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Chapter 9

*Harry’s POV*

“you fucking took her virginity?!”Louis exclaimed as I nodded

“yeah,she agrees,besides she I ask her out tonight” I try to calm him down

“I don’t think she’s good,for you Harry”he said as I tightened my grip on my beer can

“what do you meant?” I hissed

“Harry,she’s like my sister and you’re like my brother so i know what are you both each other are like”

“what do you meant that she’s no good for me”I raised my voice at him

“you always went out with sluts and now you’re going out with a innocent girl?”

“It’s my life Louis! I could do to whatever the fuck I want!” I snap at him

he sighed before answering me “I just don’t want her to get hurt,remember Vanessa?”

“Vanessa is different!” I shout at him

“just…..don’t get near her, she has been through a lot”

“fuck off Lou!” I barked at him before exiting his house

who the fuck do he think he is?

*Makayla’s POV*

“so you got a new job?” Aiden ask me,sitting up a little from the hospital bed

“yeahhh….” I really didn’t want him to know what is my job,because I know that he’ll be mad at me.he’s such a overprotective little brother

“oh yea? what kind?” he ask. uh-oh

“I-I’m a ring girl on a you know…..boxing match and stuffs “ I explained to him as I looked down to my worn out sneakers

“What?! that’s almost like a stripper!” he nearly shout

“well…..at least they paid me good….”I trailed off

“you’re not respecting yourself!”he exclaimed

“but this is the only nicest job I could got,they paid me good” I try to explain “I promise, I’ll find a nicer one,this is just temporary” I explained to him “I do this only for you,If I didn’t pay the hospital yesterday,you would’ve got kicked out from here”

he sighed deeply “just please find another job,sis I didn’t want you to do that job only for me”

“I only want you to survive” I said while holding his hand

“maybe I should just die than suffering this “ he said,tears starting to appear in his eyes

“no! Aiden don’t say that” I said as I started to cry too “you’re the only family I have left”

for a couple of hours we just cry and embrace each other with hugs


so this chapter is only trying to introduce AIDEN,he’s Makayla’s brother who is surviving brain cancer

and do you guys know who is ‘Vanessa’? in each Chapter Harry’s secrets and dark past will be revealed slowly
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and I know that this chapter is super crappy Sorry :(


Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

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Aww thanks bub! :)

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx