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"Petah" Pan

Part Four

“So, Penny,” Niall asked. They had begun to call me Penny now and I didn’t mind it at all. “You really don’t know who we are?”

I looked at him, confused, “No I don’t and I don’t understand why you keep asking me that.”

“Boys, I think it’s time we showed her,” Louis said simply.

Suddenly Liam stood up from where he was sitting on the floor and went into his room, he returned with his laptop in hand and quickly turned it on. Harry and Niall who were not sitting on the couch before, came and sat down.

“Liam, what are you doing? I don’t understand, what are you guys trying to prove?” I asked them.

They all told me to shush and I did, sitting back on the couch. I saw Liam pull up the internet and go straight to Google. He typed “One Direction” in the search box and before he pressed enter they all turned to look at me.

“What?” I asked looking at them all feeling slightly awkward.

“Are you ready?” Zayn asked me.

“For what?!” I snapped. This was starting to get ridiculous.

“Liam, commence the searching,” Louis demanded and Liam clicked enter.

I looked at the screen on the laptop and millions of various websites came up, along with millions of photos of the boys. I was baffled and very confused.

They continued to explain who they were by showing me their Twitter accounts, their Facebook page, and showing me their official book, concert DVD, and album on iTunes. They explained to me where they got their start (X-Factor) and how far they have come since two years ago. I was amazed. I had become best friends with a worldwide, sensational, UK boy-band, and I hadn’t even known it. When they introduced me to their songs I was astonished to find how magnificent their talent was. And the more I thought about it the more everything made sense; the crowd of teenage girls in the lobby that was there twenty-four-seven, the way Louis acted so mysterious in the park yesterday, and why he went in the side entrance to the hotel.

“You have to sing me a song,” I grinned.

“What?” Harry asked, they all gave me a crazy look.

“Please? Just sing me a little bit of your favorite song or something! I just can’t believe this is all you! I need proof!” I explained, crossing my arms. I didn’t really need proof I just wanted to hear them sing in person.

“Should we then, boys?” Liam asked everyone. They all nodded.

“Ok, we’ll sing for you,” Louis said, “But on one condition,” he smirked.

I raised an eyebrow ready to hear what crazy thing Louis had to say.

“Will you give us all a kiss afterwards?” he smiled.

I laughed, “Of course Lou.”

Everyone smiled and cleared their throats.

I looked around me and just knew it was going to sound amazing. Louis was sitting on my right, Liam on my left, and Niall, Harry and Zayn were standing behind me. It was going to be like surround sound.

“One, two, three,” Louis counted off at tempo.

“When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,” they all sang.

Right off the bat they blew me away, it was like a choir of five angels singing to me in perfect harmony.

“It just won’t feel right, cause I can love you more than this, yeah. When he lays you down I might just die inside. It just don’t feel right. Cause I can love you more than this, can love you more than this.” I could pick out the different voices, Niall and Zayn’s harmony perfectly in tune with the rest.

They sat there and grinned with their arms out and their mouths hanging open like, ‘ta-da!’ I grinned and clapped.

“That was a lovely solo you had Harry,” I joked, referring to his little ‘yeah’ he did in the middle.

“Thank you,” he smiled back.

“But really,” I said seriously, “That was amazing. You guys sound perfect together.”

They all thanked me.

“Now what about our kisses!?” Louis pouted.

I laughed and went around the circle placing a kiss on everyone’s cheek. Liam smiled, Niall laughed, Zayn returned it placing a kiss on my forehead, Harry gave me a kiss on my temple, and Louis acted flustered and pulled me into him for a long hug.

I laughed and hugged him back. Then I decided to ask, “So what other famous people are you friends with?”

They laughed, “Well, we’re good friends Simon Cowell obviously,” Liam started.

“We know Katy Perry!” Niall added.

“And don’t forget Ed,” Harry mentioned.

“Ed?” I questioned.

“Yeah, Ed Sheeran,” Louis told me.

It was my turn to geek out now, “You know Ed Sheeran!?”

They laughed at my reaction, “Yeah, are you a fan?”

“A huge one! But just of his music, I’m not the type of person to get into someone’s personal life,” I smiled, “He has such amazing musical talent. He’s one of my inspirations. Since I’m studying to be an elementary music teacher, he’s the reason I decided to pick up a guitar in the first place.”

They all smiled at me, “He wrote one of our songs for us!” Liam pointed out, and he showed me the song called Moments.

I immediately fell in love with it. It was so emotional and deep. I know I may be a very childish person but when it came to music, the deep, emotional, riddle type music was my favorite. Oh and because of that song I now had a soft spot for Niall’s voice. When they had played it on the laptop they all sung along with it and Niall’s voice just gave me chills. And Louis’s was definitely a close second.

“You sure are one interesting girl Penelope,” Niall chuckled.

I smiled and the other boys agreed with that statement. And so did I.

As I asked them more questions and learned more about them, I simply grew to love them more. They were all such talented boys and yet they were so simple and so normal. Soon we got to listening to music and we had our own little dance party in the middle of the living room.

We all danced around the coffee table and sang to our hearts’ content. Louis twirled me around a few times and Harry and I playfully did the tango, Zayn and I shook our hips and stuck our tongues out at each other while Niall and I bumped hips and he spun me around as well. Liam served as our DJ and once in awhile I’d go and we would do silly dance moves like disco or something.

Overall, we had a really great time. And all the boys mutually agreed that I had a really good singing voice. I argued with them over it for a little but soon gave in. It was five against one after all.

Once we all got a little tired we settled on a movie to watch. Surprisingly enough it ended up being a chick flick. Harry chose it I believe.

The boys all changed into their pajamas and Niall offered me a pair of pajama pants to wear since he was smallest and closest to my size. I took them and laughed when they fit me pretty well. I’ll admit they were more comfortable than my jeans. I took my sweater off revealing my simple white t-shirt I had been wearing underneath.

We all found spots in the living room where we felt the most comfortable. Liam sat in a recliner, I sat on the couch next to Louis, on my other side was Harry, and next to Harry sat Zayn. Niall took the other recliner.

Niall made popcorn and Harry made hot cocoa and got out the rest of the cookies we had baked earlier. Louis got a blanket and draped it over the two of us. I smiled at his sweet gesture and was yet again perplexed at how sweet all these boys were.

I didn’t understand how I could’ve been so lucky to come across these lads by chance. If my hat hadn’t landed at Louis’s feet at the park none of this would have ever happened. He probably would have walked right through the park, glanced over at me, and I wouldn’t have even noticed him.

As I leaned against Lou while the movie played, I thanked God above that I had been blessed with such great friends.

Then I felt Louis wrap an arm around me and I smiled. Best friends.


Thank you to the people who commented so so long ago. I appreciate the kind words you both left me and therefore, I posted this chapter just for you.
If you all comment again I already have another chapter ready to post if the interest is still there.
Thank you dedicated readers.

<3 Sarah


Why hello love! I think that your writing is simply brilliant!! There are many silent readers out there but I will speak up for all of them, because I'm sure that we are all thinking the most obvious thing: THAT YOU ARE AND AMAZING WRITER!!!! Your stories have truly sparked my interest and I comand you to continuing to update!! :) Don't make me reach through your computer screen and slap some one direction fanfiction sense into you! I will comment on your story eveyday if I have to, if that will make you write, because I know that just some simple words of encouragement and compliments definately make a difference. I know that they make you feel good, so please, for my sake and the silent readers sake, keep writing!!! Keep up the good work!
See?! Louis is crying because you won't update

SmallFry SmallFry
Really great story <3 More chapters! @WishingOnDreams
EmilyCarmen EmilyCarmen
More chapters !!! @WishingOnDreams
Artsyfartsygurl Artsyfartsygurl
You're welcome!! :DD