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"Petah" Pan

Part Three

I woke up the next morning near ten a.m. I silently thanked God that I didn’t have anything planned today. It was Saturday so I had no early morning classes I needed to get to and I had asked for the day off at the bakery. My shower melted the cold air off of me from the night before and I quickly got dressed in some jeans, a white t-shirt, a warm sweater, and I put my favorite boots back on. Before I left I made myself some hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and put it in my favorite insulated Disney cup. As I drank I let my gloves, hat, scarf, and coat run through the dryer to warm them up.

Once they were finished, I had finished my hot cocoa and put all of the clothes on. I locked my apartment door behind me as I exited and made my way to where I had been last night.

“Oh, good morning Penelope,” I heard the familiar clear voice of my ginger neighbor, Christian, say. He had his dog, Joey, on his leash and he was just coming up the stairs.

“Good morning, Christian,” I smiled at him. I leaned down to pet Joey and he wagged his tail. His fur along his stomach and feet were covered in snow, “Hi, Jojo,” I had nicknamed him that.

Christian chuckled, “Where you off to on this fine winter day?”

“Oh, just off to meet a new friend of mine,” I said simply.

“Well, I hope you’re bundled up, it snowed a little more out there early this morning,” he said to me.

“Yup, I just got all my clothes out of the dryer, so I’m nice and toasty!” I chuckled.

“Good,” he smiled at me, “Have a good day Penelope!” he waved goodbye to me and went to unlock his apartment door.

“You too,” I said politely and I headed down the stairs. Once I was out of our apartment building I skipped down the sidewalk and back to the place I had been just last night. I yawned and glanced at my watch and saw it was already eleven thirty.

I sighed, it would only take me five minutes to get there so I decided to stop at the Starbucks on the way and get something to wake me up a little better.

I ordered a chocolate and caramel drizzled cappuccino and glanced at my watch again, it was still only eleven forty. So I sat down at one of the booths in the little cafe and sipped my hot drink.

I thought about Louis and what could possibly happen today. Yesterday still seemed like a dream to me and I really doubted myself as to if it really happened. I wondered if he would hold true to his word and really meet me outside that door today. He seemed too perfect to be real and I really wondered if he would stand me up.

I glanced at my watch again and soon it was eleven fifty. It would take me only five minutes to get there which means I’d be five minutes early.

I shrugged and decided to go ahead anyways. I was warmed up from my drink and being in the warm cafe so I decided to head out.

I sipped on my drink savoring the warmth as I stepped out into the chilly air. There was more snow on the ground just as Christian had mentioned. Today was a day to snuggle up on your couch with a big warm blanket and watch romantic comedies all day while drinking hot cocoa. But I guess I was being more adventurous than usual.

I arrived at the alleyway and leaned against the wall by the door that the mysterious boy, Louis, had disappeared into last night.

I glanced at my watch again and saw it was eleven fifty-five. I waited and soon I finished off my coffee and tossed it in the dumpster that was in that same alley.

I waited some more and glanced at my watch again. I was getting antsy and I wasn’t one to stay still for long unless I was sleeping. Twelve o-three it read. Well, not everyone is punctual, I thought.

I waited for another fifteen minutes and I sighed. I guess he wasn’t coming after all. I had gotten my hopes up for nothing yet again. I did that often because I get excited about things easily.

Just as I was about to leave though, the door flew open.

“Penelope!” someone shouted and I turned around to see Louis. His hair was still wet looking and he wasn’t even wearing shoes. His coat was simply thrown on and wasn’t buttoned.

I sighed in relief and a grin appeared on my face, “Phew! I thought you weren’t gonna show!”

He laughed, “I’m sorry,” he opened the door for me and I stepped inside where it was warmer, “I overslept!”

I pulled my gloves off and shoved them in my pocket, “Well, I’m glad you made it down just in time, we may have never seen each other again.”

He chuckled, “I’m glad I did too.”

We started to walk down the hallway so I asked, “Um, where are we going exactly?”

“I’d like to introduce you to my mates if that’s alright,” he looked at me, making sure I would approve.

“That sounds lovely,” I smiled and unbuttoned my coat as we made our way to the elevator.

He pressed the button for the top floor and I wondered how big his room was. I untied my scarf and followed Louis down the hall when we got to the top floor. We had been chatting the whole way there and we reached one of the three doors in the entire hallway and he used his room key to open the door.

He pushed the door open and politely let me walk in first, “Welcome to my temporary abode,” he smiled.

I walked in the room slowly and looked around. It was like walking into a huge apartment. There was a living room and a kitchen and hallway leading to more rooms, which I assumed were bedrooms.

“Here let me hang up your coat,” Louis offered helping me out of it and I smiled and thanked him. He was the most courteous boy I had ever met.

After I slipped my boots off by the door I looked in the living room and saw two boys, one with shaggy brown hair much like Louis’s except a little shorter, and another with tousled blonde hair, sitting on the couch playing a video game that looked a lot like Pokemon.

“No! Liam!” the blonde one shouted.

The boy replied with nothing but a devious laugh as he beat the blonde in a poke-battle, winning over the boys Pokemon.

“Hey boys! I want you to come meet someone!” Louis shouted over to them.

I fixed my beanie on my hair as the two boys from the living room looked over at us and quickly got up from where they were sitting. Then another boy, with dark curly brown hair, came out from one of the bedrooms, I was a little surprised to find him shirtless.

“Well hi!” the blonde one said with a cheerful smile. I noticed how his accent was remarkably different than Louis’s.

“Hi,” I smiled shyly waving a hand at him.

“I’m Liam and this is Niall,” the taller one, who had previously been playing Pokemon, said.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, “I’m Penelope.”

The curly headed boy walked up behind the other two and smiled. He seemed tired, as if he had just woken up.

“That’s Harry,” Louis said next to me. The boy waved, “Hello.”

“Oh, good morning, Harry,” Niall spoke again. I could tell now he wasn’t from England like the others.

“Where’s Zayn?” Louis questioned.

“Probably still asleep,” Liam answered.

Louis grinned mischievously and took my hand dragging me into one of the bedrooms where a dark haired boy lay fast asleep in his bed.

I laughed, “What are you doing? Aren’t you going to let him sleep?” I asked quietly.

“Psh, no! Zayn’s been sleeping all morning! It’s already afternoon! Time for him to wake up!” Louis pounced on his friend and began to jump on his bed, “Wakey, wakey, Zayney boy!”

I laughed at the boy and decided to join him, bouncing on the boy’s bed with him.

Louis looked at me and smiled, glad I had decided to help.

“Zayn! We have a guest, don’t be rude!” Louis laughed.

He rolled over in his bed and we stopped bouncing. He rubbed his eyes and looked over at us, “Is this the girl you were talking about all last night?” he questioned his voice rough.

“Yes indeedy,” Louis grinned, “Meet my new best friend, Penelope!”

I looked at Louis and smiled. I apparently now had a new best friend.

“Hello Zayn, nice to meet you!” I spoke happily.

His dark eyes met mine and he chuckled, “Nice to meet you too, now can you both please get off me so I can get up and shower?”

We laughed and bounced off his bed and out of the room closing the door behind us.

“You wake him up?” the curly haired boy, who I now knew was Harry, asked.

“Yup!” Louis said happily.

“Would you like a cup of hot tea, Penelope?” Harry offered me, he was standing in the kitchen, still with no shirt on, his curls dancing all over his head, in front of him was a kettle of water preparing to boil.

I shrugged, “Sure, I’ve already had hot cocoa and some coffee this morning why not finish off the list with some good hot tea?” I laughed.

He smiled at me and I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes were a lovely green color, “You have very pretty eyes, Harry.”

He laughed, “Well thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” I smiled taking a seat at the dining table.

“That’s not fair, how come you don’t flirt with me like that!?” Louis playfully complained.

I hadn’t been aware that I was flirting so I asked innocently, “Was I flirting?”

“Yes you were babe,” Louis said taking a seat next to me, a smile on his face.

“Oh, well then I apologize. And if it’s any consolation Lou, you’re eyes are much more beautiful to me than Harry’s.” I don’t know what came over me but I leaned over and placed a kiss on Louis’s cheek and he smiled shyly.

“Aw no fair!” Harry pouted.

I laughed, there was no way to please these boys, “But Harry, don’t be sad, your curls make up for it!”

He laughed, “Good!”

He handed me a mug of steaming hot tea and I sipped on it.

“This is really good tea! What kind is it?” I asked.

“It’s called Yorkshire tea, it’s from back home,” Harry told me, leaning against the counter sipping on his.

“Aw poop, that must mean I can’t get it here in the states,” I said, frowning.

“Nope, afraid not,” he replied.

Louis then tried to sneak my tea from me but I looked over at him raising my eyebrow, “Would you like some Louis?”

He put his chin on the table, “Yes, please,” he said in a nasally voice as he pouted.

I laughed and pushed my mug over to him, letting him take a sip.

As time went by we ended up playing various Nintendo video games in the living room with Liam and Niall, Harry and I baked cookies which Niall was quick to start eating even as it was still batter in a bowl, Zayn taught me how to draw some comic characters, and we played hide and seek.

​In this hotel suite I felt as if I was in a whole other world. A world where everything was fun and enjoyable. No one was judging you or telling you what to do and how to do it. I felt like I could be my true self with these five boys from England (and Ireland). I actually felt... at home.


This was a pain the butt for me to post on here. If you want me to post more you better let me know! Otherwise I won't.

Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment!

Thank you muchly,


Why hello love! I think that your writing is simply brilliant!! There are many silent readers out there but I will speak up for all of them, because I'm sure that we are all thinking the most obvious thing: THAT YOU ARE AND AMAZING WRITER!!!! Your stories have truly sparked my interest and I comand you to continuing to update!! :) Don't make me reach through your computer screen and slap some one direction fanfiction sense into you! I will comment on your story eveyday if I have to, if that will make you write, because I know that just some simple words of encouragement and compliments definately make a difference. I know that they make you feel good, so please, for my sake and the silent readers sake, keep writing!!! Keep up the good work!
See?! Louis is crying because you won't update

SmallFry SmallFry
Really great story <3 More chapters! @WishingOnDreams
EmilyCarmen EmilyCarmen
More chapters !!! @WishingOnDreams
Artsyfartsygurl Artsyfartsygurl
You're welcome!! :DD