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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-Nine ღ

~Louis’s POV~

“WHAT?” I shout.

“Shit, hum, its complicated” Hope said.

“How can it be complicated, you just said Eleanor is pregnant, since when do you know this?” I ask furious. El was pregnant and she didn’t tell me, maybe I’m not the father, maybe, maybe she cheated while I was here.

“Since early this afternoon” Hope said. All eyes were on us.

“C-can I talk to you in the kitchen?” I stutter.

“U-uh, y-yeah” she stuttered as well.

“Did, did she cheat on me?” I ask as calm as I could be right now.

“What! Louis! NO!” hope protested.

“Then, how, I mean. The day before I left” my voice cracked.

“Yes, and that’s why she was so emotional and hormonal and said all those nasty stuff” Hope said honestly.

“I-I, I gotta go” I say “I’m flying back, today I don’t care!” I shout.

“The lines are full!” Hope shouts back. Gfood point.

“Private Jet!” I say.


“No I’m going!” I say determined.

“Then we’ll go with you!” Hope said.

“NO!” I said. I didn’t want anyone else there, just me and El, I wanted to be sure, I don’t think im ready to be a father, I don’t and this is a mess.

“What do you mean no?” she asked.

“I’m going alone” I say and get my bags, I put every single thing that’s mine in the suitcase call Paul and arrange the jet.

“Are you sure?” Hope asked for the one billionth time.

“I’m sure” I said. I closed the black vans door and drove to LAX. I was only 20, almost 21, not old enough to be a parent, this can’t be right. I’d get there in a few hours, I just, this cant be true. I take a deep breath. Eleanor needs me to be okay, she needs me to act calm, I have to do it for her. I love her, I have to be strong. For Eleanor.

~Hope’s POV~

Louis walked through the door and into the van. Shit I messed things up. Everyone was in the living room. I was too emotional now, Eleanor trusted me and I just told Louis, and I, I’m a horrible friend.

I left the room and walked into the guest room. I closed the door behind me and as a cliché dragged my back against it until my head was on my knees and the tears were staining my pink jeans.

“What’s wrong?” a husky voice asked.

“H-Harry, I didn’t notice you” I said.

“Clearly, what’s wrong” he asked.

“I messed up, again” I sob.

“Hey, come here” he said.

“Harry you’re sick you don’t have to handle my crap” I said

“I want to, and I want to talk to you, I was such a prick the other night, I didn’t mean anything. Hope I want you back” he said.

“Why didn’t you tell me this instead of telling me that I couldn’t it was too much for me?” I raised my voice.

“Let’s stop fighting Hope” Harry said,

“Truth is we still love each other, and we cant fight it anymore” He said. He let out a cough.

“I cant do this Harry its too much for one night, after what I did, I, I cant cope with myself” I said.

“Is this about Eleanor? I thought you were just kidding” he said.

“I was deadly serious Haz-Harry” I corrected myself, “and she asked me not to tell anyone and I told everyone” I said.

“You had to, I mean if she really is pregnant then Louis is the father he has the right to know!” Harry said.

“That doesn’t make me a better friend” I say.

“She won’t leave you” Harry reassured me.

“How do you know? She trusted me with something huge and I just say to the person she told me not to tell? WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT. Oh wait I know, me!” tears were falling.

“Calm down! You’re being to harsh on yourself” he said calmly.

“Why cant I just go back when I was happy and full of life, when I saw your smile and melted to the floor, I still do, but I’m not sure I’m the reason for that smile, I wanna call you mine, I want El to call me and say that it was all a nightmare and it was a false positive, I want to just wish I could hold you tight and never let go, I want to go back and make no mistakes because right now I feel like crap” I said standing up and almost crying. I was inches apart from where harry was laying in his bed. He pulled me and I fall right beside him on the bed.

“We can do that all again, though you can learn from your mistakes” Harry said.

“Oh Harry” I cry. I burry my face into his chest. I spent about five mintues sobbing on harry when he started coughing hard.

“Harry? Harry, are you ok?” I ask. He couldn’t stop coughing. “HARRY!” I shout wich makes noise in the living room and quickly everyone rushed to the room. “Oh my gosh Harry!” I shout. I look at myself, Harry had just coughed out blood, actuall blood, his blood was all over my shirt.

“HARRY!” Zayn, Niall and Liam shouted.

“Fast, call an ambulance!” Diamond said.

“We can drive him!” Liam said.

“The ambulance has supplies already!” She shouted, shes right. Liam called 911 really fast and the ambulance came as soon as possible. Harry was still coughing sometimes blood others he just coughed really hard.

“Only one of you can come with him in the ambulance” The paramedic said.

“I’ll go” Liam said.

“H-Hope” Harry spoke.

“Hope, go,” Niall said. They helped me up. “Meet you in the ER” I said. They all nodded.

This was the craziest New Years ever. Tonight was too much, too many things happening at once, and it was just all my fault. Somehow I feel like its all my fault all of these bad things are happening.

‘Tomorrow is a new day, everything is going to be fine.’ I mentally say to myself.

Too much in one night. That’s for sure.


AHHH DRAMA WILL BE OVER NEEXT CHAP! i wanted to end in a significant chap tooo 4O it is! AHHHHHHHHH. haha well o hope you like itt. will probs update today or tmr!
love you lovleyyysss


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Swiftioner2000 Swiftioner2000
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p