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Chapter 18

Theme Song:
-She's Not Afraid-One Direction
-Walls - All Time Low
http://youtu.be/hn3ypkOkJoI / http://youtu.be/WGwEi551QXk

So here;s Chapter 18....enjoyy xx

“I-I can’t believe it” I stuttered “Is that really you Vanessa?” I ask this girl who claimed to be ‘Vanessa’

“it’s me silly” she laughed

it’s really Vanessa,the girl I know….well now USED to know,well she changed a lot into more..um-sluttish?

“I thought you died?”I ask

“well….Zayn and that ‘mystery guy’ guy shot me...but it slipped off to my ribs and so I fainted for a while,then when I woke up I was at the hospital but after I feel much better and the doctor said that I could go home,this ‘mystery guy’ trapped me in his house,he said to the doctors that he is my fiancé and now I’ve learned that his name is Ryan.” she paused “he keeped me hostaged in one of his rooms in his house for 3 years...but every time I decided to run away...I can’t .but after a year he seems to be a nice guy,we got a long and he asked me to be his girlfriend,and so I said yes,and a few months a go he…” she stopped

she fell in LOVE with the guy who shpt her?! this is fucking insane


“he...he proposed me” she said as she show me the ring

I choke on my drinks

I am completely speechless

am I dreaming?

this can’t be real

5 years i’ve been searching for her…

“um-Harry are you okay?” she ask concerned

“yeah,well it’s nice to be meeting you again” I said to her completely out of words

“I know that my life is crazy,everyone has told me that. but Harry someday later,you’ll find your princess I know that she’s out there” she reassured me

“so this is goodbye?” I ask trying to hold back the tears
“we still could be friends….and thank you so much for finding me” she said as I give her a small smile

“well..I..I better be off now”

“well,this is my number, we should really keep in touch” she smiled at me

“thanks...oh and thank you so much for making me happy for 2 years” I said to her...it’s true she’s the one who make me happy,she’s my everything

“oh and thank you for that too” she laughed

“well I better off now.for real” I give her a small smile

“okay but text me if you need something”

I smiled at her and go back to my booth

her looks may changed but her personality will never change,she’s still the same old Vanessa I know

*Makayla’s POV*

Harry looks really happy talking to that blond bitch. I’m just jealous okay.

I love him and I really do...but the thing is,I’m afraid of falling in Love,but something about him makes me want to break down my walls

"he likes you,you know" Vanessa said to me

"huh? who?" I looked at her .confused

"Harry..." she said "I saw the way he looks at you,and I can tell that you like him too" no...I LOVE him ....


So do you all like it? I used some Theme song and maybeeeee I'll do it more often :)

I have a question for you all ,okay maybe more like voting...

1.Should Makayla quit her job as a ring girl? (and so the title would be
'The Boxer and The Bartender' meh it's weird)

So...it turns out Vanessa is a nice girl after all :)


LOVE YA ALL and sorry if it's short :(

stay fab xx - joanna


Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

Ayeeee Ayeeee

Your welcome xx


Aww thanks bub! :)

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx