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Chapter 21

*Harry's POV*


"Mom! Mom!" The little boy screamed loudly as he saw his mom's 'almost dead body' moved a little.

"Harry... Don't cry baby,I'll be safe. But for now please call the police"

"Mom..." The little boy cried loudly

"I won't forget you Harry,make me proud,baby...you'll always be in my heart... Everything will be fine.just fine now please call for help" she said as softly as possible but deep inside she wants to scream in pain, but she didn't want her son cry again.

At first the boy didn't want to move he hugs her mother tighter, ignoring the pool of blood around her

"Please,Harry...for me? Now go now find some help...I love you baby" and those are her last words
"Mom?! Mommy please mom wake up" the little boy screamed out as he gently shakes her mother's dead body

Looking that she isn't responding, he cries as he went out of the house,there sat his good ol' neighbour Mrs.Broown in her porch across his house.
He ran towards her,She greet him with a warm smile.

"Yes,Harry? " She greet him but her facial expression soon change as she saw his face. "Oh dear,Harry what happened?"

"D-da-d k-i- ll Mom-my" he stutters as he tries to speak

"Are you sure dear?,you must have a night mare or something?"

"N-no,p-please c-come w-ith m-me" he says as he tugs her dress

"Sure...but wait I need to-"

"No,please..." He cries out loud again

She looked at his face in surprise

"Oh dear,okay"

They walk in to his house but Mrs.brown stopped dead on her tracks as she saw a dead body,she lead out a loud ear-piercing scream,she looked as on if she want to faint.

"Call the police!!!" She shout,still horrified at the scene in front of her

The little boy goes into the kitchen and try to fetch the phone up in the counter.
after he got it,he soon give the phone to Mrs.Brown.

She quickly grab the phone and call 911

Instead of staying with the old lady,he looked at his mother's dead body and hugged her for the last time,ignoring the fact that his clothes are soaked with blood.

"Mommy,I love you .now please wake up,don't leave me alone" he cry "Mom please don't leave me" his cries are getting louder

"Now dear please come here,let's stay at my house for awhile " mrs.brown said to him slowly,she called him to go over there because she didn't want to see the horrifying scene again.

"No!" The little boy refuse as he hugged her mother's body tighter

"Please honey..."

"No! I don't want to,I want to be with mommy "

"Harry! Please "

Before he could even protest,the sound of sirens fill the air.

Mrs.Brown ran outside to meet the police.but still the little boy didn't want to let go.

"Hey son,please get off her for a while,we need to get her to the hospital" said one of the paramedics gently

"No!I want to be with mommy"

"You will,after we bring her,so please move out for awhile"

The little boy nods as one of the nurse looked at him appologeticly,her eyes are dammed wet because of the scene in front of her.

"Everything will be okay" she whisper to him,he just stay quite,watching the paramedics do their thing.

But she's lying everything isn't going to be okay....it was another way around.

"Harry? We need to ask you some questions " the police officer called him

He slowly look at him and nod

"So can you tell me what happened?"

"My dad came home drunk then mommy asked me to stay in my room,but then I hear screaming and then a loud booming voice and then all the screaming stopped,I went outside and Daddy is no longer there but I saw mommy laying on the floor"
He explain as he cry again

"You are one strong kid,your mom must be proud of you" the officer said to him,he seemed really touched by his story.


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