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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Four ღ

I get home from the park say good bye to Sean and now pick an outfit for the dinner. I don’t know what to wear. Maybe skinny jeans and a nice blouse? Top? I really had no idea.

A few hours passed and I found the perfect outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66036245

My phone rang

Waiting Call
Unknown Number

I answer the phone

Me: Hello?
Unknown: Hey, Its Harry.
Me: Oh hey. *Awkward*
Harry: Glad you’re coming over
Me: me too, I do miss your family *how was I gonna tell him about Sean, it couldn’t be by phone…* Look I’m on my way there, drivin’ and talking, not safe, I’ll text you when I get there.
Harry: Oh of course. See you in a few..

I turn the phone off.

This is going to be the most awkward dinner ever. If that phone call was the most
awkward thing ever imagine the dinner. I’m doomed.

Incoming Call

I pick up

Lily: Hey youuu
Me: hey you? You think im happy with what you did?
Lily: I was trying to help..
Me: Well it didn’t help me it made me even more confused…
Lily: I’m sorry.
Me: It’s ok, just next time talk to me first.
Lily: But what are you confused about?
Me: I totally forgot about Sean…
Lily: I thought you said you and Sean weren’t a big deal..
Me: Look I know why the past came to me and I know why I was having mixed feelings it was because I missed to have someone by my side! And now I have Sean, and when I was with him today I forgot all about Harry..
Lily: I thought you said you still had some feelings for Harry.
Me: Maybe I do but right now, I have Sean lets see how that goes. I think I know why me and harry never happened it was because we are ment to be friends, just friends.
Lily: You know I’ll support you, but I think you are making a mistake, gosh when will you get that Sean Is a player! Who knows he might’ve banged the girls in his internship and you will never know about it! But hey, it’s your life if you choose Sean, I will be here for you, but if he makes shit I first will kill him then I’ll say I told you so and you’ll laugh and then say ‘I hate it when you are right beautiful Lily’. But until then be happy.
Me: I love you and you know I don’t like it when you talk like that about Sean! He’s been good to me, I have relaxed when I’m near him, my problems go away.
Lily: whatever you say..OMG me and Niall have been DMing all day !!!!!! IM SO PSYCHED!
Me: ahahah. Look I gotta go Gemma asked me over for dinner, have fun DMing Nialler.
Lily: Bye!
Me: Bye!
Lily: Love you to pieces
Me: Love you too sistaa

I turn off the phone get my purse and I’m out the door. I get into my car and drive to the familiar house in Holmes Chapel.

I finally get there, before getting off the car I fix up my layer of makeup and then
ring the doorbell.

Who is it?

A familiar voice said trough the machine.

Its Hope Mrs. S!

Harry’s mom opened the door and I see Harry, Gemma Harry’s mom Anne and Harry’s stepdad Robin.

“Oh, Hello Hope!” Anne said hugging me tight.

“Hello Mrs. S” I say politely.

“Please, call me Anne” She says to me. I simply smile.

“Hello Hope” Robin greeted me

“Good evening” what should I call him..AWKWARD! So I just don’t say anything.

It was only 6:30pm so we had a little time to talk. I just wanted this to be over with.

“So Hope what are you doing in the U.K?” Gem asked.”

“Well I’m in the Performing Arts” I answer

“Oh yeah, Harry mentioned you could sing” she added.

“She can, she has an amazing voice” harry said staring right in my eyes, please
don’t look at me that way, it makes me want you!

“That is great sweetie, they usually have performances and competitions, does
your school have that?” Anne asks me.

“Oh Yes! We are having one this weekend, this Sunday” I say

“That’s in two days…” Gem says

“Oh crap, its in two days!!” I say “I totally forgot with all the exams”

“You’ll do fine Hope!” Harry says.

“We’ll come watch you!” Anne says.

“Oh, you don’t have too!” I say I DON’T WANT THEM TO COME.. im not that good.

“Mom….i can’t go…I’m…famous…” Harry said.

“Right, right sweetie, don’t you have a dress rehearsal?” Anne asked

“Well that would be tomorrow at 7pm” I say.

“Can we come?” Gemma asks.

“I’ll talk to my teacher, she’ll probably let” I say.

“You’re a freshman?” Gemma asks.

“Yup” I respond. It wasn’t getting that awkward after all

“So you don’t have a big part, or do you?” Gemma asks

“Well…. I’m actually one of the leads since I wrote songs and choreographed
some dance…”

“OMG! That’s huge! Congratz” Gemma blurts.

“Hhaha” I laugh “Thanks”

“That just proves how good you are” Harry said, staring into my eyes again. He is so

“Gemma come help me in the kitchen” Anne said getting up and pointing to the
kitchen “Robin dear the washing machine is doing the noises again”

“Coming” Gemma and Robin said at the same time.
They both left the room after Anne leaving Harry and I alone in the living room.

Harry stood up and went to sit beside me.

“So, how do you like being back?” Harry asks.

“Good, I always loved it here”

“Look, what are we gunna do about this” Harry asks right away.

“About what?” I ask pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Please, you know” Harry said

“Look Harry” I start, but he starting coming closer and closer. I stand up “Harry,

“Why not?” Harry asks

“Because” I simply say. He kept looking at me looking for a continuation. I was about to talk when my phone started ringing. It was in the table by harry

Incoming Call
Sean <3

Harry looked at the phone, it not only said Sean <3 but it also had a picture of us hugging happily in the London Eye.

“Thanks” I say as he handed me the phone, I could see the pain in his eyes.

Sean: Hey babe
Me: Sean, look I can’t talk right now im at that dinner remember, I’ll call you when I get home.
Sean: I just wanted to hear your voice.
I totally forgot Harry was in the room and said.
Me: You’re adorable
Sean: You’re beautiful
Me: Lets stop we’ll just continue I really gotta go.
Sean: Bye Hope
Me: Bye Sean

I turn off the call.

“So Sean” Harry said.

“I was about to explain-”

He cut me off “You don’t need to explain anything, its not like we’re dating” he said with a stiff voice.

“Harry, I still wanna be friends, like before” I say. The 'I still wanna be friends' line SERIOUSLY HOPE?!

“Of course, we’re friends” Harry said looking away; I could see the disappointment and sadness in his green eyes.

“I’m glad” I say showing him a smile.

He smiled weakly back

“Harry,” I start.

“Let it be Hope” He said. He was upset.

“Hear me out!” I say.

“I’m listening” he simply says.

“Look, nothing happened in ’09 maybe that’s a sign that we are meant to be
friends for now, look I’m glad we’re talking again I really am but you want more than I can give you”

“it’s-” he started but was interrupted

“DINENR’S READY” Anne shouted.

Harry and I walk towards the table and sit down, curiously next to each other.

We were gossiping and talking and having a nice time until a comment Gemma made.´

“Soo” Gemma said “Has Harry told you where he’s taking you”

“GEMMA NO” Harry shouts. Anne and Robin just sit there awkwardly.

“What?!” I say

“Nothing” Harry said.

“C’mon Haz tell uss!” Gem insisted.

“Gem no, I mean it” Harry said.

“Excuse me what’s happening” I ask

“I was gunna ask you out but that was before I knew about Sean”

“Oh” I say. Gemma looked at harry and mouth him a ‘Sorry’

"Sorry, Gemma just thought I asked you..." Harry said.

"He was looking forward to it" Gemma added.

"Gemma..." I say

"Just saying" Gemma said.

It was probably true...

"Well its not going to happen because Hope has a boyfriend Sean" he announces to everyone

"We're not dating Harry, we just hang out talk-"

He cuts me off "Kiss... ect..."

"Dating" Gemma says

"I Dont know need, we never talked about this" OK STOP TALKING ABOUT SEAN PEOPLE!

"Anyways, nice dinner Anne" i say changing topic.

The rest of the dinner was pretty disturbing Harry, Gemma and I didn’t talk much.
Finally it was over. “We’ll still see you tomorrow at 7pm sweetie!” Anne said.

“Can’t wait!” I say kind of sarcastically. Great. I drive home.

When I get home Lily is waiting for me in my room psyched that her and Niall were talking a lot and they had exchanged phone numbers. Wow.. she had a lot to talk to me, so did I to her.


Hope you like itt!!! Next Chapter is goung to be Harry's POV in these past days :)


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