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It Takes Patience

Chapter 27: Might as Well...

*Reagan’s POV*
I looked at Harry with what I’m sure was a confused expression when he parked his car and turned off the engine. Why have we stopped here?

“I have to run in the house and get some cash, I need petrol."


“Umm...gas.” Harry once again put on his best American girl from the valley accent causing me to laugh and swat at his arm.

“You can come in if you want. I mean it would be better than sitting outside in the dark.” I agreed with Harry despite my focused side’s protest. When we entered the house, I was somewhat relieved when I noticed that Anne was nowhere to be found so that I wouldn’t have to be called out as a liar.

“Where is your mom?”

“I’m sure she’s sleeping by now. She has work in the morning so you have to be quiet.” Harry whispered to me and instructed me to follow him. We ended up downstairs and my confusion peeked again when Harry turned on the light and the television and sat down on the couch.

“I thought you had to get gas?”

“I do. I mean I will eventually.” Harry patted the seat next to him and I sat down almost on instinct. There was now a smirk on Harry’s face as he turned to watch television and I was still in the dark as to what we were doing here.

“Harry, I don’t get why we’re here.”

“And I don’t get why you lie. You’re so bad at it.” I can feel my eyes slightly pop out of my head as I turn away from the TV and look at Harry.

“What are you talking about?” Harry turned to face me with a delicious smile on his face, and my cheeks began to flush when his green eyes met my hazel ones.

“I talked to my mum before you got to Niall’s house glasses. She knew where I was and she was fine with it.”


“I only said that because I knew that you wouldn’t come home if I hadn’t. You shouldn’t be smoking weed H. I just wanted to get you out of a bad situation.” And yet I’ve told myself another lie, a pretty good one, but a lie none the less.

“Sure you did.” Harry raised his eyebrows and spoke sarcastically as he surfed the channels. He found a movie and stopped there informing me that he would take me home after it was over.

Being this close to Harry again is beyond difficult. Ever since my request earlier and the text I got from him about, his revenge my body has been in full control anticipating our next close encounter. Every time he shifts on the couch my pulse quickens.

When Harry stands up to go to the bathroom I released a breath that I didn’t know that I was holding and all the oxygen leaves my body when he comes back downstairs. He was shirtless and had on his black sweats that hung so low on his hips, that I could see the band on his black Top Man boxers. I pleaded silently to either look away or go blind, but I couldn’t stop myself. I could see Harry’s happy trail and began to wonder what it would be like to see lower than that when he caught me looking.

“Damn it glasses eyes on the screen!” Harry laughed and I knew the shade of red on my face had to have been one for the books.

“I wasn’t even look-”

“You were. It’s fine. There nothing wrong with glancing, but you were full on staring,” Harry teased and when I went to slap his arm he caught my wrist in his hand and pulled me closer to him than I already was.

When he released my hand, he began to move his own up my arm and down my side, stopping when it landed on my hip. His other hand followed suit as he began to pull me onto his lap and without warning our lips found each other’s. Do I have no self-control anymore around him? Harry’s kisses are a shock to my system every time our lips meet. His hand found the skin on my side, automatically causing goose bumps to rise. Harry flipped us over never breaking our kiss.

He licked my bottom lip asking for entry. I opened my mouth and his tongue massaged mine, once again being the dominant victor in our battle. When he kissed me from my mouth, to my jawbone, to my neck he found a spot there that sent a jolt down to the most sensitive part of me. I moaned and arched my back off the couch knocking both myself and Harry on the floor. I fell on top of Harry and he laughed as he spoke.

“I’m assuming that felt good, glasses?” I covered my face with my hands out of my embarrassment only to have Harry pull them away.

He sat up on his elbows, and then extended one arm to raise my shirt up slowly as he ran his hand up my side. I was now straddling him again and was too aware of the bulge in his pants even through my shorts.

