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Chapter 4

*Harry’s POV*

“look Louis,I’m so sorry for what happened last night, I came out of control...please call me back, I need you Lou” I’ve been trying to call Louis but it always leaves on a voice mail

I let out a loud sigh and run my hand to my hair frustatedly

I’ve been laying on my bed for 3 hours now, doing nothing just thinking about my life……….why is my life so fucked up?!
it’s like that everyone hates me…...the one who loved me and cared for me as a brother is Louis...but now I think I loose him

suddenly the front bell rings
I sighed heavily and opened the door

there stood Makayla with a bag on her hand

“I know your address from Louis,he said he needs some space and I came here to give you this back” she said coldly before handing me the bag and begin to walk out

I took the bag and looked inside it.just the dress that I lend her last night,okay maybe ‘give’her

“Makayla Wait!!!” I begin to jog and hold her shoulder

“keep this,this is for you” I said handing her the bag again

“no,Harry that’s okay, I need to hurry”

“wait! at least let me drive you”

“no,I’m perfectly fine”

“my apology for last night...at least let me drive you”

“it wasn’t that far……..”

“stubborn as always”I mumbled

“well, I tell you to get the fuck away from me last night” she said raising an eye brow at me

i sigh

“I’m so sorry, I -I just loose control” it’s really hard for me to apologize...that’s why everyone called me a cold hearted-monster

she turned and looked at me

“I forgive you,Harry. but all I want is you to stay away from me”


“well….let me at least give you a car ride and I guarantee you that this is the last time I’ll ever see you or t-talk to you” I found that it’s a really hurtful sentence to say

she looked at me and let out a sighed

“fine….the last time”


*Makayla’s POV*

I can’t believe that I agree to let him drive me to the hospital

“ so where to?” he ask me as he put on his seat belt

“Drive me to the hospital,please.” I said

there’s only one hospital in this town

“okay right” with that we drive off


“so-um this is the last time we’ll talk and see each other again?” he ask looking at me,hurt written all over his face

“yes,Harry thank you” I begin to crack a smile at him and kissed his cheek

“goodbye Harry” I whisper in his ear

with that I get off the car

but somehow………..I feel that this wasn’t going to be the last time we’ll see each other…..


so will fate took over them?




Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

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Your welcome xx


Aww thanks bub! :)

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx