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Take Away My Fears

The Worst Wedding in History

Louis kissed me as we walked into the apartment after the reception. I laughed as the rest of the boys walked in a few minutes later, totally drunk. Alex, Eleanor, and Cotey all walked in laughing too and I smiled, happy we invited them to hang ou with us. I looked at them just as my phone rang.

I picked it up and untangled myself from Louis, much to his drunken complaints. I walked into the bedroom, taking off my dress and slipping on pajamas as I answered the phone. "Hello?" I asked into the phone and a stuffy sounding old lady replied.

"Hello, do you know Mrs. Alice? A small girl, orphan?" She asked and I nodded only to hear a "Hello?" in reply, since she couldn't actually see me. I coughed and tried to make it sound like I was breathing.

"Yes, sorry. Um yes, I do know her very well, why?" I asked and I could feel her preparing me for bad news, like her 'aura' or whatever was coming from over the phone. She coughed a few times before continuing.

"Well, I'm here at St.Alberths Children's hospital and we just wanted to inform someone that today she was sent into our urgent care unit, she was hit by a car and someone brought her in, she's in critical condition." The woman said and my voice got caught in my throat.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and answered her best I could. "I'll be there soon." I said and walked out of the room and back into the livingroom with the boys.

"Alice is.. in the h-hopspital." I stammered out before bursting into tears. Louis instantly ran to gather me and pull me to the couch. Everyone who was laughing had quieted down and was now just staring at me. "We need to go." I said standing up and walking towards the door.

The boys all stood up and walked into the hallway with me, Louis wrapping his arm around me. I wrapped my arms around myself, freezing in the night air as we walked to the car. Louis came and opened the door for me, and I stepped inside happy to be in the warmth.

We drove quickly to the hospital and I got out of the car and ran inside as soon as we were parked. I went up to the front desk and a small blonde girl with a squeaky voice smiled at our group before talking. "Hello, how can I help you?" She asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Can I know what room Alice is staying in? She's a little girl in urgent care." I said and she nodded before checking a list and directing us to room 371. We ran up to the thrid floor and to the end of a long and twisting hallway with a lot of doors before we reached the pristine white door marked room 371. I opened it and saw her sitting there all covered in wires.

Her heartbeat was being shown on the monitor and her eyes were closed. She was pale as the sheet that was covering her and her blonde hair was everywhere, covering the whole span of the pillow.

I took a step forward when the monitor went off, her heartbeat flatlining. My eyes grew wide and I ran out of the room, screaming for a nurse. One came immediatly, followed by a doctor who sent the nurse out. The nurse came to carry me away and comfort me as I cried, my whole body shaking with sobs.

The doctor came out of the room and his face didn't look like it bore good news. I stared at him as he talked to the group, all of them out of my earshot. Alex, Eleanor, and Cotey walked away crying. Louis looked like he'd just been the one hit by a car.

He came over to me shakily and sat down next to me, the nurse leaving. He cleared his throat and sucked in a deep breath.

"She's gone."


Until next time.... See you again soon. I might continue just Louis and Azi in a new series soon on top of the series it's already in. Maybe.




You guys should all look at this! I made this youtube channel for you guys so you can be more connected with me!(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPL3978slZk
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
That's terrible!! And that was the last chapter or are there five left?
LovingCurls LovingCurls

she is indeed...
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
Noooo!! Alice.... is dead??
LovingCurls LovingCurls
Alex and Cotey are actually really good friends of mine, they always come up in like, all my stories. And Alice was just kinda my imagination. I don't believe we can become creative. We are born with it, and we can choose to make it grow or to supress it until it vanishes.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson