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Chapter 39

“Jessica, how's your sister?” Eleanor asked, as she took a bit of her food.
Harry, Kendall, Niall, Louis and Eleanor were gathered around a big table eating breakfast. I was sitting between Harry and Kendall; Eleanor was directly opposite me.
“She's doing much better actually. She's been home from hospital for a week or so now and she seems almost back to normal again” I explain, smiling at Eleanor.
“What are we doing today?” Kendall asked, looking at all of us.
“We've got some press thing” Harry said, not looking up from his plate.
“Well I wanna go shopping and look around Amsterdam” Eleanor said, raising an eyebrow at Kendall and I.
“Yeah I want to as well” Kendall said.
I nodded, indicating that I wanted to do the same. We finished our breakfast in silence. I didn't eat much, just a yoghurt and a banana. I've never been a big breakfast eater.

“Meet in my room whenever you guys are ready to go” Eleanor said to Kendall and I, opening the door of her hotel room.
I walked in silence with Harry to our room. He opened the door and pushed it open for me to walk in first. I looked at him questioningly before walking inside. I knew something was bothering him. I knew by the way he was being distant. I sat at the head of the bed, crossed my legs and leaned against the headboard.
“Harry” I said, clearly catching him off guard as his head shot up to look at me.
I did a hand motion for him to come over to me. He walked up to me and stood beside me. I couldn't help but laugh at his innocent confusion. I scooted over and he understood I meant for him to sit down beside me.
“What's wrong?” I sighed, reaching over to grab his hand.
“Nothing” he mummbled.
“Don't lie, I know something is wrong. You said earlier you needed to talk. Just tell me what's on your mind” I said, turning my torso to look at him, so my shoulder and arm were leaning against the headboard instead of my back. Harry took a big deep breath and stared at our intertwined hands.
“I'm just a little worried..” he finally said.
I remembered the worried facial expression he had only an hour ago.
“Worried? About what?” I asked, beginning to get a little worried myself.
“I'm worried about you” he said, looking at me.
He looked away when he saw that confusion was written all over my face.
“I didn't notice until this morning. I was too infatuated with you being here last night that I didn't notice. I didn't even notice in the shower, only when you were getting dressed..” he trailed off.
“You didn't notice what?” I asked, beginning to expect what he was going to say.
“Jess, I don't mean to scare you” he begins, turning to look at me.
He took both of my hands in his and gently squeezed them.
“I noticed that you've lost a lot of weight since I last saw you and I mean a lotttt of weight. When you were getting dressed I noticed that your hips and ribs are sticking out way more than they used to and your thighs are much slimmer. I know it's probably because you weren't eating a lot since you were scared with Gigi in hospital and everything, but it really worried and scared me when I noticed. That's why I've been a little distracted today..” he explained, looking away.
A part of me found it comforting that he's so worried about me, but another part of me knows I should tell him the real reason why I've lost so much weight.
“Harry” is all I manage to say.
I let go of his hands, move my body closer to him and wrap my arms around his neck. My thin, delicate fingers lace through his hair and I bring my legs to intertwine with his. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and kissed my temple.
“You have nothing to worry about. I'm prefectly fine. Yeah, I'm a little more boney than usual but I'm fine. I'm still prefectly healthy. Don't worry about me, okay?” I said, brushing the hair out of his face.
“Okay” he nodded and smiled at me, before gently kissing my lips.
“I should probably go to Eleanor's room. Her and Kendall must be waiting” I said, climbing out of his lap and placing both feet on the floor.
I went over to my suitcase and grabbed my handbag which contained my purse, phone, and sunglasses. I took my sunglasses out of the case and placed them on my head. I glanced at myself in the mirror, making sure I looked presentable for the day. I noticed Harry staring at me and smiling in the relfection.
“What?” I asked, turning around and laughing a little.
“You're really beautiful. I like to look at you” he laughed a little too.
I walked over to him and he stood up from the bed.
“Have fun with your press.. stuff.. things” I tried to say but didn't know the correct terminology, which made Harry laugh.
“Have fun shopping and running wild around Amsterdam” he said, wrapping his long arms around my waist and pulling me close to him.
“Oh you know it” I joked, making him laugh really loud.
He stared at me before running his hand through my hair and planting a soft kiss on my lips.
“Cheerio” I smiled, then turned on my heels to walk away.
Something hard and slightly painful hit my buttcheek, causing me to turn back around.
“Ow, did you just spank me?” I asked, trying to contain my laughter.
Harry bit his bottom lip with a cheesey grin on his face and nodded, making me explode with laughter simply at how funny his face looked. I rolled my eyes and turned to head towards the door.

“I love you!” Harry called, just as I opened the door.
I looked back and smiled.
“I love you too” I said, before leaving the room and closing the door behind me.


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