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Chapter 13

*Harry’s POV*

the thought of Zayn and Makyla together makes me want to vomit

“where were you last night?” I ask.calmly.
I know that she got home with Zayn but I really want to know what happened

“zayn’s”she repplied shortly

keep calm Harry...keep calm

“look,um- I’m really sorry,I didn’t meant to hurt you”I appologize

“you know what? It’s okay Harry I’m feeling better”she snap

“and sorry for ruinning the date “ I added

“yeah,I need to make a mental note to never go out with you again” she murmured to herself,little that she know I heard that and it hurts a lot

“so.. how do you sleep last night?” I tried to ease the conversation

“it was nice..I feel so freshen out”

“where did you sleep?” I ask.scared that she might sleep at the same bed as Zayn

“I have no idea,I woke up and I was at someone’s bed” she said honestly

that’s it I lost it

I need to find zayn and beat the shit out of him

I headed back to my car,to go and look for zayn.anger is built up on me

“wait!!! Harry!!” makayla shout at me,but I just ignore her and speed off to find Zayn


*Harry’s POV*

I stopped by at his house and knock on his door

“who- Harry” he said to his gritted teeth as he opened the door “what do you wa-” without wasting anytime I throw a punch right at his cheek

“Harry?! What the hell?!” he screamed as his nose bleed

I jump at him and straddled him as I threw many more punch.

he tried to get off from me but failed continuously due to the pain I’va caused him

“GET.THE.FUCK.AWAY.FROM.WHAT’S.MINE!!!” I screamed at him as I punch him hard

“she’s not yours”he spat as he coughed blood

“she’s Mine!!”

“oh yours? I thought the slut that you kissed last night was yours” he spat

keep calm...harry..keep calm don’t loose it too far..you’ll kill him..

“oh and guess what?! I ask her if we could hang out sometimes and she said yes” he said with a smug smile all over his face

she did?!
it can’t be…

my head started to pounding really fast,unable to process what the he just said

“THATT’SS IT!!! “ I screamed


heyyy sorry for not updating for a long time... and for a short motherfucking chapter ...it's just that I really need to go to course right after this :(((( I'll try to update longer chapters on the weekend

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx