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Chapter 12

*Makayla’s POV*

I woke up,with my head pounding so hard.I opened my eyes and realized that I’m at someone’s house….my eyes widen in shock and terrefied

“oh so you finally wake up” a male voice said,I flinched from the bed

“don’t be afraid,I’m only take care of you”he said while I study his feature,he wear a white simple white t-shirt and tight jeans,he’s beautiful...his hair,he looked so manly but yet charming

“do you remember anything?” he ask,while he smirk,realizing that I checked him out

“oh-uh...not really” I seriously can’t remember anything! with my head pounding so hard,who does?

“so basically Harry hit you hard on the head..” then suddenly everything got cleared, harry is snogging that slut and the guy that I kissed is this stranger in front of me

“uh-sorry for the kiss I just-”I try to appologize

“that’s okay,I don’t mind a bit”he winked

“okayyy…” I answer akwardly,glancing to the floor

“you’ve been out for the whole day!”he said

“how?! what time is it?” I ask panically

“whoa chill”he laughed “it’s 1 pm”
I have a job interview around 3 pm

“well,nice meeting you,but I really need to go” i excuse

“oh sorry,love.my name is Zayn,Zayn Malik”

“Makayla,Makayla Blue”

“can I have your number?”he ask

he took my phone and put in his number,while I do the same

“okay I really need to go,bye Zayn” I said

as I was just about to exit ‘Zayn’ called me again “wait!!! I could give you a drive home?” he offered

“no,that’s okay” i smiled at him

“no,please let me take you home (see what I did there ;) )”
is it just me or boys are getting really pushy these times

maybe he’s a nice guy,maybe I could trust him..

“okay” I reply

“great! let me take my keys” he said while I just nod
he scurried off to his room,excitedly.

“let’s go!”he said as he closed his house’s door


“thanks for the ride,zayn” I said to him as he pulled off in front of my house

“no problem,maybe we could hang out sometimes”

“sure,thanks again” I said as he drive off

as I was just about to open my house’s keys I hear a firm,angry,pissed off voice

“what is he doing here! I’m going to kill him!” he excalimed,his eyes are full of anger

shit.it was


I just stood there



sorry for not updating and also for the grammar plus the short chappie :) 40 votes for the next chapter?
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Please update!

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx