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It Takes Patience

Chapter 43: Scrutiny

*Peyton’s POV*
This is the second time I’ve seen her get out of his car and if I have anything to do with it, it will be the last time. She only holds his hand this time and it infuriates me, but it’s nowhere near as bad as when I saw them together the first time.

*Flash Back*

It was pouring rain outside when I was getting out of the car to bring the reports that I had for the day to Laurie and just before I open the door, a jeep pulls up. At first I paid it no attention until I saw her.

“Reagan?” I got back in my car and watched them.

I felt relief wash over me as she moves to exit the vehicle but my heart stops when she kisses him and gets back in the car. I want to turn away, but my eyes make me watch them as my anger builds with every moment and exchange that passes between them. When the door opens and she climbs off of his lap to bring him inside I’m livid. All of me wants to jump out of the car and beat the living hell out of him. Why would she do this to me?! My feet betray my thoughts however and I’m frozen, stuck with rage. An hour and a half passes before the boy reemerges from her building and gets back into his vehicle and Reagan comes out shortly after him. I have to handle this and I will. I take a deep breath before I exit the car and still my emotions.

"Just be calm Peyton.... Reagan?! What are you doing out here in that state?”
*End Flash Back*

I wasn’t clear on whom it was she was with until now and I chuckle to myself at the sight. Her case study, is she really fucking her case study? This is too easy and I know exactly how I’m going to put a stop to it.

*Reagan’s POV*
During the entire session, Harry and I kept trying to avoid each other but we were failing miserably. Every time Dr. Baker would look down to write notes on H. I would feel him looking at me, I would be looking at him, or we would catch each other staring. When our glance met the first time I had to stop myself from smiling like an idiot. I am still forever grateful that I am allowed a tape recorder during sessions because the notes that I took made little to no sense at all. At the end of the session, Dr. Baker asked me a question and because I was so lost in Harry I didn’t hear her.

“Reagan?” I snapped out of my trance and turned to Dr. Baker trying to suppress the blush that began to sneak up on my features.

“I’m sorry Dr. Baker, what was your question?” I could see Harry begin to chuckle in the corner of my eye as Dr. B. repeated her question.

“Have you begun your writing for your assignment?”

“Yes. It’s coming along great.” I was seven pages into my twenty page report and because I have at least one more month to finish writing my analysis, I will have ample time. I only need a few more bits of information from H. That’s the only thing to be concerned about. I have more questions on what happened when he killed his step father, but I don’t want to push him away or anger him again.

When Dr. B. released us, Harry drove me home and on the way there he had another unreadable expression on his face.

“What’s wrong Harry?”

“Nothing, I just need to get you home.” Harry glanced at me and then quickly back to the road before pinching his bottom lip.

“Why what did I do? Are you upset with me?” His mood swings come on too suddenly for me sometimes. The smallest things set him off from happy, to sad, to angry, to annoyed. I can’t keep up.

“No I’m not upset with you, but if I don’t get you home I might pull over and fuck you in the back seat. You can’t stare at me like that in session. We have to take it slow glasses. It’s going to kill me, but we have to for this to work.”

Oh God.

I can feel myself get wet from his words alone and the uncomfortable feeling starts to grow in my crotch. When he gets to my apartment building, he gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before unlocking the door.

“I understand taking it slow, but a kiss on the cheek H.?” Harry begins to fidget in his seat as he grins and shakes his head before giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Now go, I’ve got to wee!”

“You can come up.”

“I can’t and we both know why. Close the door glasses!” I closed the door to the car laughing at Harry when I felt my phone ring. A sense of dread came over me when Peyton’s name popped up on the screen. I don’t want to have this discussion, not yet.


“There’s my girl, are you home from session yet? I’ve missed you.”

“Um yeah, I just got home actually.”

“Great, I know you said you wanted to talk, but I was hoping that I could go first. I don’t know how long I can go without telling you.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“It’s more of a face to face kind of thing do you have time tonight?.” Peyton’s nervous chuckle made me more anxious. Maybe he would break up with me and make it easier on both of us.

“Um sorry Peyton tonight I can’t. Laurie and I are going out with Channel tonight. She leaves on Tuesday early in the morning so tonight is really the last night we have to hang out before she’s gone. I totally forgot. Can we talk about it after she leaves?”

I can keep this from him for two more days. I really did forget that we were going out with Channel tonight and trying to break up with him and still have a good time would be rough for me. I don’t hate Peyton. I just don’t lo- like him how I do H. My focused side turns into my voice of reason ‘Were you about to say that you love Harry?’ I shake away my subconscious’ question and wait for Peyton’s response.

“That will be perfect actually. Be sure to tell Channel I said good bye and that it was a pleasure to meet her if I don’t see her before she leaves. Until Tuesday love, I’ll see you then. Be sure to let me know that you got home safely from the clubs or bars where ever it is that you ladies go tonight.” I agreed with Peyton before I hung up the phone, but soon after the conversation ended
I began to question myself again.

Why am I stalling, and was I really about to allow myself to think that I love Harry? It’s been too short of a time to go that far, hasn’t it? I go to Laurie’s floor instead of my own knowing that I would find Channel there and when I do, to my surprise I find Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Louis, and Eleanor there as well.

“Now we’re ready to party! Hey there babes!” Everyone had already started drinking and it was only six in the evening. I laughed at Channel’s slight slur and was handed a drink by Laurie as soon as I got settled in the apartment. When I put my lips to the cup, I remember exactly what drink it was, the ‘A bomb’.

“Just so you can catch up to us a bit faster.” Zayn laughed and I began to sip my drink while sitting on the couch talking to Channel, Laurie, Perrie and Eleanor as the guys played dj on Laurie’s Ipod dock.

“We’re going to head out at around seven and hit up a few bars and then go club hoppin after that. You can just wear some of my clothes so you don’t have to go back up to your flat.” I nodded in response to Laurie and continued to sip my drink. It had more alcohol in it than the last time that Zayn mixed it, but as I sipped it, my mind went back to the night of Harry’s welcome home party and I began to wonder if he knew about this and if he was going to come.
We went into Laurie’s room to change and when we got in and closed the door, L began to ask me about Peyton.

“Why don’t you invite him Rea?”

“Oh, um he has to be at the hospital too early tomorrow. Besides, I want to give my attention to my best bitch before she leaves me for a month. I’m gonna miss you Nel!” I notice that my words are slightly beginning to slur, but I meant what I said. I will miss Channel. Channel chuckled and then gave me a drunk and sloppy hug as I finished putting on my clothes. I decided light makeup would be best seeing as how the dress Laurie gave me to wear was dramatic enough within itself .

When I came out of Laurie’s bed room there were five boys in the living room where there were four. When my hazel eyes met with crystal green ones I got both excited and annoyed. Harry would be with us at the club and I won’t be able to touch him. I have to be professional. ‘What if you see another girl go for him while you’re out? What will you do then? I push the thought away. Why does my subconscious have to be so annoying? The thought of another female being all over Harry at the club starts to aggravate me. How am I supposed to get through this night? The bad thing is I know that some whore will try out her odds with him when we go out. He looks so good. He was wearing a blue button up with hearts on it and black skinny jeans with black boots. His shirt was buttoned up the majority of the way, but he still looked incredibly sexy with his hair swooped off of his forehead into a quiff.

We made eye contact and Harry flashed me a quick grin and a wink before turning his attention back to what Louis was saying and laughing. I hate this. I hate not being able to touch him, to stand next to him with my arm wrapped around his waist like how it was earlier today at the aquarium. I want to kiss him, to embrace him, and mark him as mine and only mine in front of everyone in the room, but I can’t and thinking about it slowly starts to make me angry.

Louis mixes us all another strong ass ‘A bomb’ and we all take shots of tequila before we leave for the bars and I can tell that I am already drunk. When we get to the Lions Head Pub Club, a man there buys me a drink, but I hand it to Channel knowing that I am already at my limit. I don’t want to pass out. I have to stay sober enough to keep an eye on Harry. He stands at the other end of the bar with Liam and there are four girls around them. It looks as if they are all just being friendly, but one keeps giggling and touching Harry’s arm. I can feel my jealousy rise and force myself to go dance with Channel, Laurie, Perrie, and Eleanor. When I look back over at Liam and Harry, I can see that they’re seated at a booth with the girls and I can feel my blood start to boil. The only thing that stops me from yanking those bitches out of that booth is that I see that Harry is looking back at me, not them. He has no interest in what they’re saying and I feel myself relax again

When we leave to go to the next bar, Harry sits next to me in the taxi and I can barely stand being so close.

“My balls! They’re squished!” Niall yells out causing everyone to laugh.

“Can we not lap up t’ give everyone a bit more room back here?” The girls quickly obliged and began to sit on the laps of their boyfriends. Laurie sat on Niall’s lap, Perrie on Zayn, Eleanor on Louis, Channel even sat on Liam’s lap in the front seat, but I don’t know if I will be able to handle sitting on Harry.

“There’s still not enough room back here! Reagan, do you think you can sit on Harry’s lap please?” I could see Channel look back at me in the rearview mirror with a knowing look in her eyes. I obliged with Niall’s request and got onto Harry’s lap ignoring the smirk that played out on his lips.

As the taxi pulled off, everyone began to talk about where to go next when I felt Harry’s left hand begin to caress the exposed skin on my back. Goose bumps rose on my skin and shivers went down my spine as he continued to rub and touch while making it seem as if all of his attention was on the conversation currently going on. Harry moved his hand from my back to my thigh and began to slide the material on the side of my skirt upwards so that he could slip his hand under my bum.

I tried to cross my legs to stop him but there was no leg room in the taxi to do so. Harry’s hand continued to secretly travel up my skirt until he got to my panties. He moved the material to the side and began to rub at my opening. I had to drop my head to suppress the moan that threatened to escape my lips and when I lifted my head back up, I could see Channel grinning at me again through the rearview mirror.

A blush began to rise on my cheeks as Harry continued to discreetly torture me in the best way. I could barely breathe and had to bite my cheeks and my tongue to keep myself quiet. Harry had to grab my waist a few times to stop me from grinding myself into his touch and making it obvious to the others what was going on. I was so close to the edge when we reached the next club. Harry removed his hand from me and readjusted my skirt so that no one could have known that his hand was up it before I got off of his lap and followed the others in.

This time when we went to the bar, I ordered myself a drink and drank the entire glass with in mere minutes of it being handed to me. Why is he teasing me when he’s the one that said we can’t have sex yet? For the rest of the night I tried my best to avoid Harry at all costs and thankfully we had gotten to an area that allowed us to be in walking distance of our net destination. When we got back home, it was around 4 a.m. and everyone was either over their limit or on it. Laurie stumbled to the door and unlocked it as everyone piled inside tripping over each other or their own feet.

“Now thissis how we send people back home.” Louis slurred his words as he took a seat on the couch next to a knocked out Eleanor. I smiled and looked at Channel who was sitting on Liam’s lap clearly to wrapped up in his mouth to even notice that everyone else who was still awake was staring at the two of them.

One by one everyone began to fall asleep. Laurie got up and went to bed and Niall followed her. Perrie fell asleep on Zayn’s stomach as they lied down on the carpeted floor. Channel and Liam disappeared into the bathroom...wonder what they’re doing? Louis fell asleep on the couch with Eleanor. Harry however, sat awake in front of the television leaning against the coffee table looking at me with a devilish smirk on his face.

I scooted next to Harry on the floor intending only to watch tv with him when he all of a sudden wrapped his arm around my waist and began to kiss my neck.

“H. no. we can’t.” I whispered to him sure to not wake anyone when he stopped looked around the room and whispered back to me.

“Upstairs NOW!” I stood from my position on the floor and quietly walked over to the drawer in the kitchen where Laurie kept her spare key. When I found it, I quickly made my way towards the door with Harry following closely behind me.


I am so excited to update this chapter! What do you guys think? How do you think Peyton will put an end to Reagan hooking up with Harry? Lemme know in the comment section below and be sure to vote and subscribe if you haven't done so already :D As always love you all for reading!! Xx


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!