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It Takes Patience

Chapter 40: Back and Forth

*Reagan’s POV*
I opened the door that had just been slammed in my face to try and catch up with Harry. He doesn’t get to run off this time. I am so confused and even a little hurt that he would have sex with me and then just walk out as if I was just some one night stand on the side. But you are aren’t you? A glorified one night stand. My focused side once again turns into my conscience and I shake away the thought even though it replays itself in the back of my mind.

“Harry!” I call down the hall, but he isn’t there. Why does he have to move so quickly? I step back inside my apartment to throw my boots back on and I decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator knowing that it will take too long to get to my floor. I need to catch up to him.

When I get outside, I can see that I just missed him. His car has sped off up the street, still visible but too far gone to try to catch on foot. I have half a mind to get a taxi and tell it to follow him, but then my stubborn side gets the best of me. I’ve chased him enough for one day. As I turn to go back inside, I hear my name being called and I turn around to match a face with the voice.

“Reagan? What are you doing out here in that state with no hat or umbrella?” Peyton walks up and puts an umbrella over my head to shield me from the rain. It’s not raining as hard as it was an hour ago but it’s still raining none the less.

“Peyton, I was looking for Channel.” I lied and this time it wasn’t a good one. Why would Channel be out in the rain walking around the London streets alone?

“What are you doing here babe? I thought you would still be at the hospital?” Why do I keep calling Peyton babe?

“I just left there, I came to drop some files off for Laurie. Here, let’s get you inside out of the rain.” I look down at the manila folder in Peyton’s hand before he leads me back into the building and we stop at Laurie’s flat so that Peyton can drop off the work. When she answered the door she was laughing and I could hear Channel’s voice in the apartment as well.

“There’s Channel silly. Why would she have been outside?” Peyton questions me and I feel uneasy. I laugh and I shake my head while shrugging my shoulders.

“I must have been having a weird dream. When I woke up and she wasn’t there, something told me that she was outside. I don’t know why I didn’t check here first.” I lied to Peyton again and hurriedly turned my attention to Laurie and Channel.

“So you ditched the hospital today L’s?” I grinned at Laurie as she turned to me with a guilty look on her face.

“I couldn’t bring myself to go and do another pointless project! Our department leader has had us reorganize his office 5 times since we’ve started...5 times Rea. And Niall came over last night.” I laughed at her and shook my head while before purring at her like a cat to tease her. I still have to ask her about that.

“Well we actually worked today. I brought some things for you to look over in fact. Didn’t want you to miss out, I almost ditched today myself.” Peyton chimed in and Laurie got up to walk over to the counter where he was standing in order to get a better idea of what Peyton had in his hand. I went to sit on the couch by Channel and she came and jumped on me, sitting on my lap.

“When did you get back Rea-Tard and how did it go?” I looked up at Channel and raised my eyebrows while biting my bottom lip. A habit I’m sure I picked up from Harry. I turned to look back at Peyton and Laurie to make sure they were engrossed in the files before I looked at Channel to answer her question while whispering.

“I’m so weak Channel...” Channel blinked slowly then raised her eyebrows at me before rubbing my head roughly with her hand and sighing.

“No one said it would be easy Rea, what happened?” Channel answered back just as quietly as I spoke. I know she knows what I mean she just wants to hear me say it.

“He told me what happened and gave me a ride back home when we left the café....and I well...we had sex.” Channel pursed her lips and half rolled her eyes but did not move off of my lap. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that when it was over we ended on bad terms. I still need to talk to him. I didn’t do anything to him to make him so angry.


“I know Nel, I can’t help it. When I was angry with him I still missed him and when I saw him today and after he told me what happened...I can’t stop myself. I know I’m pathetic.” I dropped my head and waited for her to tell me how stupid I am, but she surprises me again and I get none of it.

“You’re not pathetic Rea. No one said this would be easy...” I look up at Channel and before she can continue Peyton walks over.

“Can I steal her from you momentarily Channel?” Channel looks at me and then back at Peyton before she gets off of my lap.

“Sure.” Peyton gently takes my hand and lifts me off the couch before smiling at me.

“Since I’m off early why don’t we go get some lunch? I’ve wanted to spend some time alone with you all morning.” I smile at Peyton and then realize how hungry I am. Maybe a little lunch with Peyton can help me get my mind off of how confused Harry makes me.

“Sure, why don’t you come up and I’ll shower and get changed and we can go after that?” Peyton smiled as we started to walk to the door and I turned back to Laurie and Channel to tell them where I was going. They both nodded, but Channel held up her hands to gesture to me to check my phone.

When Peyton and I got into my apartment, my clothes were still in a trail that led to the bedroom and my face started to flush. I had completely forgotten.

“What’s all this?” Peyton laughed as I scrambled to pick up my clothes.

“Uh, I went to the grocery store earlier and got soaked. I hate being in we clothes so I kind of started stripping them off as soon as I got in the house. Sorry about that. I totally forgot.” I lied again and Peyton shook his head with a somewhat amused look as he went to take a seat on the couch.

“I’ll be done in thirty.” I informed Peyton and then went into my room to collect the rest of my clothes. I could feel myself get anxious as I scanned my room and saw the condom box on the floor and the condom wrapper in plain sight sitting on top of the garbage. I put the box away and wrapped the wrapper in tissue before I went into the bathroom and checked my phone like Channel gestured me to.

From: Channel N◦5

Sex makes everything difficult and clouds judgment, especially sex with your first time. Welcome to the world of pleasure, hurt, heart ache, and misperception. If you want to keep seeing him (or can’t stop yourself as you say you sex crazed slut!), I have to support you not like anything I have said before seems to have stopped you so... but I REALLY don’t think you should...Sup to you....

I rolled my eyes at the text. It didn’t make anything any better and she told me things that I already knew. Sometimes I wish she would just tell me what to do. I got in the shower and changed my clothes before Peyton whisked me away to have lunch. The conversation was very light hearted and Peyton can be really funny and sarcastic. Harry is so sarcastic. I’ve come to find that in the short time that I’ve known him that he has a dry humor when he’s in a joking mood and he’s mastered it to a point where sometimes you can’t tell if he’s joking or if he’s being serious. I miss seeing that side of him. I haven’t seen that side since he blurted out his secret to me at his mom’s house. I take out my phone while Peyton talks to the waiter and text H. I am still pissed at him for going off on me the way he did. I don’t understand what I did wrong and if I don’t get an explanation soon I’m going to drive myself up a wall.

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!
Harold please tell me what I did wrong. I’m so confused. You know I needed the story and you’re the one who agreed to telling me about it.

I waited and waited for a reply, secretly checking my phone throughout lunch and the rest of our date hoping that I would get one but, nothing. I could feel myself get upset as H.’s words played in my head “We’re finished now!” he’s really done with me and I don’t even know what I did. I tried not to show Peyton my anguish but he seemed to catch on anyway.

“Are you alright gorgeous? You’ve gotten awfully quiet.” I looked at Peyton weakly before I responded.

“Um, I kind of don’t feel good. My head is pounding really bad. I think I’m getting a migraine. I didn’t want to say anything and ruin our good time.” I wasn’t lying that time. A migraine was definitely setting in and I know exactly why. I was thinking about it too much, thinking about him like always. Peyton looked down at me concerned and then started to walk me back in the direction of his car.

“Aw there’s no problem there Reagan. You should have told me you didn’t feel well ages ago. You need to rest. Do you want to come back to my place and sleep there? I have some medicine you could take as well.” I looked back at Peyton and smiled weakly while shaking my head no all the while fighting back tears. I know all that as soon as I get into the house I’m going to cry and I won’t feel like making up an explanation for him.

“No, I think it would be best for me to go home. I have a certain medication for migraines that I take.” Peyton nodded in agreement and opened the door for me to get into the car. He’s such a gentleman and I could almost kick myself for cheating on him and wasting time with Harry when I have someone who honestly cares about me right here and does everything he can to make sure that I’m comfortable.

The ride home was silent, but I couldn’t tell if it was because Peyton was upset that he was taking me home or because he didn’t want to aggravate my head ache. When we got to my building, I thanked Peyton for our date and gave him a kiss before I got out of the car.

“Take a nap Reagan and call me when you get up please? Just so I can know you’re feeling better.” I nodded my head in agreement and went up to my apartment to take some medicine and take a nap. I had only been asleep for an hour when I felt my phone vibrate under my pillow. I checked the message and had to reread it a few times before it sunk in due to my sleep haze.

