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Chapter 11

*Harry’s POV*

“FUCK OFF HARRY GET OFF ME” Zayn spat at me,which made me even more angrier
before my fist could connect with his jaw someone hold it,made me punch to whoever it is

“BLOODY HELL?!HARRY?!” I recognize this voice….it was Makayla

“shit I’m so sorrry” I appologize as I try to get near her ,she stumbled back a little bit while holding her cheeks,I must’ve punch her hard

I recognize that she was about to fall and faint because of how hard I punch her,It must’ve hit her brain system
I tried to catch her as she about to fall….
everything went in slow motion ……
I stretch out my hand to catch her from falling……

“I got ya” Zayn said to her…….
fucking Zayn

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER” I barked , but he still won’t budge,instead he begin to carry her bridal style

“I’m going to take her home until she’s conscious

“no.I.will!” I said through my gritted teeth

“no Harry! you’ve hurt her”

“get of her before I rip your head off” I try to act calm,though inside me,I just want to punch him,square in the face

“Niall,C’mon grab the car” Zayn said at Niall

he’s ignoring me?

“I’M BRINGING HER HOME” I shout at him

me and Zayn are never nice to each other,we’re not even friends ,we always hate each other after that one night……

I really,really want to hit zayn right now,but he’s carrying her, she’ll get hurt again,she’s not even awake and it’s all my fault

I decided to just stand there and watch Zayn carrying her to his car…..


*Thenext day*

*Harry’s POV*

I parked my car in front of the gym and went straight to the locker room,I pulled off my shirt and headed to the punching bag

“this is for hurting her!” i screamed as I hit the punching back .hard.
“this is for letting her go with Zayn!”I hit the punching bag harder
“this is for my fucked up life!”
“this is for loosing Vanessa”

I’m so stressed out right now…

I make one last final punch before going back to the bench

I sat down with my head on my hands, I flipped my hair

and leaned back,letting out a loud stress sigh ....


sorry for the short chapter I'm so tired today I went home from school around 6.30pm but I manage to update for all of you... and thank you so much for the 30 voteesss I love you guys so much <3
the reason that I’m trying to get as many votes as possible is bc I won’t make a sequel for this storyy :(

oooohhh “Vanessa” is mentioned again in this chapter…..who is she?
and what happened with Harry and Zayn at that “on night”?

If you want to know please help me reach at least 35 votes :) then I’ll update



Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

Ayeeee Ayeeee

Your welcome xx


Aww thanks bub! :)

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx