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Chapter 11

It's been about a month since Harry and I first met, so about 3 weeks since we went to Chipotle. Remember how I said I heard clicking noises? Well, that was paparazzi taking sly pictures of Harry kissing my cheek. The pictures pretty much went viral the next day. Luckily the pictures were bad quality so my face wasn't recognizable, but Harry was. All over twitter, girls were tweeting things like "who is this bitch stealing our Hazza?" and "that slut better back the fuck off my boyfriend". Delusional girls, but I didn't let any harsh comments get to me.
Harry and I go on dates every day or sometimes every second day. I've had 4 photo shoots the past three weeks which Harry supportively came to 3 of them. He had an interview at the same time as one of them so he couldn't come, but he text me during it asking how I was getting on.
Kendall and Niall are pretty much inseparable now. I haven't spent one-on-one time with just Kendall in I don't know how long. But, we still see each other all the time since we hang out with the 1D boys and their girlfriends literally every single day. Kendall and I have become really good friends with Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle the past few weeks. We even nicknames for each other. El, Per, Dani, Ken and Little J. I used to be Jess but when they heard Brandi call me Little J, they started calling me that. According to them, it made sense since I was the youngest. But whatever. I don't really mind. Harry and the boys still call me Jess.
Harry and I have been more careful when we go out since the Chipotle photographs. I always have to wear sunglasses and occasionally a scarf or hat. Paparazzi haven't managed to figure out my identity yet, which I plan to keep it that way for a while at least, even though Harry and I aren't officially together. My name is magazines and gossip websites is "Harry's Mystery Girl" which he and I find quite funny.
Harry has also bought a new house and is moving out of his flat. I've been helping him pack up his things into boxes the past few days. His new house in is Malibu which is about 40 minutes from where I live.

I was woken up one morning by the vibration of my phone under my pillow. I sat up and grabbed my phone.
“Hello?” I croaked.
“Answer your door you lazy muppet” Harry laughed.
Even though he's just woken me up, I couldn't help but laugh.
“Alright, I'm coming” I replied, hanging up the phone.
I managed to roll out of bed and walk to the front door, despite a few stumbles along the way. I opened the door to see Harry standing there holding a Starbucks cup carrier with 2 drinks in it, and a brown Starbucks bag in the other.
“Good morning gorgeous, I brought you breakfast” Harry smiled.
I giggled at how cute he was before stepping aside and motioning for him to come in. Harry kissed my forehead before leading the way to my kitchen.
“Someone's in a good mood this morning” I smiled at him.
He grinned back while handing me my favorite; strawberries and creme frappuccino. He took his caramel frappuccino out of the cup holder before throwing the holder in trash. He opened the brown food bag and took out our usuals, a chicken sausage breakfast wrap for him and a tomato and cheese croissant for me.

“So what's on the agenda for today?” I asked, throwing my empty frap cup in the trash.
“Well,” Harry begins but stops until he has finished chewing, “the house is ready to be moved in to so I was wondering if you'd like to help me carry all the boxes from my flat and put them in a truck. Then we'll drive to Malibu and you can finally see the house”.
I sniggered at his overly excited tone of voice.
“I would like to help you carry boxes and load them into a truck” I replied, putting emphasis on 'would'.
“But first, come here and give me a kiss” Harry said.
No matter what he says, I have to try control my smile. That deep, raspy English accent makes me swoon. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was still sitting on one of the kitchen stools, so he opened his legs before pulling my body close to his. He smiled at me before leaning in and ever so gently pressing his lips against mine. His tongue trailed along my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I parted my lips and our tongues played with each other for a few minutes until Harry pulled away.
“Now go get dressed so that the party can start” Harry joked.
Just as I turned to leave the kitchen, I felt a hard smack on my bum. I turned back to Harry, creased my eyebrows and pouted. He simply winked at me and smiled.

Harry came up to my room with me since I'd probably take 45 minutes to get ready and I didn't want to leave him down in the kitchen by himself for that amount of time. He lay on my bed watching tv while I went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I had washed my hair the previous night, so I tied it up in a tight bun and had a quick body shower. When I got out, I threw on a bra and lace panties before moisturizing my body. I went in to my closet and picked out a plain black skin-tight long sleeve leotard and denim high-waist shorts with bow details on the sides. Since we would be going up and down stairs, I decided on plain black short Converse. I quickly applied my basic makeup before letting my hair out of the bun and briefly running my flat iron through it.
When I was ready, I walked out to find Harry watching Family Guy. He's loves that show too much. I didn't bother bringing a bag, I just grabbed my phone, slipped it in my back pocket and took the pair of sunglasses off my bedside table.
“Sorry about the wait” I apologized, as I pulled him up from my bed with both hands.
“It's alright babe” Harry said, rubbing my back as he followed me. He held my hand as we walked through my house to the garage where his car was parked.

“There's only a few more boxes left Harry, you can do it!” I encouraged the curly haired kid who was lying on the ground beside the truck pretending to be dead.
I grabbed his hands and managed to pull him up. He seemed heavier now than he was earlier because he was tired now and his body was all floppy. When I finally got him to his feet, he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I swung my legs tightly around his waist and placed my hands loosely in the nape of his neck.
That's when I heard it.
“Do you hear the clicking Harry?” I said looking down at him.
The seriousness in my voice caused him to look around. He gently let me down but kept his arms around my waist. I brought my hands down his chest and left them on his stomach. We heard the clicking again.
“It must be coming from a bush or something” Harry said, as he continued to scan the parking lot of his apartment building.
“I wonder what bullshit story they'll come up with now. That we're moving in together perhaps?” I joked, causing Harry to laugh.
He stopped looking around and stared at me. He brought one hand up to my face and brushed a little piece of hair behind my ear.
“Oh well, they're gonna find out eventually” he said.
“Find out what eventually?” I asked, confusion written all over my face.
“That you're my girlfriend” Harry smiled.
“I'm your girlfriend?” I asked, trying to hide my smile.
“That is.. If you want to be.. I mean, if not it's coo–” he began but I cut him off.
“Harry, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” I asked straight up.
He nodded and smiled.
“I'd love to” I smiled up at him.
His smile grew about five times bigger.
“Well then girlfriend, let's give these paparazzi something worth selling” Harry said.
He grabbed my face and pulled it up to his, smacking our lips against each other. His hands moved down to my hips and mine wrapped around his neck. Numerous clicks were going off around us, but we didn't care.


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