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Chapter 30

I woke up the next morning lying on my side, with a strong arm draping over my hip and a pair of bare legs intertwined with mine. I felt Harry's hot breathing on the back on my neck. I managed to turn around so that I was facing him without waking him up. I brushed some of his dark curly hair out of his face before gently kissing his lips. I saw him smile and his grip around my waist pulled me closer to him.
“Do it again” he whispered.
I ran my hand over his cheek before kissing him again, a little longer this time. His grip tightened again and he rolled on top of me. The kiss deepened as I felt him trail his tongue along my bottom lip. I parted my lips slightly before Harry forced his tongue into my mouth. He slowly started to rock his hips back and forth, letting me feel his erection on my abdomen.
He pulled my legs open, without breaking our kiss, so that I could feel him against me, rubbing up and down. His hardness made me tingle and I could feel myself getting wet. I moaned a little as Harry began kissing down my neck and sucking on the sensitive skin near my collar bone. My hands trailed down his bare back and up again to pull his hair a little. Harry's hand was rubbing up and down my bare leg. He slipped his hand under my pajama shorts and squeezed my bum. He knew how much I loved that.
Harry lifted up my top to reveal my stomach. He began kissing down the middle until he reached my belly button. He twirled his tongue around my belly piercing, making me giggle. He started kissing down the inside of my thigh, swapping from leg to leg until he gradually made his way down. He started rubbing the outside of my shorts, probably feeling how wet I was through the two thin layers of clothing between his hand and my clit. I was about to let out a moan until it hit me. I realized where I was. My eyes opened hide and my head shot up.
“Harry stop” I said seriously, looking down at him.
“Why?” he asked, looking up at me extremely confused.
“Where are we?” I asked sarcastically.
Harry sighed upon realizing that there was merely a curtain separating us from Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor and Kendall. He came back up and kissed my lips before flopping down beside me. It killed me to have to stop him from what he was about to do, but I couldn't let him do it, knowing the girls were just a meter away and would hear me if I moaned.

I looked at my phone lying on my bed when I heard it vibrate, indicating that I had a text message.
From Harry: When you're ready, tell me and I'll come get you xx
I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay before typing my reply.
To Harry: Ready now xx
I was wearing a pair of plain black leggings, a purple flannel with a white tank underneath, and a pair of white Toms. My hair was slightly curled and I had quite natural makeup on. I grabbed my phone and a pair of Michael Kors black cat eye sunglasses before saying bye to the girls and I walked off the bus. Just as I closed the door behind me, a black Range Rover pulled up in front of me. I hopped into the passenger seat before leaning over the armrest to kiss Harry on the lips.
“Well don't you look very pretty today” he complimented.
I felt my cheeks heat up.
“Thanks, you too” I replied, placing my sunglasses on to block out the strong sun beaming on my face through the windscreen.
Harry was wearing a burgundy sweater from American Apparel and a pair of black slacks.

It took a little over half an hour to get to Holmes Chapel, so it was nearly 1:30pm when we arrived. It was a quaint little town and was quite peaceful. Harry pulled up to his house and it was nothing like I had expected. It was bigger than I thought it would be, with gates at the top of the driveway, I guess to keep out the fans that live around here.
After parking the car, Harry hopped out and was at my door in a flash, opening it for me. He's such a gentleman. He even hold my hand as I got out. He kept his fingers intertwined with mine as we walked a few meters to the front door. Harry rang the bell and gently kissed my lips just as Gemma answered the door.
“Ello there” she smiled.
Harry motioned with his hand for me to go first. Gemma opened her arms and I hugged her as I walked through the door. I followed her through the hallway into the kitchen, with Harry walking close behind me.
“Hi darling” Anne said, giving me a hug and a kiss of the cheek.
She then did the same to Harry.
“Your house is so pretty” I complimented.
“We moved here not too long ago, around when Harry's stepdad and I got married. We were in a smaller house on like a main street kind of thing, but since that house had been on TV when the boys were on the X Factor, hundreds of fans used to gather outside and it was just getting too dangerous so we moved here where it's more spacious and peaceful” Anne explained.
The faint sound of a bell jingling was heard and I noticed a little black and white cat appear beside the kitchen counter. Harry got down on his hunkers and the cat ran over to him. He picked it up and came over to me.
“This is Dusty” he said, cuddling the cat.
I'd never seen Harry with animals before. I absolutely adore animals, and seeing Harry kissing and snuggling with his cat made my heart melt a little. He handed the cat to me and I stood there rubbing it's ears as it nuzzled it's head into my chest.
“She's usually not that cuddly with strangers, she must like you” Gemma commented, watching me with the cat.
I looked at Harry and smiled, and he winked and smiled back, revealing his beautiful dimples.


I have so many exciting things planned to come in the next few chapters. Prepare yourselves.

I don't actually know if many people are even following this story, but if you are, thank you!

Let me know what you think! Xx


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