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Harry Styles had never had a real friend. His parents forbade him from leaving the house. When he turned 18, his parents died in a car accident, leaving him with nothing but the house. No longer did he have a human soul to interact with, but what happens when a young woman comes knocking on the door of his lonesome house? Could he finally have found a friend?

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Harry Styles. I do, however, own any other character and the plot of this story.

*Stockholm Syndrome*

Please leave comments of what you think, because that would make me happy .

If this doesn't get comments, I probably won't continue it.. I don't want to waste my time writing something, no one is going to read.


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i like how this is really different
india0183 india0183
another thought: did you also post this on mibba? they still welcome 1D stories, and because they have way more members, it could help you receive feedback... just an idea
oreo-child oreo-child
WOAH wait that last paragraph was an absolute surprise! i would love if you continued this, but i have some questions? like, did Harry's parents leave him inheritance? how are the bills paid if he doesn't interact with people (i wanted to presume that his parents used bank accounts that were set up, but that seems too foretelling, as if they knew they were gonna die)? did people know about him? if yes, how did his parents get away with withholding him from the world? if not, how did he find out they died? did they keep Harry sheltered for selfish reasons or because they knew he was capable of something like that? lots of inquiries, i know. but I'm only asking for clarification and minimal critique. i honestly believe this story had tons of potential with its unique plot (plus I'm a sucker for crazy!Harry) and your vernacular. you have a tale and you want to share it. even if I'm the only one, I'm willing to read it, 'cause this fandom (and most fandoms tbh) needs more fics that take readers out of their comfort zone, makes them think and leaves them wanting more. i think you can write it :) (wrote this on my shitty Android, so if there's a plethora of mistakes i apologize so hard)
oreo-child oreo-child