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!
What part of leave me alone didn’t you fucking understand?! The words are simple. You’re supposed to be a scholar, almost a third year at university. I don’t get how you got there if you can’t grasp the concept when someone tells you to fuck off!

My stomach flutters and my chest tightens at the same time he’s being an ass, but at least he’s talking to me.

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!
I will Harold. I will leave you alone after you tell me why you said what you said today. What did I do? That’s all I want to know.

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Reagan just stop it already!

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Just use your words Harry! For someone who can be so goddamn vocal in person I know you can be honest and tell me what I so called did to you over a text!

I was starting to get angry. Why text me back if all you’re going to do is talk in circles?

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Why even act like you care about me? Why should it matter what you did now? You have your information that you need for that paper, and now your project is 75% done. I’m just a part of your project after all. You got your information regardless to how hard it was for me to talk about it. I haven’t talked about that in damn near two years Reagan and now it’s on some fucking tape recorder so it can be replayed over and over again for anyone else who wants to know.

I hadn’t really thought about how hard it had to be for him to talk about the incident, but I still don’t know what I did.

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Harry I do care about you! I told you already that this is not just about the paper! I gave you my virginity for Christ sake!

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Oh Please Reagan spare me! That didn’t mean shit. You said so yourself that you weren’t looking for a ‘Mr. right’. It was just a few fucks and you know it. That’s all you wanted from me a story and an outlet for 20 years’ worth of pent up stress!

I could feel myself start to hyperventilate, is that all he thinks it was?

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

I asked you in the car what you wanted from me Reagan and you told me you wanted to fuck so that’s what I did. I fucked you and now I’m done with you. All that ‘I like you so much H.’ was just so you can get a story and that’s fine. I get it now I fell for it I’m dumb and I’m over it. I have enough fuck buddies Reagan I don’t need another and your games make my head hurt!

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!

So that was a test?! And what games?! What are you talking about?! I wanted to be as close to you as I could at that moment Harry! I needed it but I didn’t want you to leave! You left so quick you didn’t even give me a chance to say anything else I WANT YOU! I WANT YOU! I WANT YOU! I don’t want a fuck buddy! You’ve been fucking other girls while you’ve been with me?! Oh my God!

Tears began to stream down my face and anger and hurt began to rise from the tip of my toes all the way back to my head giving me a new splitting head ache.

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

No I haven’t fucked any other girls, but I could at the press of a button. It’s not like we’re together Reagan!

I began to feel drained and like there was no real point to this conversation except to cause me more unwanted grief. I was shaking with tears at this point but my fingers continued to type out messages against my will.

To: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Then what do you want from me Harry?! What is the point of you texting me back? If you’re done with me then leave me alone!!

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Shut the fuck up and come open the goddamn door!

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

Hurry Up!

I sat up in my bed confused for a moment before I whipped my face and my feet hit the floor. When I got to the door and opened it Harry stood there with furrowed eyebrows before he stepped in and closed the door behind him.

“You drive me even more insane than I already am do you know that?!” Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him before he rested his head on mine.

“Yes.” I answered him as he began to kiss the tears away from my eyes.

“I’m still pissed at you, do you know that?!”

“Yes. I still don’t know why but yes. I’m pissed at you too!” I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to walk me backwards into my bedroom. When we got there, Harry fell backwards on the bed and pulled me down with him like he did when we first kissed in his room at Maudsley.

“I want to be with you, do you know that?” My heart beat so fast I thought it would explode.

“I want to be with you too.” Harry grabbed my face with his hand and tilted my head by my chin before he started to kiss me passionately. He pulled us so that we were turned and laying on the pillows of my bed and held me there with him in a comfortable silence.


Ahhh all is somewhat well for now...kind of. What do you guys think? I need need need more feedback. With that being said, I know where I am going to end this story, but what i need to know is would you all be interested in a sequel when this is finished? I have so many more Ideas that involve Reagan and Harry. If i can get enough comments and feedback I will write the sequel when this one is finished, but it will be up to you guys to tell me what you think! Please rate and subscribe if you are enjoying the story and haven't done so yet ( love to see some new subscribers!) and keep giving me comments guys and a quick Shout out to Chey and Mrs H.E. Styles for being such avid readers! :D Love you all reading! Xx


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!