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Take Away My Fears

Twitcams and Not-So-Nice-Fans

We got off the plane and stepped into the airport, arriving in America. Louis was playing with the rock on my hand, twirling the ring around my finger as his hand rested in mine. I was standing as close to him as possible, preparing for the invasion of fans. Usually the boys would put up their hoods and try to go into to some form of camoflauge, but they decided since I was here and the world now knew me as Louis' girlfriend that it would be all in vain anyways.

I wasn't prepared for the amount of fans who swarmed us, no matter who was holding my hand. The girls came in small groups at first, everyone just figuring out who was at the airport, and then they all suddenly came in waves, many of them noticing my new jewlrey addition. Most of the fans were supportive of the wedding, happy to see us happy, but others had.... other things to say about it.

I couldn't help but stare at one girl in disbelief who stood there for a whole 30 minutes declaring her love for Louis right in front of me. Harry had pulled me away during that so that I didn't kill her, and the boys all had to work to calm me down, trying to contain the fans at the same time.

We finally made it out of the airport and found our limo outside, which by the time security was able to get us inside of, was also surrounded by a flock of girls screaming and throwing themselves at the windows of. "Don't these girls have like, planes to catch, people to see, places to go?" I asked and the boys shrugged, Niall adding his own smart ass comment.

"Well, we are pretty special. I mean, I would miss my plane too if One Direction just walked past me in the airport, it would make my life. Like have you seen us?" He said and I kicked him lightly in the leg while Louis wrapped his arm around me, laughing as he pretended to hold me back.

"Way to be modest." I replied, rolling my eyes at him. He laughed and winked, the simple reply of "always" escaping his lips before I stuck my tongue out at him and gently kicked his leg again, causing him to glare at me, but stop talking at the same time.

I was sleeping by the time we got to the hotel and Louis shook me awake. Grabbing as many bags as we could, we made our way into the hotel and to the check in desk, the boys now trying to hide themselves as much as possible. I hid with them, not wanting to give them away as we got our room keys and made our way upstairs.

Harry, Louis, and me all were crowded into one room, Louis and I sharing a bed while Harry was allowed his own to thrash and hit and do whatever it was he did in his sleep (whatever it was the boys liked to complain a lot about it). I set up all my stuff and pulled out my laptop, logging onto twitter and facebook. I decided I might as well do a twitcam and set it up, excited to talk to all the people who had been tweeting me and messaging me to do one for a while.

"Hey everyone! It's Azi and I'm here in America with the boys for their tour! Louis' here with me, which is perfect because we have some news for youu!" I said and Louis came over to make sure his big smile was shown on the screen. The messages lit up, everyone anxious to hear the news.

Louis read it and laughed, his smile growing bigger and more sincere with every new person talking to us. " They're all ready to hear it, let's not stall it any longer, I think they can handle it love." He said and I sighed, a huge smile on my face as I nodded and lifted up my hand to the camera, showing it, and everyon watching, my ring.

"We're getting married!" I squealed and Harry came over and attacked me, tackling me onto the bed and making me make the most unattractive sounds. He stood up and waved at the camera before going back to tickling me.

"And isn't everyone so excited for our beautiful lovebirds! Oh a june wedding! A june wedding!!" He said, emphasizing the last part with what he tried to make a girly voice to make fun of us. I pushed him off me and climbed onto the bed again, lookign at the replies.

Everyone seemed pretty excited, the good feedback definitely weighing out the bad feedback. One particular bad one though made me cringe and I had to go get a glass of water before we could answer it, Louis looking extremely pissed off.

"I think that's stupid. She's just another whore that's gonna be gone like, 3 weeks after the tour starts, and then Louis will go back to Eleanor like he should." Louis repeated the negative response before answering it himself instead of me answering it. "Well, that's rude.. and untrue. And I'm not going back to Eleanor. Why do people keep saying that? I love Azi, and we're getting married. If you really were my fans you'd respect that." He said, his brow furrowing in frustration as he went over to get some coffee.

"Well, you heard it there folks, we're getting married." I said awkwardly, causing the screen to light up with laughing emoticons and little text reading LOL all over the place. I laughed with them, admiring the fact that no one let that stupid comment get them down. "I have the best fans with you guys!" I said and started to read the comments about how much they love me.

One comment came up frequently, asking me if I would put up a video of me singing and after about an hour of twitcamming and them convincing me (with the help of the boys who had never heard me sing either) they al cnvinced me to post a video that Saturday while the boys were at an interview.

"Well, night everyone!" I said, Louis and Harry waving into the camera as I logged off, feeling good about all the awesome comments and responses to the wedding from the real fans, and surprisingly, not letting the bad ones get to me.

This was going to be a wedding to remember, that's for sure.


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You guys should all look at this! I made this youtube channel for you guys so you can be more connected with me!(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPL3978slZk
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
That's terrible!! And that was the last chapter or are there five left?
LovingCurls LovingCurls

she is indeed...
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
Noooo!! Alice.... is dead??
LovingCurls LovingCurls
Alex and Cotey are actually really good friends of mine, they always come up in like, all my stories. And Alice was just kinda my imagination. I don't believe we can become creative. We are born with it, and we can choose to make it grow or to supress it until it vanishes.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson