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Chapter 13

Jessica's P.O.V.
Harry and I waited for everyone else to leave before he dropped me home. He drove me home in his Audi R8 Coupe. I love this car so much. He held my hand the whole way home while we drove.
When we pulled up to my house, I hopped out to enter the code to open the gates of my driveway. I got back in the car and Harry drove up my long driveway.
“I'm still in love with your house” Harry said as he stopped the car parallel to the front door.
“Why? Your house is so much nicer and more modern” I laughed, unbuckling my safety belt.
“I love how it's all gold inside and old fashioned” he smiled, admiring the house.
“You're so cute” I smiled back, opening the car door.
“Come over this side and give me a kiss” Harry said, pouting.
I stepped out of the car and closed the door behind me. I walked around to Harry's side and he opened the door for me. I bent down so that he and I were face to face. Harry brought his hands up to my face and pulled me to him until our lips touched.
“Goodnight baby” he said, pulling away.
“Goodnight Harry” I replied, standing up straight again.
Harry grabbed my hand just as I was about to walk away. He brought it up to his mouth and lightly kissed it.
“Text me when you're home safely” I smiled, taking a step back but not letting go of Harry's hand.
“I will” he winked before letting go of my hand.
I smiled and turned around while he closed his car door and started the engine. I gave him a little wave and he opened his eyes really wide and stuck out his tongue while he drove past. I stepped into my house and pressed the gate button to open it for Harry and waited until his car was out of sight before I pressed the button to close it. I walked through to the kitchen to see Nina and Gigi baking.
“What are you making?” I asked, sitting down on one of the stools by the counter.
“Chocolate brownies, do you want one?” Gigi replied, pulling the cooked batch out of the oven.
“Yeah sure!” I said.
Gigi took one off the tray and put it on a little plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. She handed me the plate and a fork.
“Thank you G” I smiled.
I haven't been spending much time with my sisters lately, so I suggested we all go to my room and watch tv and cuddle. We got some popcorn, chocolate and our two Chihuahua puppies and we all watched Pretty Little Liars in my bed.

It was around 11pm. Gigi and Nina were asleep in my bed with the puppies. My phone started vibrating on my bedside table. I reached over Nina, picked it up and answered it.
“Hello?” I said quietly into the phone, trying not to wake up my sisters.
“Jessica, I know it's late but I need to tell you something” Kendall spoke quickly.
“It's okay, what's up?” I replied.
“I can't say it over the phone. Can I come over?” she asked.
“Yeah of course!” I said.
“Okay, I'll be there in 5” Kendall replied before hanging up.
Since I was in the middle of Nina and Gigi, I stood up on my pillow, pulled the duvet over them, walked down to the end of my bed and jumped off. I closed my curtains, turned off the light and closed the door, leaving them sleep.
I went down to the kitchen to get some water. A few minutes later, there was a faint knock of the front door. I knew it was Kendall. She knows the code to get in my gate, so I didnt need to open it for her. I walked to the door and there she was.
“Oh my gosh Jessica” she said quickly, walking into my house once I opened the door.
“Okay woah, calm down. Let's get a glass of wine, sit in the garden and you can tell me whatever it is that you need to tell me” I said soothingly.
Kendall nodded in agreement and followed me to the kitchen. I poured us each a glass of cold red wine. We went outside, walked around the pool and over to the rattan sofas (you know that garden furniture that looks like sticks all woven together, that's what rattan is), and sat down.
“So what are you stressing about?” I asked, taking a sip of my wine.
“Niall and I had sex” Kendall blurted out.
I chocked on my wine but managed to swollow it safely.
“What? When? Tell me everything” I encouraged.
“Okay.. After Harry's house, Niall was going to drop me home but we ended up going back to his and you know.. One thing led to another” Kendall explained.
I couldn't help but burst out laughing.
“What are you laughing at? I'm freaking out!” Kendall said.
“I just thought it would be something huge. Kendall, everyone our age has sex! So what? He's your boyfriend, you've been together a few weeks, it's normal I swear!” I replied, trying to calm her down.
“I guess.. I'm just worried” she said, looking down seeming embarrassed.
“About what? Getting pregnant? Your mom finding out?” I questioned.
“Both..” Kendall murmured.
“Did you use a condom?” I asked.
Kendall nodded.
“Have you told anyone other than me?” I asked.
Kendall shook her head.
“Well then you're safe and your mom won't find out! If you're really worried, I can get you one of Brandi's morning after pills” I suggested.
“Please! If you don't mind! I just want to know I'm not gonna get pregnant” Kendall said.
“It's no problem. If it will help you relax then I'll get them” I replied, standing up, “Stay here, I'll be back in a minute”.
I left Kendall while I went inside and ran upstairs to Brandi's room. She was out at a party or something so she wouldn't know I took one. I went to her bathroom, grabbed a pill from the packet and went back downstairs and outside. I gave the pill to Kendall and she washed it down with a gulp of her wine.
“Now, as long as you don't tell any of your sisters or people that you don't trust, then you don't need to worry about your mom finding out” I said.
“Trust me, I will not be telling anyone other than you. I won't even be telling Kylie cause if she and I get in an arguement then she'll spill it to my mom. You are literally the only person in my life that I trust other than Niall” she laughed.
“Well don't worry! If you're ever scared about this kinda stuff, or anything at all, you can come to me” I smiled.
“I love you! You're my best friend in the whole world” Kendall said, giving me a hug.
“Aw Kendall, I love you too. You'll always be my best friend” I replied, hugging her back.


Aww, cute girly moment between Kendall and Jessica! Hope you liked it! I have something exciting planned for the next chapter!
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