Both of Harry’s hands were now at the hem of my shirt and I lifted my arms in order to help him get the binding material off of me. Harry restarted his assault on my neck and I could feel my hips grinding back and forth on his lap causing him to groan on my skin. That sound alone could make me fall to pieces. Harry pushed me down gently once again so that I was lying on my back and hovered above me. His eyes locked with mine as his hands traveled downward only stopping to unbutton and unzip my shorts. When he brought his hand back to the top of the jean material, he pulled to tug them down and my focused side made an unwanted appearance.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

My hands reach down to stop his, but when I spoke it sounded more like a moan than a question. My voice was betraying my brain. Harry grinned showing one of his dimples, making even my focused side want to break her resolve and put on the sauciest little black dress she could find with no panties underneath while holding up a sign that said 'Take Me Now' in bold black lettering.

“Remember your demand from earlier?”


“I’m getting my revenge that I promised and then maybe I can give you what you wanted from me, all you have to do is move your hands.” There was a mischievous glint in his eyes, which were now so dilated I could barely tell that they were green. I could feel my breathing quicken and a too familiar clench in my stomach occur after he spoke.

I removed my hands from his causing the smirk on his face to deepen. When he pulled at my shorts this time, I lifted my bottom off the ground so that he could take them off. I gave myself a mental high-five for wearing a matching set of bra and panties and then began to shiver as Harry placed kisses on my inner thighs as he slid the shorts down. I am now only in my underwear and although, I have wanted this moment to come all day, I felt the need to protest and give my brain one last chance to take over.

“Mmm H! W-wait! What about your mom she’s still here.”

“Yeah, upstairs and she sleeps like a log. Don’t worry about that. One time I had a girl in my room and -”

“Shh!” I cut him off and put my hand over his mouth and a twinge of jealousy went through me. I could feel Harry’s smirk under my hand before removing it and he continued with his teasing.

Harry massaged and sucked on each of my nipples through the bra again causing me to moan quietly, not wanting to wake his mom. He lifted me up slightly to unclasp my bra and slide the straps down my arm. I was now half naked in front of him and I began to shiver again. Harry studied my half naked body and licked his lips before he noticed my quiver.

“Are you cold?” I could only shake my head no knowing that my voice wouldn’t be able to project enough to give him an answer.

“Scared?” I shook my head no again even though I was lying. I have never been so exposed to a guy this way. I would kiss and tease and do other things with the guys back home that I messed around with, but none of them have ever gotten this far. Not to mention this could get me kicked off of my internship if anyone were to find out.

“No,I’m fine. Please don’t stop.” Harry looked at me with an eyebrow raised before I convinced him that I was fine again. I brought the mood back two where it should be when I reheated our kiss. Harry started to leave a trail of them from my neck all the way down to my belly button and at this point I could barely breathe. He looked up at me from his position between my legs and slipped his hand inside my panties. His index and middle finger found the bundle of nerves again and began to torture and ignite what felt like flames throughout my body. I arched my back again as he took his middle finger and ring finger and began to stroke them in and out of me.

“Oh my god! Harry! ” Is all I could muster myself to say. Harry watched me intently as I grinded myself on his fingers and licked his lips before removing his hand from me. I whimpered at the empty feeling until I heard a ripping sound.

Harry tore off my panties and put his fingers back inside me, the sting of the lace pulling against my skin only added to my arousal. The shock of being so exposed in front of him was enough to push me over the edge, but he had something else in mind. As his fingers continued their relentless movements, I felt his tongue press against my clit, licking and sucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore. Harry muffled my screams with his free hand as I came undone under his touch.

When I came down from my high, Harry had a sexy smirk on his face while he sucked on the fingers that he had inside of me.

“How did that feel?” I could barely feel my legs. It had to be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

“So good H.” Harry chuckled to himself as I sat up and I noticed that he was still clothed while I was completely naked. I could feel my face turning red when Harry instructed me to get back on the couch. I did what he said and grabbed one of the couch cushions to cover myself. Harry made a confused face and snatched the cushion away from me.


“What? I’ve seen you now, and you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about trust me.” He grinned at me and looked me up and down before tossing the pillow back to me. I recovered myself and Harry told me not to move as jogged upstairs and closed the basement door.

