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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Twenty-One ღ

Where am I? “Hello?” I say, my sight was still blurry. “Anyone here” I felt weak.

“THANK GOD YOU’RE AWAKE” oh, that, that was Danielle. “Harry., HARRY! She’s awake” I could hear her.

“Babe” He said holding my hand “you scared me to death” he said, what did I do? Was I in…was I in a hospital?

“H-Ha-Harry” I managed to say “W-Where am I? What happened?”

“You’re in the hospital and out of the blue you fainted in the van” he said with a worried tone.

“I-I fainted?” I ask.

“Right onto my arms” he said. I could hear the relief in his voice. “I’m glad you’re ok now” he said taking my hand.

“Your cousin Paige is here and your aunt” Harry said. I remember why now, my uncle. My heart started to race again but this time I was able to control it.

“Thank you let them in please” I say faking I was ok.

“Oh sweetie!” my aunt said. “I knew you had low blood pressure but u thought it was better, it only came when you were really stressed or did too much strength work!” one thing she had right this was all stress and a bunch more put together.

“Well I guess it got worse?” I say trying to sound convincing.

“Obviously cous” Paige said, she always called me cous as in cousin.. “you look really tired you should rest” she said.

“Where is Di?” I ask.

“Shit” Paige said “totally forgot she lived with you, I’ll go get her now, you wait here” she said. Wow they forgot about my sister. The only one that knows…

“Kay” I say, I was still really weak barely could move… Harry and the rest of the gang came in with really fake smiles.

“Wow you all look so happy” I said sarcastically.

“Hum, my best friend collapsed in front of me, hello?!” Eleanor said.

“It’s normal” I say, for me it was for them it’s like I was in a huge accident, Harry didn’t even know…

“How is any of this normal?” Danielle said, giving everybody a worried look. They think I’ve gone mad…

“When I was 13 I was in the track team and one practice I fainted, and since then I had to be really careful, it said that it might go away with puberty and stuff, I guess it didn’t, I basically have a messed up valve and if I get too stressed or push my body to the limit I faint.” I explain.

“When were you planning on telling me?!” Harry said, was that an angry tone he was using?

“Harry, it stopped happening when I was 15! I stopped feeling dizzy and super warm all the time, I finally felt normal!” I say almost shouting.

“Well look! It came back! All those days we ran in the morning through the woods YOU COULD HAVE FAINTED AND I DIDN’T KNOW!” He was now screaming.

“Harry” Louis said trying to calm him down, but before we all knew it he stormed out the door, what had gone into him?

“Don’t worry,” Niall said, “he was just really worried, that’s all” he said. The lads all went after Harry they didn’t want him to do anything stupid.

“Food?” Danielle suggested. We all nodded and so she went with Eleanor to get food for all of us.

“He didn’t seem worried he seemed angry Niall” I say.

“He cares too much and he blames himself for everything” Niall said.

“Are you saying he blames himself for me being here in this bed right now?” I ask, Harry… he had nothing to do with this.

“Yup, when you were asleep all he said was, I should’ve seen it coming” Niall said. “By the way, if you only faint when you are stressed or do sports why did it happen in the van?” I had to know that question was coming…

“Humm….” Right I could also faint because of dehydration and because it was too hot, right. “I can also feel really light headed because of dehydration and when its too hot in a place, I guess I needed water” he didn’t buy it o don’t blame him, I am a terrible liar.

“Sure” he said deciding not to fight.

“HOPE!” Diamond said.

“DI!” I shout in relief, I did recognize how she looked at Niall, they were seeing each other for the first time again.

“How are you? OMG! I thought you said that, the heart thing was over!” Diamond said with such worry in her voice.

“I thought it was over too, apparently its here to haunt me” then I thought about college. “FUCK!” I say out loud. “I wont be able to do the dancing solo Miss Sherry wants me to do” I frown “shit, shit, shiiit”

“Hey, health first silly” Diamond said.

“You know back then, when I was in track and soccer and basketball I was like, I have to quite all of this and decide one type of sport I want to do, you know how hard it was to choose dancing over soccer? Why do you think I taught you how to play?” I say.

“You taught her?” Niall asked, oh he was still in the room.

“Yeah, that’s why she’s so good!” I say honestly, now that I look back at what I said, kinda looked cocky, but its true.

“Yeah she did, but I suck at dancing though, haha” she tried to clear the air..

“Go away, go kiss whatever just not in front of me” I was reading their faces and they both wanted to be with contact they wanted each other.

“Hope!” Diamond said extremely embarrassed, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Just go” I laugh again as the both leave the room. I was left alone me and my thoughts until a nurse interrupted them.

“Ms. Smith, sorry to say you have to stay the night, the doctor wants to see more into what happened for your valve to act again” she said.

“Okay,” I say.

“Only one visitor is allowed to sleep here” she pointed out as she was leaving towards the door “I need a name” she said getting her pen down

“Harry Styles” I tell her without any hesitation.

“Mr. Styles it is” she said with a smile.

Before I knew it it was 6pm, Harry and I had spent the whole afternoon catching up.

“There was this girl who threw some knickers at us, luckily Louis spotted the price tag” harry laughed.

“Wow, if I were famous and guys were throwing me boxers I would be disturbed….” I say with a laugh.

“Oh trust me, we were disturbed” Harry said as we laughed together. We stopped laughing and looked at each other’s eyes, I had missed his passionate green gaze.

“Ha-” I was about to speak when he crashed his lips against mine, he totally had read my mind. Oh jeezh i had missed these lips even though I met with them this morning, his tender touch, we were synchronizing our movements. We both gasped for air.

“I missed the taste of your lip-gloss” Harry said.

“Oh really” I say with a laugh. “I missed you so much Curly Fry, you have no idea!” I say.

“In fact I do, cause I was feeling the same way back there” he said taking my hand.

“I love you but I really got to use the loo, I’ll be right back” Harry said as I laughed of his term ‘loo’ meaning bathroom. I loved his adorable sexy accent.

I wait a few minutes, I hear footsteps and a smile comes to my face but when the door opens my face changes in one second.

“I heard what happened, how didn’t you tell me?” a voice said as it came in, “missed me?”

“HARRY!” I manage to shout, I was gasping for air, what was going on, was I being delusional, I really didn’t care, all I needed now was help, “NURSE, HARRY HELP!” I was desperate.


CLIFFIEEEE, you will probably read chapter twenty-two today anywaysssss buttt... hope u like it!!! <3 xxx
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