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1D Dirty One Shots

Skype Sex ~ Harry Styles ~

Fingers itching, twitching impatiently. Awaiting for him to call. Finger tips hovering over the keypad of the royal blue Mac laptop. It has been three weeks of silence echoing throughout the empty flat shared by Hailie Waters and Harry Styles.
One Direction has been on tour for approximately right months, leaving a sad lonely Hailie behind back at London. For three months, there was no one to fuck. Harry would talk to Hailie on Skype when ever he can, having conversations that would eventually become intense, ending up having both lovers masturbating in front of each other over chat. Releasing stress, for the absence of the other. Unfortunately, it has been three weeks since their last 'chat'.
Hailie, laying on her queen-sized bed, where she makes leg-trembling love, when she's under or hovering Harry, feeling his steamy breathing on her moist skin, his cold blowing on her over-sensitive throbbing clit. His lips on her soft inner-thighs, leaving love bites behind. Always in control.....
Hailie lost in her deep sexually frustrated thoughts, waiting like every night, for Harry; to not notice the pending chat from him... Finally, snapped back to reality, she quickly clicked on the answer button.
.... And there he was. With his cheeky smile, dimples to die for, his curly hair where she interlocks her fingers during their late nights..
"Now baby, I know your upset for me not talking to you for the past three weeks. I've been busy, I had no time", he said in the most cutest smile to make her heart melt.
"I forgive you, baby", she whispered with the tone of uncomfortableness. Between her thighs, her untouched diamond was becoming damp by just looking at him. Wrapping her arm, holding the urges... Hiding her face from the screen, biting her bottom lip, "Baby, are you okay?", Harry asked in concern. Hailie just couldn't hide it now more, she lifted her head, Harry's face went from concern to a devilish smirk. Hailie swear she could see his little horns sprouting out. Hailie got a little excited; "Are you wet for me baby?" She nodded to his question. "Touch yourself", Hailie sprinted to a sitting position for her pussy in clear view for him, Harry licked his lips, wanting to taste her. Her shaved little pussy swallowed in his mouth, he was practically drooling. Harry in his private area of the tour bus, digged his hand in his trousers, gripped his rock hard erection, pumping his dick while Hailie was popping her kitty. "Hailie, you want this dick in your tight little pussy hole?', Hailie's head responding yes, "When I get back, I'ma make sure you won't be able to walk for a week. Fuck you so hard, your brains will come out."
Hailie moaning with his words seducing in her ears. Both, now in deep in touching themselves, can hear the slim from angrily rubbing, Harry practically ready to rip his dick off. eyes closed in ecstasy, thinking of each other. "OH GOD, HARRY I WANT YOU, SO BAD!", Hailie, now furiously fucking herself, three fingers deep. "C'MON BABY, CUM WITH ME!" Screaming for each other, screaming each other's name. "Let me see your juices", Hailie slowly took her fingers out of her vagina, to tease him to let him see, her wetness on her fingers, seeing her pussy lips, " I can't wait to demolish that pussy", Hailie giggled. All night, Harry and Hailie were just asking each other random questions, Hailie even suggested she can use a dildo. Harry refused; he explained how porn companies make dildo, dildos are structures of real men's penises, he said, " So, it's like another man, is fucking you, and I ain't letting let no man fuck my woman." Hailie just smiled.
Two weeks has passed, Hailie, as always, was thinking of Harry, it was midnight, ready to go to sleep. Cuddling her pillow, imagining it was Harry. Eyes fluttering closed, she was startled to hear the door creak.

.... It was Harry, butt-naked....,,
..He was hard, he was hung.....
Hailie got automatically got wet....
With a perverted smile...

"I'm back...."


YAY! :*

sunny sunny

Sure love :)

BabyBratz98 BabyBratz98

Can i get a harry or niall one shot?

sunny sunny
It's awesome thanks!
Milanzciara Milanzciara
Your request is up and sorry if it's not good. :S
BabyBratz98 BabyBratz98