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It Takes Patience

Chapter 6: Cheeky Chaplin

*Reagan’s POV*
Harry rose up out of his chair in the waiting room and walked into Dr. Baker’s office. His beautiful green eyes didn’t break contact with mine until he was inside and a smirk settled comfortably on his puffy lips. I felt heat rise in my cheeks as I walked in behind him and shut the door.

“Ah Hello Harold, how are we today?” Dr. Baker asked looking at Harry over her glasses as she got more comfortable in the stereotypical "shrink" leather seat.

“Hey love.” Harry walked over to the couch and lied down, swinging his legs over the armrest with one arm resting on his chest and the other falling lazily to the floor. Dr. Baker sat in the leather chair in front of him and I took my seat behind her desk placing my recorder and note pad there ready to listen.

“So who’s this then?” Harry asked gesturing towards me.

“Harry, this is Reagan Stoger, she's my intern for the duration of the summer.” Dr. Baker replied smiling at me.

“Hello.” When I spoke, I sounded so meek. It isn't like me to be shy. I'm far from it actually, but something about his presents is overpowering my personality.

Harry looked at me through squinted eyes flashed me a quick smirk then turned his attention back to Dr. Baker. She turned to me and nodded her head slightly signalling me to turn on my tape recorder as the session began.

“Harry, you didn’t show for your last session,” Dr. B said while looking over her glasses at him, “where were you? Why did you skip?”A confused look flashed over Harry’s face and was quickly replaced by an amused one as he began to laugh.

“HA!, I think you already know. Paul already told you and you just want to hear me say it. You both are right gossips and you're trying to embarrass me in front of your friend here," he nodded his head towards me, "but I don't get embarrassed love, I do the embarrassing. You should know that by now.” Harry said while laughing. A smile tugged on Dr. B’s lips and my stomach tightened as his laugh escaped him. Why is my body reacting this way and betraying me?

“Come now Harold, out with it. I don’t know that’s why I asked.” I couldn't help but have a stupid grin as I noticed how relaxed their exchange was.

“It’s not appropriate...” Harry trailed off still amused.

“I think you have become shy because of my assistant Harold.” Dr. Baker said now chuckling herself and Harry's eyes once again flickered on me causing me to blush again.

“Far from it! I’m just being a gentleman. I'm sure ladies of your stature wouldn't be interested to know why I was....detained?"

“Detained you say? Now I have to know.. If you’re not shy then out with it Harold, we’re all professionals here. Besides, I want to know what was so important it kept you from me.” Dr. B crossed her legs staring at Harry with the slightest smile on her face awaiting his reply.

“Fine...they put me in the white room-”

“Reflection halls Harold,” she corrected and then shook her head while looking back at me as if to apologize for Mr. Styles, “you know we don’t have ‘white rooms.’” Harry rolled his eyes and continued.

“They put me in the ‘reflection hall,’” he air quoted, “for fucking-”

“Language Harold!” Dr. B gasped and my cheeks turned red for the fifth time today in the short amount of time he's been in the room.

Harry stared at me and smiled mischievously and I began to notice how attractive he actually was. Wild brown curly hairs stuck out from underneath a grey beanie. His lips were the perfect full heart shape and demanded almost as much attention as his eyes that were not merely just green, but a mix of emerald (the dominant color), sapphire, and even a hint of gold specs flickered closer to his pupil. He had a strong jawline that flexed every time he spoke, and collar bones that made me think that somewhere in this psych hospital, a gym lies hidden. His black t-shirt, grey trackies hid the rest of his body from my exploring glances and he held my gaze even though I pleaded with myself desperately to look away.

“Sorry,” He corrected himself, “for shagging Isla.”

“Oh Harold you know that’s not allowed here” Dr. B scolded.

“I thought I was helping...”

“Helping her or helping yourself?” Dr. B asked with a raised eyebrow while writing notes down, something I noticed that I'm supposed to be doing but fell distracted.

“I’d like to think a little bit of both. At least for that hour she wasn’t depressed.”He said in a matter of fact tone while grinning and showing dimples as big as craters in each of his cheeks. Wait, did he say an hour?

“Cheeky Harold. You know better than that! You also know that she’s a nymphomaniac and what you did didn’t help her situation. I assume it won’t happen again correct?” Dr. B replied.

“Sure, sure.” Harry said exasperatedly rolling his eyes upward.

Dr. B began to change the subject and I couldn't be happier that I had a tape recorder that I could take notes from later. Throughout the session I had been sneaking discreet glances at Harry and at the end of the hour he noticed. His light green eyes were a bit darker and if I'm not mistaken a scowl rested on his masculine features, but his gaze captured mine still, giving me an ‘I know you've been looking at me for the past hour and it’s awkward’ glance. I dropped my pen then bent over behind the desk to get it, breaking the eye contact momentarily, and he smirked at me when my eyes drew back to him. As he stood from the couch he allowed his eyebrows to decrease themselves.

“Same time tomorrow Harold.” Dr. B said opening the door as he walked out of the office. I stopped my tape recorder and smiled at Dr. B both uneasy and relaxed now that that particular session had ended.


Hey Last chapter that I will upload today! Why do you guys think Harry is a patient? I hope whoever is reading is enjoying it and be sure to subscribe if you are!! :) xx


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!