song they sang to Harry and Zayn in ‘A Year in a Making’ Time to wake up In the morning
When they finish I do exactly as harry does and shout “TIME TO GET UP!”

“Great! We have a new outfit for you to wear!!” Eleanor says excited.

“GREAT!” I say getting the bag in her hand. Its been one week since me and Sean broke up. Today as you can guess is my birthday, My family is supposed to come… but I really doubt it. Me and my mom never got along and I don’t like my stepdad and I never knew where my dad really was…but I cared deeply for my step-sister Diamond. “How do I look?” I say to all the girls and boys in the room.

“Pretty good” Louis said,

I look at myself in the mirror this is what I see; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57364831

I liked it, especially the flowery top with the black plain skirt!

“You look amazing Hope” Harry said.

“Thank you” I say sweetly. Harry and I had been close this past week he helps me take my mind off of Sean. He always tells me jokes I can laugh at. The boys have been amazing with me. “Guys,” I say looking over at Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam, “you’ve been wonderful and I don’t know how to thank you enough! This whole time you stayed home with me just to make sure I was ok, this means a lot to me, thank you”

“You are very welcome Hope Smith” Louis said coming over and hugging me “I’m really glad we met, you are such a great company! Even at your saddest moments”

“Aww, thank you Louis! I adore you guys from the bottom of my heart” I could swear a tear was about to come out of the tip of my eye.

“We adore you!” Liam said hugging me.

Niall was making his way “Come here my baby penguin!” Me and Niall bonded a lot because he had been through this in his past always thinking he wasn’t good enough and having a lot of insecurities, I really don’t know why!

“You are like the brother I’ve always wanted” I tell him as he smiles.

“Hope, you are a great friend and man I’m so lucky to have met you sista” I hug
him tight.

“Happy birthday swan queen” Zayn comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek. He called me that since he’s seen me dance.

“Happy birthday Hope, we were meant to find each other, and I’m so glad we did” Harry whispered to my ear as we hugged.

“Thank you, and I’m so glad we did too, you make me happy Styles” I tell him hugging him tight, I was hugging him longer than the other boys.

“Ok lovebirds break up the hug,” Eleanor says. “Do the girls get a speech too?” she asked with a grin.

“Of course! You girls are the best girl friends anyone could have you are beautiful first of all and so trustworthy and I have the BEST times with you and you make me smile at the darkest times, thank you”

“Awww! Hope we love you!” Danielle said coming up to me and hugging me Eleanor and Lily joined and it became a group hug. “But we should be the one saying good things about you! It IS your birthday..”

“Indeed it is Dani” I say.

“Well lest go then!” Lily shouts.

“Go where?” I ask

“Where we want you to be, lets go to the car” Eleanor said.

“Louis sweetie you’ll drive ok?” Eleanor tells Louis.

“Kay babe” he said pecking her softly.

We drive for what seems like half an hour as a joke Lily puts my ‘Take Me Home’ album and plays it, the boys were singing along, god they were perfecter in person, if that’s even a word..

“YOU READY?” Lily asks she was more excited than me.

“For what exactly?” I ask, I really had no idea what they were gunna make me do. I was in a familiar beach. “HARRY!” I shout

“You recognized it” he simply says

“How wouldn’t i? This is where we met and where we spent our summer!” This was a very special place for me, its where I felt I fit in, back home nobody ever liked my music and they told me I wasn’t going far and stuff and when I met Harry he recognized my talent and who I was, and we sang together at this very beach.

“Thank you Harry” I whisper.

“You’re very welcome Hope” He said shooting a simile at me. “But you have no idea what’s coming next” He grinned at me and joined the rest of the boys. What had they planned? I really didn’t want anything much…

“C’mon this way” He pulled me the other direction. We were going behind a sand hill, I wonder what’s on the other side. We walk for a little longer, it was pretty hard to walk on high heels, I really don’t know why they put me wearing this…
I spot a cabana made out of wood on the other side of the sand hill and we were walking towards there. From the distance it looked small but as I approached it it was huge.

“Go on, open it!” Harry said pointing at the door.

“SURPRISE!” A bunch of people shouted at me, I was expecting it, there was just one thing I wasn’t expecting it, just mind blew me. My idol, well apart from One Direction was standing before me.

“Hello, you must be Hope, I’m Cher Lloyd and I’m your BIG SURPRISE!” Cher shouts.

“Hello!” I say going up to her and give her a huge hug “this is unreal, you are my idol and you are standing here in front of me, I’m sorry I must look like an idiot” I said breaking the contact.

“You are finally 18! That’s cool! This is gunna be the best party ever!”

“Thank you for being part of it!” I say hugging her again. “By the way, who convinced you to come?” I ask curious.

