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Nothing But A Player

Truth or Dare?

Charlies p.o.v
"C'mon girls lets go change into our pjs" Perrie squealed once we all finished changing we came to the living room to see the guys already in there pjs and in a circle with a bottle and some beers.
" You girls look nice" Harry said with a wink.
"BABE WERE MATCHING! We're the best ones here" Louis ran up to Eleanor and gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. And then he gave us all a look that said "oh yea me and my girl are coolest people in the room" which made us all burst out laughing.
"Lets play Truth or dare im feeling like a dare devil tonight" I said while laughing a bit. Louis volunteered to spin the bottle first and of course it landed on me while he was spinning it. He just looked at me with a devilish grin and got up from his spot and went into the kitchen we all exchanged confused glances wondering what he was doing. When he came back into the room he had his hand behind his back while holding something and asked
"Truth of dare little miss dare devil?" He was smiling so much it looked like he had just won the lottery it was actually kind of funny on how exited he was getting.
"Obviously dare I cant just back out now" i laughed a little nervous but know it cant be that bad.Right when I finish talking he takes some whip cream from behind his back and tells harry to take off his shirt and lie on his back.Harry gladly does what Louis tells him and takes off his shirt and lies on his back revealing his toned chest.
"Ok so I dare you to take off your shirt so your just in a bra and lick all this whip cream off Harry" Louis says while smirking and squirting whip cream on harrys neck, all down his chest and across his v-line and the band of his pj pants.
"Piece of cake" I say while smirking even though im having a panic attack on the inside.
I quickly rip off my shirt and look up to see all the guys jaws dropped and staring. I smirk to myself feeling a bit more confident. I lightly touch my face deciding how i was gonna do this. I decided to just go all in and i when i looked up at harry i could see the anticipation in his face.
I got on back on my hands and knees and slowly crawled over to where harry was across the circle.When I got to him I slowly crawled on top of him making sure to graze him member and bit my lip while looking him dead in the eye. I moved most of my hair to one side of my head and lean down so my lips are slightly touching harrys ear and seductivly whispered.
"Hold on this is gonna be one crazy ride babe" I slowly licked sucked and nibbled on his neck making him moan and in the process leaving a hickey.I slowly glide my tongue all down his torso making sure i grind my hips against his in the process. Once i get to the band of his waist I lick and lightly suck a bit on his V-line and make sure that I stick my tongue in his boxers a bit. When i finish getting all the whipcream off his body i sit up still straddling his body and smirk feeling his boner poke into my thigh. When our eyes meet his are full of lust and he sits up and tries to kiss me but i quickly push him back down.
"Ah ah ah that wasnt part of the dare styles" once i finish saying that i get up off him and quickly grab my shirt and through it back on. When I turned around everyone was staring at me with jaws dropped and wide eyes.
"What?" I ask innocently then look back at Harry and begin laughing because of his obvious boner.
"I-i-ill be right back i n-need to take c-care of this" Harry said triping over his words and gesturing in to his situation.
"Awwe look you took his breath away hes never like this" Lou said while laughing and teasing harry. Harry just glared at him and I just laughed then me and niall decide to order pizza while Harry takes care of himself and that we'll continue the game when he comes back out.When Harry came back out we all came back into the circle and harry wouldnt stop staring at me.i Spun the bottle and it landed on niall.
"Nialler truth or dare?" I ask
" Um truth" niall answers
" ahh your no fun. Ok would you ever date Erin?" I ask while Erin glares at me
"Absolutely" Niall answers without any hesitation then they both start blushing like crazy.
"awwweee" We all cooed. After a couple more dares and truths throughout the circle we decided to end it with me having a dare from the whole group and one truth from everyone except Erin to get to know me better.First one to start was Danielle to tell me the dare and ask her question.
"Ok we all decided that when the pizza guy comes you have to answer the door in just underwear and bra and flirt with the guy then give him a huge kiss ." Danielle finishes.Oh boy. Well I guess I have to get used to people seeing me in my underwear if I want to be a victorias secret model.
" Um ok yea sure doesnt seem to bad hopefully he isnt too bad looking" I giggle
"and my question is are you a virgin?" Danielle asks
"nope next question" I say while popping the p
"Ok what do you want to be when you grow ?" perrie asks
" My dream is to become a famous victorias secret model i know it sounds like a weird dream but i dont know its just want i want to be" I say while shrugging
