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Chapter 20

Jessica's P.O.V.
Harry and I walked down the stairs hand in hand to the kitchen. We noticed that no one else was around and the house seemed really quiet. It was unlikely that everyone was still in bed.
“I'm gonna make you a surprise breakfast” Harry said excitedly.
“Oh! And what will this surprise breakfast consist of?” I asked cheekily.
“If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?” he smirked.
Why he prepared breakfast, I wondering around the house in search of everyone else. When I knew for sure that none of them were home, I went back to the kitchen, picked up from phone and text Eleanor.
To Eleanor: Where the f*%k is everyone?
My phone vibrated almost immediately.
From Eleanor: We all went out for breakfast. I went up to ask you and Harry if you wanted to come but you looked too cute sleeping so I took a picture and left instead. But now we've all decided to spend some alone time with our boyfs. Have fun with Harry ;) Xx
I put my phone down, not bothering to reply. I'm quite bad at replying to people. I guess you could call me a slow texter. Except for important people, like Harry and my sisters.
I turned around, about to tell Harry what Eleanor had just told me, but instead I had a plate of steaming hot pancakes floating in front of my face.
“I've been craving pancakes since we got here” Harry said, licking his lips, making me laugh.

After our breakfast, we got dressed and decided to go for a walk. I was wearing caramel coloured shorts that flattered my long tanned legs, a black lace top, a pair of black cat eye sunglasses and nude studded Louboutin ballerina pumps. My hair was down and naturally wavy. For some reason, whenever I go on vacation, my hair always goes naturally wavy, but at home in LA it's naturally straight. Oh well..
Since Harry and I are a lot more comfortable around each other, we don't bother going to the bathroom to get changed. We just get changed in front of one another. Except I prefer to change my bra and panties in the bathroom. But Harry likes being naked. To each their own I suppose.
When I was finished fixing myself in the mirror, I walked out to see Harry standing there. Naked. Not gonna lie, his dick is a pretty impressive size. (There you go girls x http://p.twimg.com/AvezFXvCAAEjcAO.jpg:large Enjoy! http://24.media.tumblr.com/9a3c9f5a6ad982c7b9cfb61eddf3dffe/tumblr_mj9rc0aR5W1qd2xh5o1_500.png)
“Jess, what should I wear today?” Harry asked, putting his hands on his hips and leaning to one side.
I couldn't hold in my laughter.
“Umm, first put on some boxers” I managed to say through the laughs.
He slipped on a pair of tight black Calvin Klein boxers. I walked over to his suitcase and started pulling out clothes. We eventually picked something for him to wear. (http://24.media.tumblr.com/bb9e2424a930e391515165b8764d7a0e/tumblr_mnewrnuS1x1rl4kmqo1_500.png) It was a white top and denim shorts, gray Nike free runs and a pair of black RayBans.

The day with Harry was amazing. First we went for a walk along the beach. Then we had lunch in a fancy little restaurant. A few fans recognized Harry and asked for pictures. Surprisingly, they wanted me in the pictures too, it was quite weird. Every time a fan asked Harry for a picture, after he would hand them his phone and ask them to take a picture of just him and I. Thankfully none of them ran off with his phone. It was around 7 pm when we started walking back towards the house. Harry and I were holding hands. He was flicking through his phone.
“What do you think about this one?” he asked, showing me his phone.
We stopped walking and he handed the phone to me. I looked at the screen to see he was on Instagram, flicking through filters. The picture was of him and I with the beach in the background. He had one arm around my waist and the other holding my wrist. I had one arm around his back and the other on his stomach. The hand on his stomach was the wrist he has holding. Does that make sense? We both had our sunglasses off. I was laughing a little and Harry had a cheesey grin on his face. It was the cutest picture I'd ever seen.
“Aw I love it” I smiled, handing him back his phone.
He took it from me before typing something, then handing it back it me. I was confused at first, so I looked and saw he had posted it on Instagram with the caption 'this is jessica, shes my fit gal pal, say hello jess'.
“Your captions never make any sense to me!” I yelled, making Harry burst out laughing.
Harry grabbed a hold of my waist and pulled me close to him. My hands rested on his pecks. He squeezed my waist before gently kissing me. I felt him lick my bottom lip and just as I was about to part my lips, he pulled away.
“Race you back to the house” he said, before taking off in a sprint.
“TEASE!” I shouted, before sprinting after him.

“How did you beat me?” Harry asked as we walked up the stairs to our bedroom, both trying to catch our breath after running about a mile.
“Cause you're so slow like a grandpa!” I said, flopping down on the bed face first.
“Cheeky monkey” Harry said before slapping my ass really hard.


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Sorry I was hoping this chapter would be longer!
I'm starting back at school tomorrow and won't be able to update as much, but I will try my best. On the up side, I write these on my phone so if I don't update for a few days, I'll have several chapters to post when I do update!
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