When he returned, he sat on the couch next to me taking the pillow away and tossing it on the floor as he pulled me into his lap. I could feel myself get wet again as he began to suck on my neck and my nipples and then crash his lips into mine. I immediately opened my mouth to taste his minty sweet tongue and began to grind myself on his lap again knowing that the only thing between us now was the cloth fabric of his bottoms.

Shit, stop that Reagan. I still have things to do to you and if you keep doing that I won’t be able to.” I stopped moving my hips and looked at him noticing that he used my name. This time instead of making me flinch, it turned me on even more knowing that I was the reason that Harry was hard and almost ready to burst.

H. laid me down on the couch putting my head on one of the couch cushions and throwing the remainder of them on the floor. He kneeled in-between my legs with one knee separating my thighs and the other on the outside of my right leg. When he began to untie the drawstring on his pants, I frowned and grabbed his hands. He looked at me confused and I answered the question I’m sure he had in his head.

“I want to do it.” Harry raised an eyebrow and smiled before letting his hands fall to his side. When I untied the string, I pushed down both his sweats and his boxers allowing all of him to spring free. My mouth dropped open at the size of him and he started to laugh at the expression on my face.

“It’s huge.”

“Uhh..thank you...” Harry chuckled and allowed his cheeks to turn a shade of pink as I realized that my thoughts fell out of my mouth. I began to shiver again.

“Why are you shaking?” Harry noticed me again as my nerves started to build.

“No reason it’s fine.”

Harry pulled a gold foil packet out of the pocked of his sweats and looked back down at me lightly stroking himself.

“People don’t just shake for no reason glasses, tell the truth or I’ll stop.” I know that I wanted to have sex with him, but thinking about it and actually doing it are two different things.

“I...I’m just nervous I guess.” I replied honestly, not necessarily wanting him to stop.

“What about? Pain?” I nod my head yes and looked at the size of him again. How would it fit?

“Will it hurt badly?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows slightly and pulled me up into a sitting position to kiss me again.

“I don’t know. I don’t have girl parts as you can see glasses, so I can’t tell you what it will feel like for you. All I was told when it happened before is that its kind of painful at first.” He laid me back down and kissed me briefly.

“You’ve had sex with a virgin before?”

“Erm, yeah, but I was a virgin too so I don’t think that counts. She just said that it stung a bit. You'll be okay. I promise. I'll take good care of you...” Harry gave me a reassuring smile before he rubbed one of his talented fingers at my entrance causing a small moan to leave my lips.

“Plus you’re damn near dripping on the couch. Fuck, you're so wet.” Harry licked his lips and then looked at me as my face flushed pink.

“Are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to if you're not ready.” He asked me sweetly turning me on even more now that I know he wouldn't get upset if I wanted to turn back now, even though we've gotten this far. But I dont want to.

“Yes. I’m sure. I want this.”

I gently stroked my hand along his shaft feeling the weight of it, in awe of the reaction I get from Harry. He moans while biting his lip and his hair is a mess on the top of his head. He has the perfect 'I just fucked' hair and we haven't even gotten that far yet. He radiates sex and it makes my center twitch while sending another shiver down my spine, hitting every sensory nerve I have and making the intense need I feel for H. even stronger than before.

F-fuck! Stop it Reagan!” Harry stuttered moving my hand off of him and ripped the foil packet he had been holding open with his teeth. He took out the condom and rolled it on himself as I laid back down to get comfortable. Harry got between my legs fully and opened them slightly wider.

“Bend your knees.” I did as I was told and realized that I was still shaking. Harry positioned himself over me, stabling himself on his left arm and putting himself at my opening with his right. He kissed my lips briefly again before chewing on his bottom lip.

“Take a deep breath,” He told me and I obliged.


I once again did what I was told to do, but this time as I breathed in, Harry slowly inserted himself inside of me. I could feel tears prick at my eyes before they spilled out of the corners of each one. I dug my fingernails into his arms and my back arched off the couch. I stifled my cry by biting my lip so hard I thought I would draw blood and squeezed H. with my thighs as he slid into me.