"Have you ever been in love" Eleanor questions with a sparkle in her eye while looking at louis.
"I thought me and this guy were in love but i was obviously wrong he cheated on me with my cousin" I say with a awkward and forced laugh.
"Awe sorry for asking" Eleanor said
"It's fine" I answer honeslty with a little smile after
"Whats your most embarrassing moment" Zayn asked while smiling
"oh boy. haaha um i went over to my neighbour's house wearing a sleeveless loose dress without a bra. we ended up playing hula hoop (you know, the big circular hoop that you have to keep circulating round your waist). my neighbour and her brother who i had a crush on and another person was there. all of a sudden, it's like everyone stopped and started staring at me so i thought i was doing a good job. Then (of ALL people) her brother, looking VERY awkward, said "ummm, your boobs are outside..."
when i looked, my dress had shifted exposing myself i'm cringing just thinking about it. good thing i wasn't fully developed yet." I say while laughing a bit while everyone was laughing so hard and rolling around on the ground.
"Okay okay guys i relived that memory enough now" I say while chuckling.
"hahah okay how many guys have you slept with?" Niall asks finally calming down
"Umm I think maybe 4 different guys. Please dont think of me as a slut" I say while laughing.
"Dont even worry about it thats average for us" Danielle says reassuring
"Okay how did you lose your virginity?" Louis asks while smirking
"Umm well me and this guy went camping with a bunch of friends and it just kind of happened and before you guys even ask im not going into detail" I say laughing
"If you only slept with 4 guys how did you learn to do um *awkward cough* that?" Harry said mentioning about before with the whipcream
"Umm to be honest I dont really know i've always seemed to know what to do in the heat of the moment my body just leads the way when it comes to anything sexual. What can i say im a natural" I say with a little giggle at the end. Luckly right when we finish the doorbell rang we all just assumed it was the pizza guy since we didnt invite anyone else over.
"Hold on" I yelled. Me and all the girls rushed into the bathroom to quickly choose which pair of underwear and bra i would wear we all decided a plain red onewould be the cutest.
I quickly rushed out and swung open the door to surprisingly see that cute guy from starbucks my first day here awww god how embarrassing.
" Yepp thats hot" he says well laughing i just blush like crazy and explain it was a dare.
"Umm guys it wasnt the pizza guy" I say shouting back into the flat. I quickly grab my robe and through it on.
"Oh hey Ryan I forgot you were dropping off the notes" Zayn said so calmly it was shocking.I just kind of stood there awkwardly while Zayn and Ryan continued their conversation. Once Harry walked into the kitchen he froze when he saw Ryan.
"Whats he doing here" Harry rudely snaps
"Oh I forgot that me and liam asked him to drop us off some notes." Zayn explained. Right when the doorbell went off again i just groaned annoyed because ive been embarrassed enough today.
"Do i still have to do the pizza guy dare?" I asked whining a little.
"You dont have to kiss him if your not attracted to him all you have to do is answer the door in your underwear" Zayn explained.
"Ugghh fine" I groaned while whipping off my robe. When I opened the door the pizza guy was actually not that bad looking he just smiled wide and laughed nervously.
"Um h-heres y-y-your pizza" He stuttered out nervously
"Thanks sweet cheeks" I say while winking. Then leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek and when I do he quickly moves his face so our lips connect.
"Cheeky much" I say while giggling.
"How much do I owe you sweety pie?" I ask sweetly while making sure my tits stick out so maybe i can get a discount
"Its on me sweet heart just make sure to order more pizza so i get to see you more often" He said while winking.Once I closed the door everyone was staring at me with smiles except harry he looked ...mad?
"Anyone up for some free pizza" I say while giggling
"Damn we need to hangout with you more often if it involves free food" Niall said with a mouth full of pizza.I just laughed and told everyone I was going to change back into my pjs.

Harrys p.o.v
What the hell is her deal one minute shes all over me and the next shes all over Ryan and that pizza guy. Like what the fuck we even told her she didnt have to kiss the pizza guy.Once she told us she was going to go change back into her pjs i dont know what got into me but i had to comfront her.So I followed her upstairs .


This story fucked me up in a good way.

lolastyles10101 lolastyles10101

Whoaaaaaaa This can't be left unresolved. I have invested myself into this story xD Louis needs to get with Charlie. #Loulie and Eleanor can go to Hell and take Harry with her (she would probably like that). And Perrie...TELL HIM. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

Plz update sooooon

Destinyruiz101 Destinyruiz101

Oh my gosh I just finished reading all of this and I can't wait to see what happens. Ur an amazing writer!!!

one direction is life.