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Chapter 27

It was just after 5pm by the time we left lunch. We had sat in the restaurant for a while after eating just chatting. We even had a few glasses of wine which probably wasn't our best idea.
It was starting to get dark out as I walked down the street linking arms with Kendall on one side and Eleanor on the other. Perrie and Danielle were following behind us.
It was about a 20 minute walk to the venue. By the time we got there, the wine and food had been digested and we were all a bit hungry again. We were instantly let in by security who led us backstage to the boys dressing room. We had just walked in the door when Harry was wrapping his arms around me in a warm embrace.
“Babyyyy! I haven't seen you all day, I missed you so much” he said, nuzzling his face in my neck and leaving light kisses on my collar bone.
“I missed you too babe! How has your day been?” I asked, brushing my fingers through his soft, curly hair.
“It would have been better if I had spent more of it with you” he replied, leaning his forehead against mine.
“Well, I'm here now” I smiled, before kissing his lips gently.
“I have a kind of surprise for you later after the show” he whispered in my ear.I narrowed my eyes and pouted a little, curious as to what this surprise was. He laughed at my reaction and kissed me again.

It was around 9pm. The guys were currently on stage. I, of course, found myself walking up to the buffet table for the third time in the past hour. I began filling my plate when I noticed a woman approach the table, a woman that I had never seen before.
“Do you know where the plates are?” she asked, in a polite yet delicate British accent.
“Yeah, they're right here” I responded, picking up one from the pile beside me and handing it to her.
“Thank you! Wow it all looks rather yummy, I don't know what I should choose” she said, referring to the 10foot long table full of every food imaginable.
“Oh I know, this is my third plate full of food and I'm still starving” I replied with a smile. She laughed at loud, probably thinking I was joking. Little did she know..
“That's a lovely accent you've got” she complimented, as we both scooted further down the table, picking any food that looks inviting.
“Aw thank you, I love yours too” I retaliated.
“Are you from the States?” she asked, as we made our way over to a nearby sofa to sit down and eat our food.
I felt it would be rude if I left her there to eat alone, so I decided to sit with her and keep her company. She looked in her early 40s, with flawless tanned skin and dark hair. She was gorgeous. She was a little shorter than me, but then again, I was still in my 6inch heels.
“Well yes and no. I was born in Ireland and lived there up until about 4 years ago then I moved to the U.S” I explained, before taking a bite of my food.
“Oh I see. Did you move there with family?” she asked, curiously.
“Yeah with my four sisters” I smiled.
“Four sisters? Oh my goodness, that's a big family” she laughed a little.
“Yeah it can be quite hectic but I love them” I laughed too.

I sat there talking to the woman for what felt like just a few minutes but had really been nearly an hour. It was a bit before 10pm when a girl with brown and blonde ombréd hair approached us.
“Mum, do you know what time they finish on stage?” she asked the woman I had been talking to.
The girl looked in her 20s and was very pretty. I could see the resemblance. The woman checked her watched before replying.
“In about 25minutes darling” she replied, before looking back to me.
“This is my daughter” she continued, “I'm Anne by the way”
“I'm Jessica” I replied with a warm smile.
“Are you Harry's girlfriend?” Anne's daughter asked me, staring at me.
I secretly hoped she wasn't some weird fan who was gonna beat me up for dating Harry.
“Yeah I am” I smiled at the thought of him.
Anne and her daughter exchanged looks and I wondered what that meant, but I pretended I didn't notice.

I sat talking to Anne and her daughter for the next 25minutes until the guys came back in after finishing their encore. Harry glanced over at me and winked before looking away to talk to whomever he was talking to.
“You know, you're a really lovely girl” Anne said, looking at me in the eyes.
I let out a light laugh at her compliment.
“Thank you!” I exclaimed.
“I can see why my son likes you so much” she winked at me.
“Wait..your son?” I began, but was cut off by someone approaching us.
“MUM!!!” Harry shouted, as Anne stood up and they wrapped their arms around each other.


Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think so far. Exciting things to come in the next few chapters. X


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