Shit! Ugh! Fuck Reagan, you’re so tight!” Harry hissed as he entered me hanging his head down and shutting his eyes. When he opened them and saw that I was crying he looked concerned.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry. It'll be okay in a minute. Do you want me to stop? I'm sorry.” He stabled himself on one arm again as he began to wipe the corners of my eyes with the opposite hand. I told him I was fine even though it hurts so much. ‘Stung a bit’ were not the right words for what I was feeling right now. I held on to his biceps before kissing his arms to assure him that it was okay. I didn’t want him to stop.

Harry stayed still inside of me for a moment and allowed me to try to adjust to the feeling as much as possible. He bent down to kiss my forehead, but the throbbing feeling didn't go away. I can tell that he felt bad by the expression on his face.

“Can I move now or does it still hurt? Im so sorry.”

“It still hurts, but I need you to move."

Harry looked into my eyes as he began to roll his hips and slowly stroke in and out of me. Every movement he made was both painful and pleasing, provoking a moan from me every time. My hips found the rhythm that he set and I met his every movement with my own, causing my eyes to flutter shut at the sensation that it caused. Harry looked down at me through hooded eyes as he moved, kissing my lips every once in a while in between curses.

"Ugh, Fuck! Are you okay?...Shit!” I looked up at him and tried to answer but could only moan in response. The pain was still there but it was slowly starting to ebb. I looked back down between us and could see his length slide in then out of me as he rolled his hips. The vision of it, made my insides tighten around Harry causing him to moan.

“Shit, Reagan! Do that again.” Harry panted at me making feel all the more sexy as I tightened my pelvic muscles around him once more.

“Fuck! I have to move faster. This slow shit is going to kill me.” Harry looked down at me as if he was asking permission and I moaned and nodded in response. When he started to pick up his pace, the pain that was going away returned with full force.

“OW! HARRY!” He muffled my cries with his mouth as he kissed me, slowing his pace for me again.

A new batch of tears started to fall from the corner of my eyes. I didn't expext it to feel good the first time around, but I didn't know it would ache this much either. Harry thrust inside of me a few more times before he came, groaning and biting his lower lip as he did.

When he finished, his breathing was ragged and there were beads of sweat covering both of our bodies. H. removed himself from me just as slowly as he went in, causing me to wince at the now empty uncomfortable feeling. Harry took off the condom, wrapped it in a tissue and threw it away before smiling at me mischievously. He ducked his head down between my legs and sucked and nipped at my clit until I came for the second time tonight.

When I could see clearly again, Harry smirked and then pecked my lips before standing up and pulling up his pants. He grabbed a paper towel and some water out of the mini fridge in the basement to wipe the blood from my broken virginity off of me and off the cream colored leather couch, then discarded the paper towel in the garbage. I put my clothes back on, everything except my panties that Harry had ripped off earlier, and looked at my watch. It read two thirty am, and I almost forgot that Channel was back at my apartment.

When I checked my phone and didn't see any missed calls I figured that there was still hope that she doesn't know that I've left yet. I awkwardly ask Harry to take me back to my apartment and he agrees, driving only in his black sweats and no shirt, making it hard for me not to look in his direction.

“You’re okay right? I'm so sorry I hurt you.” Harry states pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, thank you. It's not your fault. The pain was inevitable. I’m fine. Sore, it kind of hurts to cross my legs, but I’m fine.” I try to suppress a smile, but I can’t do it and I cause Harry to chuckle.

When we get to my apartment, I’m not sure if I should kiss Harry or not before I get out of the car. We are not dating by any means and no one can know what we did, but we were just as intimate as two people could get with each other.

“Goodnight H. don’t forget about our rescheduled session with Dr. B tomorrow at five. Thank you for tonight and don’t tell anyone.” I kissed Harry on the lips and he didn't seem shocked by it. He smirked and pulled a weird face before saying bye and pulling off to go back home.


And here it is. The first of many smutty chapters to come. What did you all think? Leave a comment, subscribe, and give me some more votes If you are enjoying it. I also want to say hello and thank you to my new subscribers for joining me here! Absolutely love you for reading =) xx.


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!