“Well curly fry of course” she said. Cher meant Harry.

“THANK YOU!” I scream at him and run to him and give him a huge hug, he gives me a little twirl.

“You’re welcome!” Harry said. “But the surprise isn’t over yet…”

“What?!” I say looking at him, there’s more?!

“C’mon out !” He said into the crowd.

I could see a familiar face coming close. “DIAMOND!!” I shout and a tear falls down my face.

“Hope!” She comes near me and hugs me like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh baby girl I missed you so much!” I say never letting go

“I missed you to big sis” she whispers to my ear. We finally broke apart and smiled to each other.

“C’mon lets party SISTAA” I say. She was 15 now, we were always close, she didn’t like her father and I didn’t like my stepfather… we didn’t like each other at first but now I wouldn’t know how I would go through my last years in that house.

We started the party there was karaoke in there, there was a bunch of games to play there was a DJ and a private bar for us it was perfect.

“Hope?” Cher called me.

“Yes?” I say, I kinda got used to have her here, if that’s even possible.

“Here” she said giving me a wrapped box. “I wanted to be the first one to give
you a present” she said. Wow. I really could see us being good friends.

I unwrap it and look at it. It was the exact same bikini she wore in the Oath video
clip, well a replica. “I LOVE IT!” I say and hug her. “This is every single Brats dream,
be here with you and just look at you, I still can’t believe this is happening!” I say but shut up, I was being weird again.

“Well, go try it on! I really didn’t know the size of your girls up there” she said pointing to my breasts.

“Right, I’ll be right back” I say going into the bathroom. I change into the bikini, it was so beautiful. Today was again a rather sunny day in England. I walk out of the bathroom to show Cher how it stayed it wasn’t lose it was the perfect size. When I walk out into the bar there was no one there.. I look everywhere, I guess they all went outside, so I walked outside.

“BEACH TIMEEEEE” Louis shouted in his bathing suit, all the people who were in the bar were in bathing suits and ready to go in the water. This beach was absolutely beautiful. ( http://paradiseintheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/england-beach.jpg)

There were a lot of people from the University here, some even from Australia, this was the best 18th birthday party ever!!

I went to the water a few times then I spotted Harry sitting in the sand. “Not going in the water?” I ask, he was in his bathing suit.

“Nah” he said as he gestured for me to sit beside him.

“Thank you again, for everything you’ve done”

“Hey no more thanking! I’m glad I do this it makes you smile!” he was so sweet.
Being back at this beach brought me so many memories…
Harry started humming the song me and him wrote right here at this beach three years ago.

“My favorite we wrote” I tell him resting my head on his shoulder wetting him with my hair. He put his arm around my waist.

“Mine too” he said staring into the water.

“Harry” I whisper.

“What Hope” he whispers back.

“Could this work” the words just slipped out of my mouth, I knew what I was
feeling, the butterflies blushing with every sentence he said… it was obvious I was
just oblivious before.

“What work?” Harry asked.

“You and me, the next chapter”

“Hope, I don’t know, we both need to be sure..”

“I know, but, what if it’s all a huge…” I couldn’t say it.

“Mistake he finished.


“Well look, the feelings back then haven’t changed a bit, I’ve loved you since day
one and it probably won’t change very soon, I’ve waited for you three years I can wait a while longer.” He said looking at me then back to the water. He was playing with the sand with his left hand, the other arm still remained on my waiste.
I just gaze into the water like him. “Just remember, I love you” Harry said as Diamond approached, dang what if she heard. “Di…how did you get the money to fly here?” I ask making it a little less awkward, Harry took his arm from around my waist and I take my head from his shoulder. Thai question was the first thing that popped into my head. She just pointed to a curly boy sitting next to me smiling.

“Harry!” I say smiling into his eyes “ you did everything!”

“For you” he winked.

“Right.. I’ll be in the water if you need me…” Diamond said awkwardly and left.

“You really thought of everything, how much did the plane ticket cost?”

“It was nothing.”

“I want to pay you back!” I tell him.

“No need.” Harry said, “By the way, she’s here for one year, I heard how much you
missed her I transferred her here to a school near your house, it’s a good school and your parents agreed”

“Oh Harry! Thank you so much!” I say really excited and hug him, maybe too hard since I knocked him down he was now laying on the sand and I was on top of him. I feel myself getting close to him, or he was getting close to me I couldn’t tell all I know was my heart looked like it was going to burst and I could feel my blood pump through my veins, I close my eyes and let my lips meet Harrys.

We stay in the embrace for a while we broke contact I looked into his eyes and with my eyes I asked for more, I close my eyes again and again our lips meet.


There you go! :D Chapter Eight <3 is it the start of Hope & Harry ?


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