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Take Away My Fears

Good Nights and Early Mornings

Louis crawled back on the bed, kissing me lightly. I gripped his hips tightly and his lips parted. I smiled as my tongue explored every part of his mouth. He instantly reacted and our tongues were wrestling for dominance. His hand slid into my bra and rested on my chest. I kissed him roughly and his hand slid to my back, flicking his wrist so my bra came undone. I rolled up so I was on top of him, my bra falling down my arms.

He grabbed my bra and threw it to the side of the bed, quickly making his way down and doing the same with my underwear. I pulled his boxers off and added them to the pile. He smirked and grabbed my hips, throwing me onto the bed next to him, crawling on top of me. He groaned in my ear as I sucked on the hollow of his neck, his grip on my waist tightening.

His knee parted my legs and I could feel all the tension built up in him, that was going to be released tonight. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and kissed him again as he slammed into me. I whimpered a bit as the pain made me tense up and he looked at me wide eyed. "Was that? Am I your first?" He whispered and I nodded, relaxing as the pain started to subside. He started to work a lot slower, sensing that this was very new to me but after I while we were laying in the bed, smiling and panting, each of us glowing with our own layer of sweat.

"Wow..." He muttered and I giggled, enjoying this sense of euphoria. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled the covers off over us, laying his head on my shoulder and falling asleep. I laid next to him, thinking of this. We were here, I had a diamond on my finger and the man of my dreams next to me. This was real. I let my mind wander on those things as I drifted off to sleep.


"Good..OH! BOYS THEY SCREWED!" Danielle screamed from our door, causing cat calls to come from all down the hallway as the boys made their way to our door. I sat up in bed, sure to keep my hand on the blanket, which was wrapped tightly around me covering me from everyone. Louis was standing on the other side of the room, looking extremely nervous in his towel and wet hair.

I looked in the mirror at the vanity and saw myself, sex hair, sweat and all and shrieked before diving under the covers and hiding. "GET OUT." I yelled and they all laughed at me, including Lou. I heard shuffling, whining, and soon the door closed and the bed fell a little. Louis lifted the blanket off of me and smiled.

"They're gone." He said and I smiled, stretching my body and wincing. His face instantly twisted into a worried expression and he pulled me out of bed lightly, examining the bruises on my body. "Oh God." He said, his face falling. I shrugged it off and kissed him before turning to go to the bathroom.

"I'm fine Lou, just a little sore." I said, under-exaggerating the throbbing pain that I felt in between my legs, which were completely stiff. I was surprised at how normal I could walk, considering my condition at the moment and was happy when I got into the bathroom, that I could let out a small cry of pain from forcing myself to be normal.

I slipped under the shower head, the hot water running over me and loosening my muscles, making them a lot less painful. I quickly did everything I needed to do and got out, wrapping a towel around me and going into the room where an already dressed Louis was lying on the bed waiting for me.

"We have an interview this morning, and you are not only invited, but apparently encouraged to come. And by the way, I saw your secret calendar. Happy Birthday, thanks for NOT telling me, because it's not like we're getting married or anything." He said and I blushed, I had forgotten to tell him it was my birthday.

I got dressed quickly and we all went outside, the girls taking one car to the building and the boys taking another. The ride to the interview was awkward, the girls bombarding me with questions about last night. "Was he your first?" Perrie asked and I nodded, making the whole car gush.

"Are you sore?" Gemma, Harry's sister asked and I sighed and nodded, trying to show my exhaustion. She giggled and wagged her eyebrows. "I still can't believe you did it even after they walked in on you last night! I would've been afraid they'd walk in on you again!" She said and I rolled my eyes.

"They did. This morning. Remember?" I said and Danielle blushed, feeling bad again. She'd already apologized about a million times and I quickly spoke again so that she wouldn't continue. "But I guess this morning was kind of funny, great birthday present. Happy birthday, we're going to wake you up while you're naked!" I said and they all laughed.

