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"Petah" Pan

Part Two

We walked down the street in silence. But surprisingly enough it was a comfortable silence. And there were enough sounds around us to make it not uncomfortable anyways. We turned a corner and kept walking. I looked up at Louis who was glancing around at his surroundings and I couldn’t help but notice that he looked terribly lost.

“Hey Louis,” I got his attention and he looked down at me.

“Hm?” he hummed in response.

“Do you know where you’re going?” I asked sweetly.

He averted his gaze and looked around, “Well, uh, sure I do. We just turn down at this corner here and...,” he looked down at me again and saw how I was looking at him, “Um, no, no I don’t. I’m actually quite lost,” he admitted.

I laughed, “It’s a good thing I know where your hotel is.”

He looked relieved to hear that, “Oh, good. That’s a relief.”

We laughed again and kept our steady pace. We walked around a couple blocks and soon came to the hotel. Once we were there though, I saw a huge crowd of teenage girls standing outside the crowded hotel.

I chuckled, “There must another famous person staying here tonight.”

I didn’t pay attention to the look Louis gave me and just as we were about to go up to the front, he took me down an alley to a side entrance.

“Louis?” I was confused, “What are doing? Where are we going?”

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little frightened. Alleyways scared me and I didn’t exactly know Louis all that well yet.

“I’m just going through the side door, that crowd looks like a bitch to try to get through,” we stopped at a door that said, Regency Hotel Side Entrance on it.

I was confused and when we stopped I turned and stood in front of him, giving him a look.

“What?” he asked nervously.

“You are a peculiar one, Louis Tomlinson,” I said crossing my arms.

He laughed, “You have no idea,” he shook his head shoving his hands in his pockets.

Then for some reason he glanced up at the sky. I did too and noticed the few stars that were bright enough to penetrate the bright lights of the city.

“Beautiful huh?” I said quietly, “I just wish I could see more.”

He looked down and at me once more and I looked at him. Even in the nighttime with the dim lights of the alleyway being our only light, his eyes shined.

“Meet me here, tomorrow, at noon,” he said to me, taking ahold of my hands.

I looked around, “I don’t know...,” I was hesitant.

“Please?” he begged giving me a sad puppy-dog look. I immediately gave in.

I sighed, “Sure, Louis,” I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Thank you Nelly,” he said.

I laughed, “No one’s ever called me Nelly before.”

He smiled at me, “Well now I have,” he said proudly.

I just smiled and looked down our gloved hands that were sweetly holding each other.

“Well,” he said, “I better get going, my friends are probably wondering where I’ve been all day.”

I simply nodded, not ready for him to leave. Today had been one of the most fun days I’ve ever had. I felt like we shared a lot in common and I had never felt that with anyone before. He was my friend and I didn’t have many.

He leaned in a placed a soft kiss on my cold cheek, sending butterflies in my stomach, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he grinned and turned and disappeared into the hotel.

I touched my cheek where the kiss had been placed and blinked. I had never met anyone such as him. I turned on my heel and began to walk home. Looking around me everything felt like a dream. This whole day almost felt too good to be true.


Okay. Ya'll are slacking. I need you to speak to me if you want more. So this chapter is probably the shortest of them all.

TALK TO ME PEOPLE. Lemme know your thoughts.

-Sarah a.k.a. WishingOnDreams


Why hello love! I think that your writing is simply brilliant!! There are many silent readers out there but I will speak up for all of them, because I'm sure that we are all thinking the most obvious thing: THAT YOU ARE AND AMAZING WRITER!!!! Your stories have truly sparked my interest and I comand you to continuing to update!! :) Don't make me reach through your computer screen and slap some one direction fanfiction sense into you! I will comment on your story eveyday if I have to, if that will make you write, because I know that just some simple words of encouragement and compliments definately make a difference. I know that they make you feel good, so please, for my sake and the silent readers sake, keep writing!!! Keep up the good work!
See?! Louis is crying because you won't update

SmallFry SmallFry
Really great story <3 More chapters! @WishingOnDreams
EmilyCarmen EmilyCarmen
More chapters !!! @WishingOnDreams
Artsyfartsygurl Artsyfartsygurl
You're welcome!! :DD