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Chapter 10

Harry's P.O.V.
After a catch up with Niall on the way to the cinema, we eventually found a parking spot and hopped out of the car.
“There's Zayn and Perrie” Niall pointed at them as we walked into the theatre.
Zayn nodded at us and we walked over to them.
“Harry, long time no see” Perrie said, approaching me with open arms.
“Hey Per” I replied, giving her a quick hug.
“He was in Crawl last night but he left with his woman” Zayn joked to Perrie.
“Harry Styles has a new woman? How old is she this time?” Perrie asked, quite shocked.
“Actually, you'll be glad to hear that she's younger than me” I said, in a matter-of-factly tone.
“Well that's a first!” she laughed.
“And there she is now” Zayn said, looking behind Niall and I at the theatre entrance.
I turned to see Jessica and Kendall walk in. I couldn't help but stare at Jessica as her long tanned legs walked in our direction. I smiled at her and she smiled back. As Jessica and Kendall approached us, I took a few steps forward to close the gap between Jessica and I. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into a hug. I brought my hand up to her face and brushed a piece of hair out of the way before gently kissing her lips. Someone cleared their throat behind us, causing me to turn around. Perrie was staring at me smiling.
“Sorry! Jessica, this is Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend” I said, introducing them.
Perrie walked over to Jessica and embraced her in a hug.
“It's so nice to meet you” Perrie said, pulling away from Jessica.
“It's nice to meet you too” Jessica replied with a smile.
“Oi Harry!” I heard someone call me.
I turned around to see Louis waving at me from the entrance. Eleanor was attached to his arm and Liam followed behind with Danielle.
“Hey Jess” Louis said, approaching us.
“This is Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend. And that's Danielle, Liam's girlfriend” I quickly said before Jessica replied.
“Nice to meet you Jessica” Eleanor and Danielle said in unison before they each gave Jessica a hug.
“Are we just waiting for your sisters Jessica?” Kendall asked, breaking the silence.
“Yeah they should be here in a minute” Jessica explained.
A few minutes later, Nina, Rachel, and two other girls walked over to us. Jessica introduced everyone to her sister Brandi, and Brandi's friend, Selena Gomez. The boys and I have met Selena once or twice before.
“So shall we go buy our tickets?” Brandi asked.

Jessica's P.O.V.
After the movie was over, Nina, Rachel, Brandi and Selena said goodbye to everyone and left. Kendall, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and I went to the restrooms to freshen up since we spent most of the movie busy with our boys, if you know what I mean.
“I have something to tell you” Kendall said quietly into my ear.
I turned to her and raised my eyebrows.
“Niall asked me to be his girlfriend” Kendall whispered obviously not wanted the other girls to hear.
My mouth fell open and I quickly covered it with my hands. I mean, I knew it was coming since after my lunch with Niall early, I asked Kendall and she said she would say yeah if he were to ask her. But I didn't think he'd ask her a few hours later.
“And what did you say?” I asked quietly.
Kendall turned away and smiled. I know Kendall so well.
“Oh my gosh Kendall I'm so happy for you” I nearly screamed, pulling her into a hug.
“What's going on?” Perrie asked.
I pulled away from Kendall to see Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor staring at us. I smiled at Kendall to let her know it was okay to tell them.
“Niall asked me to be his girlfriend” Kendall finally said.
“Aww Kendall I'm so happy for you” Danielle said, running over and giving her a hug.
“Aw that so cute” Eleanor said.
“Do you really like him?” Perrie asked, trying to get some goss out of Kendall.
Again, Kendall looked away and smiled. The girls understood what she meant and they all squealed before giving her a group hug.

The five of us left the restroom and went outside to where the guys were waiting for us. The cinema was right beside a mall, so Danielle suggested we go for a stroll around there for a bit.
We were walking around the mall, I was hand-in-hand with Harry. The girls were all walking separately with their boyfriends.
“Jessica..” I heard Perrie say.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“Look, there you are” she said, pointing to a huge poster advertising Hollister.
We all looked to see where Perrie was pointing and sure enough, there I was on the poster.
“Wow you look gorgeous Jess” Eleanor said, turning around to me and smiling.
“Thanks Eleanor” I replied.
“Harry, you're a lucky lad” Liam said kind of quietly to Harry, probably thinking I didn't hear.
“I know” I heard Harry whisper back to Liam.
I couldn't help but smile to myself.

After walking around the mall for an hour or so, Harry started walking slower so that everyone was ahead of us.
“Do you wanna ditch them? I'm so hungry” Harry said, laughing a little.
I laughed and nodded.
“Hey, err Jessica and I are gonna go, I'm not feeling very well” Harry said, lying to everyone.
I tried to hide my laughter so that it wasn't obvious that Harry was making this up so that we could leave.
“Oh.. Alright mate. Hope you feel better” Louis said to Harry.
“Bye Jess, hope you feel better Hazza” Liam said.
We said our goodbyes to everyone before turning around and walking back the way we came. Harry let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist before lightly kissing my hair.
“Do you like Chipotle?” Harry asked.
“Oh my gosh yes I love it so much” I exclaimed.
Harry laughed and squeezed my waist.
“Well let's go then!” he smiled at me.
He wrapped his other arm around me so that he was behind me. He kissed my cheek several times, making me burst out laughing. I thought I heard a faint clicking sound coming from nearby, but I decided to ignore it.

“I'll have crispy tacos with steak, salsa, cheese and lettuce please” I said, giving the waiter my order.
“And I'll have a burrito rice, chicken, salsa and cheese please” Harry told the waiter.
“Sure, and can I get you guys any drinks?” the waiter replied.
Harry looked at me, letting me order first again.
“Sprite please” I said, looking up at the waiter.
“I'll have the same, thanks” Harry said.
The waiter walked away with our orders, leaving Harry and I alone in a secluded corner of the restaurant.
“Did you hear about Kendall and Niall?” Harry asked, breaking the silence.
“I did indeed” I replied, putting my elbows on the table and intertwining my fingers.
The waiter returned with our drinks a few seconds later.
“I just realised that you and I both wear two rings on the same fingers on the same hand” Harry said, staring at my hands.
I followed his gaze to my hands. Everyday I wear a ring on my middle finger and ring finger on my right hand. One was from my mom, the other from my dad. Both are Tiffany&Co. I then looked at Harry's right hand to see he was wearing two fingers on the same fingers.
“Do you wear them everyday?” I asked.
Harry nodded while taking a sip of his drink.
“I swap the fingers sometimes though, just to jazz up my day a little” he smiled.
I almost spat my drink out at his comment, making Harry burst out laughing.


Tell what you think of it so far! I'm speeding things up a little in the next chapter :) x


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