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Chapter 31

Dinner was absolutely exquisite. Anne made lamb, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweet corn and gravy. It was a typical English Sunday roast dinner. Gemma and Anne found it funny how I, like Harry, am in love with sweet corn. I could eat it with absolutely anything. I also met Robin, Harry's stepdad, how hadn't been at the concert the previous night.
After dinner, we went out to their beautiful back garden and lit a fire. Anne and Gemma told me old stories about Harry when he was younger and we were all nearly in tears laughing. When it was around quarter past 6, Harry realized that we were late and had to go back to Manchester for the boys concert. Robin was again unable to attend the concert, so Harry, Anne, Gemma and I piled into Harry's car and headed back to Manchester.

We got to the venue at around 7pm. Harry got scolded for being late and was rushed off to get ready. He gave me a quick kiss before he left.
I spent the whole concert walking around backstage with Gemma. She was really lovely and so funny. We found some skateboards and rode around on them for a while. We got really hungry at around 9:30pm, so we fetched some jackets and left the venue. We walked to a nearby pizzeria and split a medium chicken pizza.

“So how long have you and Harry been together now?” she asked, taking a bite of her pizza slice.
“Um I'm not entirely sure actually, a month and a half I suppose” I said, trying to think back. It felt like so much longer than a month and a half that he had just moved into his new house and asked me to be his girlfriend.
“He's not usually the girlfriend type. I mean, you're the only girlfriend of his that mum has met since before X Factor and everything. I don't know if he's told you about past girlfriends, but he doesn't normally pick them very well. None of our family ever liked Caroline, their relationship made everyone quite uncomfortable really. We had no interest in meeting her and just didn't really approve of him dating someone twice his age. Then there was Taylor. Oh god, she was awful. Only I met her and hated her the second I saw her. She was so rude and annoying, I had to hold myself back from slapping her, she was such a pain. And then she was a bitch after Harry broke up with her, constantly making fun of him on live TV, like how immature?” Gemma exclaimed.
I laughed out loud at that.
“But you..” she continued, “you're so different. In a good way of course. No other girl that's been in Harry's life was ever interested in actually getting to know mum and I. I think that's one of the many reasons why my mum adores you. She went on a big rant on the way home last night about how great you are. I guess she's just so happy that Harry's finally found someone that he can be serious with and someone that genuinely likes him for him, not for what he has or his fame and all that. You just want Harry. It's actually really lovely watching my little brother fall in love, you're quite perfect for each other” she finished.
I sat there, almost holding back the tears and what she had just said. I knew a little about Harry's past relationships, but I liked how his family liked me and were happy to get to know me.
“Wow, I didn't know some of that! Well, like I said to Harry, if your family want to spend time getting to know me then I'd give my left leg to. At the end of the day, I know how important it is for him that you and your mom like the girl that he dates and the fact that you two actually are actually interested in knowing me and everything just makes everything so much better. I don't really know how to put it into words exactly. I just mean, thank you for wanting to hang out with me and approving of me and Harry.. Basically..” I ramble, making Gemma laugh.

After our pizza and deep discussions, Gemma linked my arm and we skipped back to the venue. We showed our crew cards to the men at the doors so they let us in and continued our skipping, this time singing along to the song the boys were currently singing. I knew from that moment that the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Gemma and I was in the horizon.


Hiiiiiiii. Sorry this wasn't very long, just wanted to speed up the friendship process between Jessica and Gemma.

Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think x


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