We got to the interviewer building and parked, looking around for the boys, who were supposedly ahead of us. We sighed and started walking when their car screeched into the parking structure. "Hey! Sorry, Niall had to eat." Zayn said, getting out of the car and coming over to peck Perrie on the cheek. Niall exited the car, a piece of bread still in his mouth and smiled, saying something uncomprehendable, only to be scolded by Liam about talkign with food in his mouth.

Danielle came and kissed Liam quickly, causing him to stop mid-scold and smile at her, making Niall sigh in relief as he finshed his food. Harry exited the car next, smirking and winking at me. I could feel the heat rise on my cheeks as Louis got out of the car, coming and wrapping an arm around me. we walked into the building like this, all of us happy and joking and wrapped in eachother.

As we walked into the room, and the were all getting ready to be introduced to the interviewer I stopped, pulling the boys to a corner of the room with me. "What?" Liam asked and I pointed past us into the room.

"Guys, we know that guy. It's Alex. Like my ex-boyfriend, happy family Alex." I said and Louis' face grew red, while the rest of the boys stood there dumbfounded.

"Well, the fact that our girlfriends are being interviewed today with us doesn't help this situation." Liam said matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes and hit him lightly on the arm.

We sighed in defeat, knowing that they had to do the interview and walked into the room where Alex was already talking to Perrie and Danielle, looking very uncomfortable. He saw me and smiled, even though I could see how forced it was I smiled back, not untangling my fingers from Louis'.

"Hello, I'm Azinilia." I said shaking his hand and he nodded, understanding my want of formality here. "I'm Louis' fiancee." I said and his face flashed a look of shock momentarily before returning back to it's previous look.

The rest of the introductions were made, even though we all full well knew who Alex was, and we sat down and began answering questions. The boys talked about their tours, the future, and how awsome it was to be all together on tour right now, and soon the girlfriends came in, me coming in last.

"So, we have one question here about the wedding coming up. She wants to know exactly how you two met!" Alex asked looking from me to Louis. I cleared my throat and smiled, almost laughing as I remembered the story.

"It was actually pretty dangerous, how I came across the boys. But I wanted to move out, so I was looking at ads in the paper and saw one with no name on it, just a number and a very good price for a room. So I called and we set it up! Now Lousi was dating Eleanor at the time and for whatever reason, when I walked onto the plane and met them that day, he like... hated me. And now somehow, he's gone from hate to having a ring on my finger!" I said and the others laughed at my story, and my excitement at the last sentence.

"Okay, last question, from Allison in California. 'How many boyfriends have you had before Louis, and what are their names?'" He said and I swallowed the lump in my throat looking around nervously.

"Two, I've had two boyfriends before Louis. One's name was Connor and the other's was Alex." I said and the look on Alex's face, mixed from the amount of pings meant twitter had just gone crazy.

"Okay, one extra question that everyone has been asking. Am I your Alex?" He asked and I looked a little worried.

"Yes. It's a little strange, but yeah. I went out with you for a while." I said and he nodded, endign the broadcast.

"Well there you have it folks, One Direction and their ladies." He said and then the interview ended. We all sat up and smiled, saying our thank yous and making small talk. "So, you and Louis are engaged, huh?" He asked and I nodded, staring at the floor uncomfortably. "I'm happy for you." He said smiling at me. My eyes grew wide and I stared at him before hugging him closely.

"I'm really happy for you." He whispered.


Bam. Bam. Your feels are dead. I killed them. Sorry. They had sex. And now your feels are dead.

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You guys should all look at this! I made this youtube channel for you guys so you can be more connected with me!(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPL3978slZk
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
That's terrible!! And that was the last chapter or are there five left?
LovingCurls LovingCurls

she is indeed...
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
Noooo!! Alice.... is dead??
LovingCurls LovingCurls
Alex and Cotey are actually really good friends of mine, they always come up in like, all my stories. And Alice was just kinda my imagination. I don't believe we can become creative. We are born with it, and we can choose to make it grow or to supress it until it vanishes.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson